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Dima Kashtalyan

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illustration of Sooner or later your conscience will ask you certain questions. Whether you will be able to answer or not depends only on you. In order not to feel ashamed, be human now. Do not wait until Monday.
illustration of It is inevitable for every human being to go through the process of the formation of personality. The process is an essential part of human development, and its success depends largely on inborn bio-data and social environment. Everybody has different combination of those factors, and some people are luckier than the others. What matter is how to use what you have got, how much efforts to put and how effective they are. In reality, it is a very difficult task.
illustration of Graphic work for the IT company from Berlin We Are Talents.
illustration of 
It’s illustration for the international art project «The Art of Human Being». 
In the basis of every project there is an idea, there is a thought that you want to deliver to the heart and the mind of your audience.
illustration of We live in the most wonderful time. There is a century of new interesting technologies. I am thankful to live in this time. And I dedicate the work to Civil Aviation.
illustration of I created this original artwork specially for international art contest that organized by @toward.2030.
I chose #SDG15 Life on land: protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss for my illustration.
illustration of Author's work.
illustration of Author's work
illustration of Author's work
illustration of Author's work


Dima Kashtalyan is an artist, illustrator and street artist from Minsk, Belarus. He uses a detailed technique which he calls dot-work, pointillism or stippling. He started with classic graffiti art, to then develop into art for exhibits as well as commercial illustration. The main rule he follows in his work is honesty driven by the awareness that he is responsible before the audience. Believing that creative work is an extremely important part of human life, he feels it should be treated with care and intelligence. Dima's pictures are a reflection of his inner world, emotions, life and principles. Before creating new work, he carefully thinks through the idea, the message and the artistic means by which he will get his point across. In his art Dima always brings up some issues relevant to modern society and to individuals. To this end, he often uses well-known objects and give them a non-standard form and a symbolic meaning. Dima has taken part to numerous exhibitions and street art festivals and his clients include AFAR Media, Lavazza, Entertainment Weekly, Vista Jet Reichl und Partner, The Vinum We are Talents and various others.


Black & White, Cartoon, Digital, Graphic, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Stipple, Technical, Floral


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