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Keith Ward

illustration of A variety of asian greens: napa cabbage, shiso, mizuna, bok choy, chrysanthemum vividly painted in watercolor and color pencil. Including an insert showing a baby shanghai bok choy sliced in half to expose the interior.
illustration of A flowering eggplant plant with a variety of fruit including: green thai, variegated globe, turkish orange, purple globe, and japanese ichiban eggplants. Including an insert showing an italian eggplant, sliced into rounds.
illustration of A flowering melon plant with a variety of melons: watermelon, honeydew, crenshaw, cantelope/muskmelon, and Asian bitter melon vividly painted in watercolor and colored pencil. Including an insert depicting sliced wedges of watermelon, honeydew and cantelope melons.
illustration of Vivid watercolor and colored pencil painting depicting a flowering pepper plant with a variety of fruit hanging from it: yellow ‘Sante Fe’, pimento, ‘Marconi’, ‘Apple’, poblano, ‘Jimmy Nardello’, and cayenne. Also showing a red bell pepper sliced in half and julienned.
illustration of A tomato vine with a variety of tomatoes: ‘Green Zebra,’ ‘San Marzano,’ ‘Brandywine,’ ‘Cherokee Purple,’ ‘Mr. Stripey,’ ‘Juliet,’ ‘Yellow Pear’ and ‘Black Cherry' tomatoes vividly painted in watercolor and color pencil. Also an inset painting of a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich.
illustration of A flowering bean bush with filet bean pods vividly painted in watercolor and colored pencil. Surrounding the plant are bean varietals: purple beans, haricots vert, scarlet runner beans, and snap beans.
illustration of A flowering Pea vine with pods growing up a post, vividly painted in watercolor and colored pencils. Pea varietals shown are: English peas, sugar snap peas, and snow peas.
illustration of Peeled cobs of four varieties of corn: bicolor sweet corn, white sweet corn, blue flint corn, and multicolor maize, vividly painted in watercolor and colored pencils.
illustration of A leek plant shown above and below ground, with proper mulching, vividly painted in watercolor and color pencil. With insert showing the growing the growing cycle of leeks and the manner of mulching them.
illustration of A 'hard neck' garlic plant with garlic scape, shown with bulb below ground and plant stalk above, vividly painted in watercolor and colored pencils. Also inset showing artichoke, and silverskin, 'soft neck' garlic bulbs.
illustration of Watercolor of a hand holding a sliced pear, over a wicker basket, filled with multi-colored pears.
illustration of Watercolor and color pencil painting of pineapple, pinapple slice, banana, sliced orange, and tangerine.
illustration of Watercolor, and colored pencil, painting of a wreath of serrano peppers, with four ripe red, jalapeno peppers.
illustration of vivid watercolor, and colored pencil, painting of typical Italian ingredients: red bell pepper, sage herb, zucchinis, roma tomatoes, red onion, ripe olives, garlic, globe eggplant, porcini mushrooms, artichoke, and basil herb.
illustration of Vivid watercolor painting, depicting chrysanthemums, zinnias, pumpkins, winter squash, gourds, acorns, autumn oak leaves, crabapples, orange bittersweet, and red bittersweet.
illustration of Packaging graphics, line art, showing pointing fingers, title banner, mustachioed mouth surrounding product window.
illustration of Pen & ink, and digital watercolor, POP display, depicting two entwined trees, around which are displayed the emblems and ingredients of Jagermeister digestif, and Not Your Father's Root Beer.
illustration of Stylized pen & ink, depicting a Green Man.
illustration of Scratchboard, and digital watercolor, depicting the bank sign, with massive roots growing beneath.
illustration of Scratchboard, with watercolors, depicting stately columns, transforming into lush trees, in homage to M C Escher.


I am an illustrator with over 30 years experience, working in the media of watercolor, colored pen, scratchboard, pen&ink and, increasingly, digital. I have created illustrations for the publishing industry, packaging and displays, the advertising and corporate worlds, and more! I'm keenly interested in food, agriculture and the natural world.


Collage, Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Digital, Line, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Realism, Scratchboard, Watercolor, Woodcut, Floral, Whimsical, Rich Picture


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Botanical, Editorial, Education, Fantasy, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Landscape, Nature, Packaging, Product, Still Life, Wildlife, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Vintage / Retro, Environmental, Financial, Branding, Surface Design, Logos