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David K. Manuel

illustration of What flows from his mouth reflects the genuine goodwill still in the world. As long as love is held in the hearts of those who make the journey, drinking the water is said to bring health and long life. Lovers from all over the land come to stand on the knotting bridge and declare themselves to one another.
illustration of Niko's friends have managed to get the book and the key. Now it is story time!
illustration of I painted this as a reminder that while rockets can be weapons, they also have a higher purpose. The product is hope.
illustration of Here is a circus poster promoting Bruno the strong flea.
illustration of A scene wherein two brave young girls seek the Westerly Guardian before setting off on a journey that will test their abilities.
illustration of With their airship safely moored, an intrepid band of explorers stop at home for luncheon.
illustration of This image is meant to lift people and to encourage climbing higher and going out on a limb to better reveal their authentic selves.
illustration of The wise rabbit listens before setting out to find the sweet clover.
illustration of He sneaks into the queen's garden, just as he did yesterday and all the days before. He will sneak into her garden again tomorrow with no memory of having already done so. He is always now.
illustration of It can be difficult to trust the world, especially if you are small.
illustration of Acting purely on a sudden certainty, he took a leap toward the moon.
illustration of In a world which can tear and pull at a person's heart and mind, it becomes important to discover tools to deal with the stress of modern life. This image became a long form meditation for me as I contemplated states of mind and mental disciplines which can help one remain serene while dealing with life's struggles. It is the art of reducing explosions to whispers. Looking carefully one can see a moth, an elephant, a flower, two cats and a phoenix all held within the face of the Buddha.
illustration of This creature is an injustice collector. A ruined lifeform bent on sucking the marrow from all of life's worst moments. A monster who seeks every corner of its world to find all possible grievances and a victim to chew on them with. It has a finely tuned sense of others' pain. It pursues its course ruthlessly.
illustration of Here is the Lore Beast. A watcher and keeper of the world's memories. Only when the world is in danger will this ancient spirit manifest and do battle.
illustration of This image was design for the bottle labels of Cold Fusion Coffee's
illustration of When the ground opens and ghosts haunt the surreal landscape. When Salvador Dali turns over in his grave and casts a baleful eye to the hanging witch and the candy crab. When bats take wing and roots turn to serpents, it is then you will know the rise of the scarecrow!
illustration of Here is a window showing a mystical land of tea and nature's beauty. Young tea leaves eagerly fly toward the viewer, prepared to jump into a delicious cup of tea. An egret flies in the distance while the great mountain stands in the background. Made for an importer of fine tea products.
illustration of I was asked to paint in a style honoring the work of Mary Blair. The reference was Cinderella concept art done for the famous animated feature film.
illustration of I needed to spend time in a forest. I had no forest nearby. So I made a forest.
illustration of Finn and Jake explore their world far and wide. Their adventures take them to distant lands where they encounter wizards, witches, monsters, princesses and pie baking elephants.
illustration of In the frozen crags lives the Ice King. A thief of princesses, arch enemy of Finn the human and Jake the magical dog. Their battles range from the mountain tops into the lush valleys of the land of Oo0. Some of their friends are candy another is a vampire, while still another is lumpy.
illustration of While he finds himself in tricky situations, this goat always seems to have top side view of his circumstances. Go optimism!


David K. Manuel has been a digital artist for over thirty years. His greatest passion for the past fifteen years has been using digital tools to create images with the appearance of traditional materials. He has worked with tools that simulate oil and acrylic painting, watercolor, pencil, pastel and chalk. He has also been asked countless times to create images for commercial and film projects that not only imitate various physical media but also simulate the style of various artists from historical to contemporary.


Acrylic, Animation, Cartoon, Conceptual, Digital, Fine Art, Gouache, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Oil, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Whimsical, Film/Entertainment, Rich Picture


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Family, Fantasy, Health, Historical, Holidays, Landscape, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, Portrait, Posters, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Wildlife, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Game, Environmental, Branding