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Bryan Kosciolek

illustration of The feeling of heartbreak

Heartbreak, mindfulness, mind, love, passion, editorial, book, book cover, emotions, sad, heart, paper, print, self, magazine, packaging, face, fire, dream, youth, mental health, contemporary, textbook, dating, surreal, young adult, frustration, health, face, body
illustration of Presenting a forced positive attitude through Covid-19

Covid-19, emotions, portrait, pandemic, sad, happy, editorial, mental, health, green, texture, book cover, packaging, web, mindfulness, podcast, education, self-care, paper, social media, magazine, web illustration,
illustration of An IPA beer infused with sunflowers.

Sunflower, product, food, beverage, beer, pattern, flower, warmth, botanical, packaging, summer, ale, brewery, label, print, plant, paper, leaf, type, lettering, color, pencil, impressionistic, happy, fun, light, sunlight, yellow, movement, ink, growth, surreal, texture, silly, advertisement, hops, ale,
illustration of An illustration celebrating web neutrality.

joy, internet, policy, politics, color, web, youth, pencil, fish, computer, figure, cat, dancing, shoe, pattern, fun, happy, music, texture, paper, community, games, app, mobile, surreal, pop, work, home, family, friends, singing, silly
illustration of Illustration celebrating The Lunar New Year and raising awareness of the rise of racism against Asian Americans

food, awareness, editorial, holiday, rice, lunar new year, editorial, politics, movement, new york, ox, animals, restaurant, pencil, texture, culture, America, covid, pandemic, community, anti-racist, social, magazine, web, cute, paper,
illustration of Book cover for George Orwell's 1984 focusing on groupthink

book cover, product, rendering, graphic, design, black and white, figure, surreal, dark, adult, youth, book, fantasy, dystopian, Orwellian, George Orwell, history, retro, classic, pattern, dark,
illustration of An illustration of the storming of the Capitol building on January 06th

Trump, anger, politics, misinformation, capital building, confederate, qanon, speech, chaos, democracy, confusion, hate, scared, editorial, surreal, pencil, texture, Washington, magazine, book cover, policy, coup, division, stress, doubt, America, false,
illustration of Mother Nature personified as a woman looking to the future

environment, science, planet, climate change, global warming, policy, unity, earth, planet, health, abstract, orange, editorial, education, children, youth, politics, scribble, texture, green, future, impact, vision, magazine, textbook, games, packaging,
illustration of Yoga poses and their relation to mental health.

yoga, instruction, health, warrior, pose, mental, work out, stress, feminine, editorial, instructional, pandemic, stretch, mental health, physical health, breathing, help, packaging, article, magazine, abstract,
illustration of Follow your future. Follow your light

dream, youth, book cover, figure, Greeting card, light, surreal, sleeping, hand, vision, light, face, pattern, textile, mental health, editorial, paper, ink, digital, texture, cartoon, teen, eye, shadow, color, mystery, novel,
illustration of yoga, downward dog, instruction, type, lettering, breathing, workout, stretch, flexibility, health, mental health, physical health, health, instructional, product, packaging, editorial, wellness, medical, magazine,
illustration of Portrait of Stacy Abrams

Stacy Abrams, portrait, linework, politician, vote, Georgia, editorial, book cover, politics, women, web, magazine, person, policy, figure, movement, history, democracy, texture, textile, type, handwriting, grassroots, web, advertisement,
illustration of Fauci talking about the pandemic.

Fauci, science, health, covid19, pandemic, science, health, medical, government, policy, politics, united states, medicine, editorial, web, news, white house, pencil, magazine, sketch, health,
illustration of Propaganda style poster bring awareness to the pandemic

covid-19, pandemic, poster, texture, screenprint, type, lettering, book cover, health, wellness, pandemic, public, print, paper, ink, magazine, editorial, web, boxing, propaganda, sports, mask, athlete, figure, fight, printmaker,
illustration of A psychedelic beer label made with strawberries

Beer, food, strawberry, psychedelic, label, packaging, beverage, brewery, fun, silly, color, advertisement, cute, pink, fruit, texture, emotion, eyes, flowers, pencil, charcoal, abstract,
illustration of An IPA beer infused with sunflowers.

Sunflower, product, food, beverage, beer, pattern, flower, warmth, botanical, packaging, summer, ale, brewery, label, print, plant, paper, leaf, type, lettering, color, pencil, impressionistic, happy, fun, light, sunlight, yellow, movement, ink, growth, surreal, texture, silly, advertisement, hops, ale,
illustration of A dreamy illustration about finding mindfulness

dream, mindfulness, children, youth, book cover, texture, night, sky, space, moon, stars, texture, surreal, vision, mental health, fantasy, pattern, color, book, packaging, pencil, cloud, light, figure, reflection, fiction, print, product, paper, ink, dark, bird, branch,
illustration of Dating apps can be frustrating and like playing a rigged game

tinder, dating, apps, mental health, texture, web, phone, rigged, hands, pattern, textile, games, arcade, frustration, editorial, web, apps/web, hurt, mental, health, red, stylized, magazine, scribble, loose,
illustration of Biden stays focused on spending $1.9 trillion on his pandemic plan

Biden, pandemic, plan, covid-19, politics, policy, president, portrait, mess, education, magazine, editorial, pencil, education, web, money, government, vision, president, texture, planning, education, health, teaching, community, value, unity, American, united states, health, wellness,
illustration of A book cover for the five love languages which are all illustrated in the image

love, language, heart, book cover, flower, compassion, editorial, communication, physical touch, acts of service, gift-giving, time, hug, loving, happiness, quality time, rose, texture, figure, portrait, cat, talking, type, handwriting, mental health,
illustration of Album artwork for the Artist Serengeti

Flowers, floral, pattern, retro, product, music, stipple, pencil, paper, type, font, lettering, record, print, screenprint, print design, happiness, digital, beverage, wellness, food, stylized, children, youth, linework, line, color, yellow, pattern, decorative, home,
illustration of Product design for the musician FADE

ghost, fantasy, night, musician, product, stars, youth, cute, linework, moon, font, type, lettering, pen, ink, pencil, digital, book cover, greeting card, holiday, Halloween, screenprint, texture, figure, paper, floating, youth, romance, young,


Abstract, Black & White, Calligraphy, Cartoon, Design, Figurative, Graphic, Impressionistic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Silhouette, Stipple, Stylized, Texture, Type Design, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Silk Prints, Apps/Mobile, e-Learning, Live Scribing


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