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Juan Bernabeu

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illustration of Juan Bernabeu
illustration of Pam Tanowitz at the Joycenter.
“A riveting dialogue of movement and music”
Juan Barnabeu  Richard Salzman
illustration of Illustration for the article to present on The New Yorker the Paul Taylor's Esplanade.
illustration of Cover for the classic Layli and Majnun. Book published by Penguin Random House
illustration of Bernstein in a Bubble, set to Leonard Bernstein’s “Divertimento,” from 1980, was created recently in a bubble residency in upstate New York, following strict covid protocols. It’s like a blast of fresh air.
illustration of Medical research has long been based on men’s bodies alone, meaning many diagnoses, treatments and drugs are blindly applied to women—with sometimes-dangerous results.
illustration of The story explores the issue of impending bankruptcy due to the pandemic. As always, the most vulnerable businesses will be the ones that will suffer the most from the coming crisis.
illustration of Too many prisoners, too few officers
Mississippi Prisons: No One’s Safe, Not Even the Guards
illustration of In the Valley of Mirrors by Antonio Ruiz-Camacho

”A son returns to the border and makes peace with the spirit of his father”
illustration of Illustration published on The Marshall Project speaking about how life without parole is replacing the death penalty.
illustration of Grief isn't a monstrous dragon to avoid, but something to run toward and embrace. Grief is the other side of love, namely, it is love for someone who has died.


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