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Anna Broadhurst

illustration of Personal Work
illustration of Personal project based on the topic of efficiency
illustration of The brief was to create a set of illustrations that support their existing Run For Oceans Campaign. For every 1K ran they would collect 10 plastic bottles from the ocean to be used as yarn in their Primeblue clothing range. Above: A mural outside the Adidas Woman's Studio on brick lane.
Below: Social Skins for the Adidas UK Twitter and instagram pages and the photoshoot at the studio.
illustration of Personal work inspired by the pandemic
illustration of Personal work, part of bird series made into a calendar
illustration of The brief was to create a layered illustration that was to be shown at a variety of sizes on the Piccadilly lights screens. Using Zappar's software and the layers from my illustration it was AR enabled to become an interactive experience for the company Darabase.
illustration of Personal work
illustration of Personal work
illustration of Client: Patch Language App
The brief was to create three illustrations to be used as postcards for marketing mailers. The illustrations were to be on the topic of 'Confidence' but to be delivered in a bold and abstract way
illustration of Personal work


Abstract, Animation, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Stylized, Texture, Floral, Pattern, Interactive, Vector


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