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Tasha Goddard

illustration of Illustrated scene of a family in garden, including pink-haired woman taking a photo with a mobile phone and wearing pink dungarees, a grandfather pushing a child on a swing, a grandmother planting seedlings in a planter, a variety of flowers in flower beds and a dog playing with a tennis ball.
illustration of Bright and colourful flat digital illustration of a group of women friends chatting over wine. Living room, sofa, rug, easy chair, bookshelf, paintings, mirror, dog, mobile phones, relaxing, lifestyle illustration, illustrating relationships, friendship
illustration of Stylised whimsical illustration of a teenager doing their homework while eating a snack on watching something on their phone. 

homework, table, panini, phone, headphones, teen, youth, milk, rainbow, pink hair, blue skin, portrait, people, editorial illustration, lifestyle illustration
illustration of Colourful bedroom illustration in a quirky looks digitally hand-drawn style. Bright colours with lots of pinks and blues and pops of yellow. Includes bed, duvet, cat, book, pyjamas, slippers, rug, clothes, laundry basket, books, pictures. 

lifestyle illustration, drawing rooms, editorial illustration, bright and colourful, pinks, blues, home life
illustration of Flat colourful illustration of a family going to the park. Two wives, one in a long dress and denim jacket and one in a short skirt and jumper. Both wearing badges with the symbol for women. One child in pushchair and one walking along holding mother's hand and carrying a teddy bear.
illustration of Woman making pastry illustration by Tasha Goddard with cooker, tiled floor, hanging plant, shelf with books and bottle.
illustration of Illustration of a woman looking in the mirror before going out. She is wearing a fancy dress and holding a clutch bag. She is wearing gold and turquoise jewellery. She is smiling and happy to be going out out.
illustration of Children playing with toys on toy mat. Illustration by Tasha Goddard. Non-specific gender. Toy vehicles. Toy basket.
illustration of A collection of A to Z illustrations of animals, from A is for Aardvark, through I is for Impala and O is for Okapi, to Z is for Zebra. 

children's illustration, drawing animals, illustrated creatures, stylised animals, colourful animals
illustration of Children dancing spot illustration by Tasha Goddard. Children wearing t-shirts with cute animal heads on and are surrounded by musical notes.


I’m a British illustrator based in the picturesque Cotswolds in the UK. I draw predominantly digitally, but with a hand-drawn look and feel. My work is very colourful with a flat and loose style. I especially love illustrating everyday life, from ordinary household objects, through food and drink and to people doing everyday things. I also do a lot of hand-lettering (though still all digital) in a loose and quirky style.


Digital, Figurative, Lettering, Stylized, Decorative, Whimsical, Vector


Animals, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Education, Family, Food, Leisure, Nature, People, Toys & Games, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine