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Jennifer M Potter

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illustration of Winter scene of person walking dog through snow with Restaurant window illuminated in back ground. Couple sits at cozy table.
illustration of Multiple buildings with side walk view of pedestrians walking dogs and person on a moped.
illustration of Children riding on the back of a tiger leaping through the gate of zoo. Dramatic and cinematic lighting.
illustration of Temple Grandin holding a calf on a decorative background with florals and arrows.
illustration of Male in row boat with female mermaid on rock but surprise! she is an octopus. Underwater reveal. Pink neon fish add to the underwater environment.
illustration of From Voices of Justice, Henry Holt.
illustration of Kids around a campfire, one playing guitar and another with a large ghost behind them. Scary and dramatic lighting.
illustration of Child in bedroom looking glum in front of a computer with a Zoom screen.
illustration of Digital, Animals, Children, Children's Books, Nature
illustration of Theatrical image of Riding Hood illuminated in her red cape on right of image of forest with half a wolf entering scene from the left.
illustration of Folk pattern, Guatemala Tiger Tapestry, decorative,
illustration of Digital, Animals, Children, Children's Products, Greeting Cards, Licensing, Product
illustration of Digital, Humor, Animals, Children, Children's Books, Mystery, Wildlife


I’m always exploring. Travel is very inspiring, and being part of a community of creators is an endless source of inspiration.


Digital, Gouache, Painterly, Pastel


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Botanical, Celebrities, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Holidays, Leisure, Licensing, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Product, Romance, Travel, Wildlife, Youth, Ethnic, Urban