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Tasha Goddard

illustration of Colourful stylised illustration of a red poppy. 

nature, flowers, floral illustration, remembrance, poppy
illustration of An A to Z collection of illustrations related to everyday life (created during the pandemic) including B is for Breakfast, Q is for Quiet, R is for Reading, T is for Tea and Z is for Zoom.

lifestyle illustration, drawing ordinary life, relatable, normal life, editorial illustration
illustration of Fun colourful illustration of a citrus juicer on a bright yellow background. 

food and drink, everyday illustration, lifestyle, relatable, color, colour, bright,
illustration of Stylised whimsical illustration of a teenager doing their homework while eating a snack on watching something on their phone. 

homework, table, panini, phone, headphones, teen, youth, milk, rainbow, pink hair, blue skin, portrait, people, editorial illustration, lifestyle illustration
illustration of Fun stylised illustration of a woman dancing with the words ‘Let’s Dance!’ 

women, people, portrait, dancing, sport, people in action, leg warmers, pink hair, yellow belt, tattoos, skater skirt
illustration of Whimsical stylised illustration of a stripy unicorn. 

children's illustration, magical creatures, unicorns, stylised animals, drawing for kids, fun drawing
illustration of Hand lettering piece with the words: 

I am NOT my gender – I am MYSELF

hand-lettering, hand-drawn type, positive messaging, decorated type, gender
illustration of A collection of A to Z illustrations of animals, from A is for Aardvark, through I is for Impala and O is for Okapi, to Z is for Zebra. 

children's illustration, drawing animals, illustrated creatures, stylised animals, colourful animals
illustration of Stylised illustration of a box of Maldon Sea Salt 

packaging illustration, drawing everyday life, lifestyle illustration, food and drink, salt, seasoning
illustration of A collection of A to Z illustrations of fruit and vegetables, from A is for Avocado, through M is for Mushroom and R is for Radish to Z is for Zucchini.

food illustration, lifestyle illustration, food and drink, plant-based, vegetarian, drawing food


I’m a British illustrator based in the picturesque Cotswolds in the UK. I draw predominantly digitally, but with a hand-drawn look and feel. My work is very colourful with a flat and loose style. I especially love illustrating everyday life, from ordinary household objects, through food and drink and to people doing everyday things. I also do a lot of hand-lettering (though still all digital) in a loose and quirky style.


Digital, Lettering, Stylized, Decorative, Floral, Whimsical


Animals, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Education, Family, Food, Licensing, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Sports, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Edgy