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Tasha Goddard

illustration of Illustration: mother comforting sad teenage daughter. Young child on own cuddling teddy with cat nudging her. Background shows living room with armchair, books, windowsill, house plants.  Words: Henny was sad and cried a lot. Mama had to give her cuddles. So I gave Chibi and Bonbon hugs, too. Illustrated by Tasha Goddard.
illustration of Illustrated by Tasha Goddard for DK Books (List Happy). 

An illustration of a calm and peaceful river with a duck and swans, reeds, a willow tree and a bridge in the background. 

In the foreground someone is lying back relaxing in a small wooden boat.
illustration of Illustration of mother and teenager. Teenager is annoyed with mother and words 'OMG!' are above their head. Ceiling lamp and houseplant in background.
illustration of Illustration of a farmers market with a couple choosing vegetables in the foreground and a flower stall and baker stall in the background. Illustrated for DK Books (List Happy).
illustration of Colourful bedroom illustration in a quirky looks digitally hand-drawn style. Bright colours with lots of pinks and blues and pops of yellow. Includes bed, duvet, cat, book, pyjamas, slippers, rug, clothes, laundry basket, books, pictures. 

lifestyle illustration, drawing rooms, editorial illustration, bright and colourful, pinks, blues, home life
illustration of Bright and colourful flat digital illustration of a group of women friends chatting over wine. Living room, sofa, rug, easy chair, bookshelf, paintings, mirror, dog, mobile phones, relaxing, lifestyle illustration, illustrating relationships, friendship
illustration of Colourful kitchen scene illustration in loose digitally hand-drawn flat vector style by Tasha Goddard. 

kitchen, worktop, kitchen table, cat, living room, relatable, lifestyle illustration, cooking food, food illustration, illustrating rooms, homelife
illustration of Illustrated scene of a family in garden, including pink-haired woman taking a photo with a mobile phone and wearing pink dungarees, a grandfather pushing a child on a swing, a grandmother planting seedlings in a planter, a variety of flowers in flower beds and a dog playing with a tennis ball.
illustration of Woman making pastry illustration by Tasha Goddard with cooker, tiled floor, hanging plant, shelf with books and bottle.
illustration of Flat colourful illustration of a family going to the park. Two wives, one in a long dress and denim jacket and one in a short skirt and jumper. Both wearing badges with the symbol for women. One child in pushchair and one walking along holding mother's hand and carrying a teddy bear.


My name is Tasha Goddard. I’m a British illustrator based in the picturesque Cotswolds in the UK. I love using creativity to dig into the minutiae of everyday life, creating colourful and quirky illustration to elevate, elaborate and embellish text and to evoke emotions and ideas.


Digital, Lettering, Line with Color, Stylized, Whimsical, Vector


Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Family, Food, Landscape, Leisure, Nature, People, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Youth