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Warren Dayton

illustration of Lively terrier, wearing goggles, happy, tongue out,
windy, animal rights, healthy
illustration of ballet, dance, marionette, wind-up doll, love, enchantment, costume, mechanical toy
illustration of Calligraphy, presented to Peet's Coffee 1976
illustration of comic, character, roof, stars, kids, children books, play, night sky, book cover, fairy tale, literature, space, imagination, basket, hat, harvest, poster
illustration of teacher, printing, letterpress. type, book, words, trustworthy, venerable, historical form of imaging, white hair, mustache, steadfast, tools, chase, solvent can, wheel,
illustration of Funny, super heroes, illustration, caricature
character development, superman, wonder woman, comic, lettering, male, female, cape. garment, transparent
illustration of Industrial, group of men, workers, 19th century, costume, steel, iron, Sutter Creek, California, gold rush, suspenders, wheel, tools, industry
illustration of caricature, reporter, Mark Shields, editorial,
dog sit-on-book, covid pets, work-at-home, kids, literature, magazine, dog, children book,
illustration of Marshall finds gold, Sutter's Mill, sawmill, 49'er, rustic, historical, panning, western, cowboy, 19th century, american culture, suspenders, mining, miner, character development, explore, Caloma,
california, green hills
illustration of grandpa -fun hat-poem by Browning, story, poem, grandfather, smile, grey hair, glasses, spectacles, adult male, character, happiness, love, emotion, poster, book cover
illustration of food, cooking, kitchen, pots & pans, salt, pepper grinder, aroma, salad
illustration of Like Puddleglum in Narnia--elf-like person. green outfit, hat, flower, belt
illustration of old testament, wisdom, scripture, bible, idyllic, calligraphy, spiritual, hill, scenery, watching, meditating, praying, worshipping, non-urban, viewpoint, path
illustration of Jesus Christ gathering children in lap, rainbow,
savior, shepherd, son of God, stars, crutch,
all races
illustration of fantastic figure eating time, square cup, lightning,
graphic umbrella, mysterious imagination
illustration of Hot guitarist w-lady dancer & rhythm group, joyful sounds, spanish, dog, clapping, visual music, red dress
illustration of Logo for wealth mgt. co., symbols, bull, bear,
stock market, gold, green marble, money
illustration of electronics, gadgets, igor, diodes, glee, control lever, boris karloff, scientific humor, playing god,
literary, imagination, pseudo-science
illustration of Ale Label w-guitar & dog, beer, ale. raft, potbelly stove, banjo, mandolin, hill-billy, old-time songs
illustration of pen&ink plan for unusual furniture, decor, paradox
illustration of riding on friendly bear, imagination, forest, trees, quest, furry, happy, hopeful, heavenly, scroll, map, barefoot
illustration of Anti-war Parody of Uncle Sam, patriotism, election, politics, peace movement, ballot, avatar,
american culture, sixties, lettering
illustration of wise otter w wrench, half-glasses, smile, friendly
illustration of Going thru door to freedom, light, broken lock, 
forward action, from darkness
illustration of Irish musician playing clarinet, music becoming fantastic creature, chair, doorway, fancy hat, coat w gold trim, red beard, glasses, smile, clouds, sky, green hills
illustration of Apocalyptic sky, castles, architecture, futuristic, moon, stars, comets, person pointing
illustration of mother bear reads from butterfly book, bear cubs, deer, turtle, possum, rabbit, squirrel, wolf, tree, climb tree, shade, togetherness, attentive, family
illustration of symbol for Tyndale House bible, abstract water, ocean, cross, safety
illustration of 21 Logos-Symbols, made in USA
illustration of Jesus savior born, stable, shepherds, angels, rejoicing, robes, angels  stars, bethlehem, mary, joseph, animals, running
illustration of OT, Daniel, rejoicing, lions, den, soldiers, animals,
felines, bones, Christian, spiritual, bible, story, book, miracle, sunday school, Darius, king, decree
illustration of Logo-poster, signs for cafe, italian -style, juggler, fruit, vegetable, cheese, bread, wine, tight-rope, colorful costume, feathers, mask, punchinello
illustration of  prayer, meditation, stars, hills, night, stillness,
illustration of Linoleum Print, Westways AAA magazine, travel article on ensenada, oranges, waiters, maitre d, tourists
