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Åsa Gilland

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illustration of Engaging Book cover showing a boy handing girl some candy. Dog and turtle in foreground with frog pond. Cover borders by lush flora and fauna. Pears hang from a tree. A house is in the background.
illustration of Boy and Girl in sand box in back yard with dad. Kids, toys, playing, mischief, family, parents, children's book, garden environment, characters, joy, Grandmother, Grandparent, friend, brother, sister, pals, sandcastle, garden.
illustration of Friends, animals, kids, children, hug, joy, friendship
forest, flora, fauna, botanical, imaginary,
illustration of Lettering, fruit, food, history, facts, educational, funny, figures, characters, animals.
illustration of Portrait of Sojourner Truth and the concepts of Truth, Equality, Freedom, Liberty, Sisterhood, justice that she worked for. Editorial, female,
illustration of Father and son snoozing in a chair. Wood Stove, cat, plants, interior of a room, funny, humorous, characters
illustration of Women lounging in chair, surrounded by plants, cat and on a table, teapot, teacup. Hanging lantern. beauty, female, self-care, quite moments, luxuriate, woman, girl.
illustration of Two children are sitting together under a stick tent in a garden. Lush florals and leaves surround the tent. Acorns and berries adorn the tent. Sneakers, kids, playful, imagination, friends, pals, friendships, siblings.
illustration of Mother and child, leaves, raincoats, family, flowers, play, yard work,
illustration of A fun and lively image of spots inspired by Indonesia and Peanut Sauce. Sweet sauce bottles, peanuts, chicken, a food card, garlic, chilis, limes and a female holding a tray of chicken skewers surround a jar of peanut sauce, lettering, bamboo leaves, food, regional cuisine,
illustration of Fig blossom pattern. floral, botanical, repeat, pattern, foliage, surface design
illustration of City, travel, transport, taxi, train, bird, environment
illustration of Family, kids, market, travel, adventure, Mali, Africa, diversity, cultural
illustration of Floral, flower, botanical, pattern, repeat, pink, navy, white
illustration of Fruit, leaves, blossoms, flowers, pattern, repeat, decorative, feminine, floral, botanical, surface design


Asa hails from Sweden and lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. Procreate and Photoshop/Illustrator, pen and paper are her mediums of choice. Her children's book characters reflect the rich diversity of her own lived experience.


Digital, Lettering, Pen & Ink, Texture, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Rich Picture


Humor, Animals, Botanical, Celebrities, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Family, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Information Graphics, Leisure, Licensing, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Still Life, Transportation, Travel, Lifestyle, Feminine, Youth, Ethnic, Urban