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Ollie Hirst

illustration of Cover for the August 2020 edition of New Scientist, on a daring new theory emerging for how our planet first came alive.
illustration of Magazine cover wrap for Chut! Magazine
illustration of Cover for Politico Europe
illustration of Illustration for our evolving relationship with AI and it’s impact on our knowledge
illustration of Illustration for the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists on the NHS adopting a ‘personalised care’ model and how using this in speech and language therapy can help patients thrive.
illustration of An illustration exploring the emerging research that VR could be harnessed for it’s ability to treat severe phobias, such as social anxiety, fear of heights and fear of flying.
illustration of Illustration on the importance of offering a volunteering program in the corporate space. Not only does it benefit your business but your staff too. Developing them as people as well as employees.
illustration of Illustration to promote Cuban culture
illustration of Illustration on our evolving relationship with technology.
illustration of Cover illustration for the University of Sheffield on our problem with plastic waste and “greenwashing”.


I’m a conceptual illustrator, based in Manchester, UK. Illustration makes me tick. Though it’s not the only thing that does. I’m a cardiac pacemaker patient. So, whilst I put my heart into drawing, it gets help from time to time. I have a natural affinity to science, health, tech and the human body, but I tend to just love subjects that resonate in the real world. I like my work to hinge on a strong idea and the concept drives it, helped by a splash of colour. My illustration spans across editorial & advertising, working with the likes of New Scientist, The Washington Post, Vodafone, Harvard Business Review, The Lancet, and has been recognised by The Association of Illustrators, The Directory of Illustration and Communication Arts.


Abstract, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic


Animals, Editorial, Education, Food, Futuristic, Health, Medical, Music, Nature, People, Political, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Technology, Lifestyle, Ethnic, Environmental