illustration of rooster, dancing, type-face design, signage, gourmet dining
illustration of for Tyndale House bible, God manifesting sign at OT tabernacle, building, holy, fence, priests, guidance, awesome
illustration of sesquicentennial celebration, placerville, california, gold rush, gold, 49'er, miner, mining, gold panning, moustache,
illustration of imaginary garden-curious child looking at locusts, grasshoppers, insects, flowers, proverbs 30:27 new testament quote
illustration of 14 angels, eraser-cuts for cover of RubberStampMadness, Christmas, shepherds, stars, night sky, lamb, staff
illustration of logo w books & wine glass, book shelf, book spines
illustration of Costumes of British Guards England, old-world,
swords, staff, architecture
illustration of Story art for Cavalier Magazine, kerosene, matches, danger, whiskey, bottle, throwing
illustration of Christian disciples looking, Jesus ascending. bible,
new testament, costumes, Israel, messiah
illustration of article  on morocco, L.A. Times-West mag.,stylized deer leaping, horn, hills, sun
illustration of Childs face with tears going up, eye, eyebrow hair
illustration of Caricature of Sherlock Holmes w pen & Watson,
derby hat, deer-stalker hat, pipe, mustache
illustration of dancing, musicians, drums, flute, banjo, rhythm, music, ladies, men, bird, maracas, unity, joy
illustration of Happy garden, flowers, leaves, butterfly, bird, snail, caterpillar, bee, gnat
illustration of Seashell upon ocean waves   done for Tyndale House bible, shellfish, bivalve, scallop, swirling water
illustration of Grandfather reading to children by fireplace
illustration of Mouse with hat playing fiddle, violin, bow, tail, ears, music notes
illustration of ag, farm, planting, fruit, veggies, bicycle, rainbow, steam engine, don quixote, windmill, shmoo, issac newton, fruit trees, johnny appleseed, wheelbarrow, groucho marx, ladders, angel,
phone, music wagon, mountain, airplane, snow, squirrel, farm workers, stairs, produce
illustration of Harvest at funny farm, produce, vegetables, dumbo, bees, honey, harvey rabbit, rooster,  agriculture, recycle, mulch, scythe, ladybug, cow, farm, silo, barn, wagon, bee hive, shovel, pitchfork, jolly giant, cowtown, flowers, pumpkins, sluice, lake, sailboat, boy riding bird, farmland, hills
illustration of 3 of 4-part mural, farm-to-fork, marketplace, food, fruit, farmers market, organic, agriculture, vegetables, healthy, celebration, ethnic, multi-cultural, bob dylan, popeye, olive oil, lincoln, puppet cut strings, fountain, shoppers, saw-player, potato-head, toy boat, fishing, animals, children
illustration of people & others eating, food, restaurants, music, band, dancing, bear, dorothy & tin man, volcano, angel, scroll, harpo, wheels, harp, prophet, banjo, beer, stew, tables, waiters, armor, BBQ, dragon, orphan annie & dog, dessert, piano, music, riverboat, henry, lobster, clock, eye in sky, feather in cap, time-eater, zapman, rock-person, buildings, skyline, shoes, frog, costumes
illustration of Hand Tools for Leather-working, hammer, awl, hole-punch, thread, shears, knife, needles, sinew
illustration of Sun face clouds blank label
illustration of cover of book written & illustrated by artist, word game, riddles, cartoons
illustration of Advt.,label, coffee, Sacramento capitol, agriculture, latino farm workers, cups, man, woman, cafe, drinking, aroma, beverage wagon
illustration of Primitive Bird Looking Backwards, beak, wing, remembering, eskimo art
illustration of Animals rejoicing- music-dancing, Psalm,100, concertina, piano, drum, bear, fox, bells, tambourine, bugle, otter, owl, lion. rooster, bunny, grasshopper, musical saw, stork, moose, bass fiddle, turtle, raccoon, lion, pan pipe, flowers, trees w faces, birds, fruit
illustration of abstract landscape, riddle, sun, eye, native figure,
cone hat, mystery
illustration of Fierce Male Lion charging. 1 Peter 5
illustration of hot cup w aroma, handle
illustration of computer-like news machine traveling anthropomorphic
illustration of Riding on bird-Psalm 139, ocean, rocks, sapling, building, home, wings, dream
illustration of person, book, contemplating,  destiny, thinking, cosmic sky, stars
illustration of Funny ocean scene boat piano wave water anthropomorphic friends tug-boat
illustration of multi-color abstract face, indescribable emotions.
decorative hat
illustration of for Prints of Peace Rubber Stamps, rocket, angel, deer, wizard, speeding car, raccoon, prophet, bird-rider, heart, jumping fish, sun, rabbit, man reading,
ice-skater, zebra, star-collector, birthday greeting
illustration of Miracle, father, sees Jesus, hope, disease,
dying daughter, Jesus speaking to Isaelites, fishing boats, sea, compassion, healing, miracle, love, matthew 9:18
illustration of Camp w tent, gourds & vegetables, landscape, bushes, tree, snap-top container, old=fashioned striped tent, towels
illustration of OT story-Ruth 2,  gleaning, wheat field, basket,
symbolism, goodness, compassion, hunger, reward, grain, farming
illustration of Owl,  Rabbit, Turtle, visiting, friends, discussion, anthropomorphic, yellow sky, glasses, blue shoes
illustration of brown hands worshiping God, lifted up
illustration of minimalist pingpong player, leisure, play, game, activity, casual, competitive, win
illustration of Santa out in cold seeing Christ with children, icycles, window, snow, Jesus reading book, candles, fireplace, fire, socks hanging, decorated tree
illustration of Scratchboard art done for Tyndale House Bible,
grapes, fruit, machine, juice, barrel, innovation
illustration of page from riddle book Felt Smelt by Warren Dayton, humorous attire, symbolic bathing suit,
feminine shape
illustration of Jonah in Big Fish, disobedience, perplexed, praying, hopeful, God's deliverance, love
illustration of house, building, bird, trees, rock, guidance, Luke 6:48
illustration of for Eldorado Arts, w Grant from National Endowment for the Arts, figures creating, diversity, symbol of sun, excitement, colorful
illustration of 4 scenes from a Boy's day, jack knife, chores, fence, horse, bucked off, box, opening Christmas
illustration of Brown Lady kneeling in prayer
illustration of  Elephant, bewildered, seasick, dizzy
illustration of Face of a cock-eyed worker in stone
illustration of  dancing & making music, under happy sun, drums, maracas, flute, tamborine, gladness, united
illustration of Silhouettes of dancer and sitter
illustration of Smug Pelican w Glasses, confidence, satisfaction
illustration of parade of fantasy characters, lion, dragon, giant, unicorn, treebeard, elves, dwarves, wizard, hobbit, pixies, puddleglum, castles, centaur, elephant, soldiers, flags, armor, helmets, swords, butterflies, dancing, music, horn, eagle, rabbit, squirrel, princess, crown, book, dog, birds, pan-pipe, fawn, capes, girl riding aslan
illustration of Brown girl, butterfly, faith, hope, happiness, blue robe
illustration of Gentle bird w Proverb quote, peace, contentment,
bible, faith, guidance
illustration of Incense Censer w fragrance swirls. Scratchboard
done for Tyndale House Bible, joyful in His presence, dancing stars
illustration of Jesus Christ w Lamb. done for Tyndale House Bible, shepherd, staff, walking
illustration of Colorful lettering of word JOY
illustration of Zorba-like dancer, exuberant, passionate, lively, bathing suit, musical
illustration of Fantasy Woman, tribal Imagery, literary, symbol,
head-dress, wings
illustration of fish, school, pattern, against stream, swim,
illustration of convention of comic animals, hats, picnic, happiness, liveliness, social, celebration, elephant,
giraffe, monkey, cockatoo, stork, turtle, tree, hippo,
owl, bear, snake, ink rabbit, unknown creatures, anthropomorphic,
illustration of Boy strides in garden & girl figure, landscape, sun,


Warren Dayton is an American illustrator, artist and graphic designer best known for his posters from the psychedelic art era, a pioneer of the use of T-shirts as an art medium, creator of logos such as Kinkaid’s Lightpost Publishing, Peet’s Coffee, plus an award-winning book, Felt Smelt; editorial, commercial illustration and typography. Dayton’s work ranges from funny and whimsical drawings used in magazines and books,to corporate branding and logos that have been honored by selection in design competitions and grants from the National Endowment for the Arts. He continues to illustrate murals, posters and books in the studio Artifact, Ink founded in 2001, in the Sierras, California. Biography: Warren Lloyd Dayton was born in Sacramento, California as the fourth generation of an early California pioneering art family. He won a scholarship to Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles (now known CalArts) where he studied illustration and advertising design. After working in agencies in southern California, he began a freelance career in 1965. In 1967, he pioneered art on T-shirts, unique enough at the time to warrant a feature in The Los Angeles Times’ West Magazine. Upon the emergence of the Hippies and explosion of counterculture art, Dayton’s posters such as “Quack” and “Now” came to be highly collected from 1967–1973 and were featured on the cover and lead article on the psychedelic art phenomenon in Life magazine. Warren Dayton’s posters can be seen in lms and documentaries of the Height- Ashbury era, such as American Experience: Summer of Love (PBS, June 2007). After discovering the meaning of life in 1974, Dayton founded Prints of Peace, publishing the works of 12 Christian artists including fellow Chouinard alumni and psychedelic poster artist, Rick Grif n. In 1985. Awards include a poster for the 2009 & 2008 Society of Illustrators, L.A. national competition Illustration West. He does work for charities, such as logos and mastheads for Focus on the Family and Habitat for Humanity, murals for an orphanage in Mexico and other worthy causes, and continues to publish limited-edition prints. His poster for the ballet Coppélia, created for Stages: Northern California Performing Arts has been selected as an example of modern poster design in the Wikipedia article about the History of Graphic Design Awards: Dayton’s work was selected for competitions including annual pub. Illustration West (3 inclusions: 2009 certi cate and gallery for “Illustration West 47”, 2008 “Illustration West 46” and Illustration West 26”, Graphis, The International Journal of Visual Communication (5 inclusions magazine and annual, 1966–1972), Communication Arts and Annual (2 times inclusion), and the L.A. Art Director’s Show.


Abstract, Acrylic, Black & White, Calligraphy, Caricature, Cartoon, Collage, Design, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Gouache, Graphic, Impressionistic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Montage, Oil, Painterly, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Photoillustration, Realism, Scratchboard, Silhouette, Stylized, Technical, Type Design, Watercolor, Woodcut, Decorative, Floral, Whimsical, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, Monoprints, Motion


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Futuristic, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Leisure, Maps, Medical, Mural, Music, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Product, Religious, Romance, Science, Sci-Fi, Technology, Textiles, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Game, Edgy, Environmental, Urban, Branding, Logos