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Winston M Harrell

illustration of This is my flagship series image. It was created from the arid conditions of the mess desert….
This 24 x 18 illustration was created on cold press water color paper and finished in Acrylics.
It is one of seven illustrations.
illustration of This is #2 in series the power of Arizona. This image has special meaning to me. I created this image from the surroundings landscape near my job in Mesa Az. The beautiful palm trees ads majesty to the Serenity of mesa desert.
This image was painted in Acrylic paint and finished in Photoshop.
illustration of This is a two part illustration created in Acrylics and marker’s. Taken directly from Greek Mythology and the story of Icarus.
illustration of This is number 6 in the series completed in Water colors and prism-a colored markers this piece completes the Series.
illustration of This is number 3 in the series of Arizona landscape illustrations. In this illustration I sought to capture the warmth of the Arizona Desert. As you can see the trees are leaning in a certain direction giving the a sense of Continuity. The orange trees are definitely a part of the Arizona landscape.
Finished on cold water color paper it reflects the local Scenery of Mesa. It is 18 x 24 created on cold press water color paper and would make the perfect canvas wrap or framed print.
illustration of As I learned more about the Southwest and its landscape I decided to explore the world of Cowboy Art. I found a picture in an old Photograph book and choose this image. It is 11 x 14 and painted in Acrylics. I used my skill as an artist to bring it to life. This image is perfect for someone who loves the outdoors and is a nature lover.
illustration of In this relaxing Tranquil image my goal was  to capture the Essence of the great out doors. The Serene sound of the water fall gives you a sense of calm and peace. This piece was hand-drawn and painted in Acrylic paint. It is 11x 14 and would make a exceptional canvas wrap. A perfect piece to accent any home.
illustration of This image was created when I still  lived in Atlanta. One of my coworkers Asked if I could create here a tattoo and this is the result. It was adapted into the image you see today. The original Artwork was created in Acrylics on standard Art paper. The final image was edited in Photoshop. Final product is 11 x 17 .
illustration of This beautiful image was created by hand using traditional art methods and design. The original image was donated to me by a very close friend. 
I took the Photograph and developed this image on 11 x 14 standard art paper. I later developed the color scheme and painted the image in Acrylic paint. Finally, I digitized the image and altered it in Photoshop to visually enhance the final product.
illustration of This unusual illustration was created from a dream sequence of mine. It is a hand-drawn illustration created on standard art paper and then created into a digital format. The final product was edited in Photoshop and then enhanced for digital viewing across the internet.
illustration of This beautiful image was created in acrylic paint. The object of this illustration was to show my illustration skills. This I was finally finished in Photoshop.
illustration of The is illustration was created in Acrylic paint and was hand-drawn. My goal in this image was to create a bold piece of art that was different than all my other designs.
Once the original was finished I took the liberty of adding some digital elements to increase the overall beauty of the image. I think I was succesful.
illustration of As a member of the gay community, I sought to create an image that reflected the beauty of gay men. In this image, I wanted to capture the male physic while adding a cascade of roses to the design. This sleeping beauty is resting after a long day's work in the garden. Created on standard art paper and finished in Acrylic its stands as a beacon of calm.
illustration of This’ original piece of artwork was created to reflect my brand of illustrative Art. In this image you see a spirit like entity protecting the Forrest.
My goal was to create a imaginary image that hasn’t been seen before. It is 11 x 17 and was completed in Photoshop.
illustration of The beautiful illustration was created from a photo of a woman standing on a balcony. The image was later adapted into the digital version that you see now. It was later edited and given a digital backdrop. It was originally created in Acrylic paint and watercolors. Later the final product was edited again and typography was added.
illustration of This beautiful lady was created because of my love of Dance. It is one of my best and most powerful images. It was featured I Gallerium Art magazine February 20222. My goal was to show the spirit of the Dance. This image was completed on standard art paper and finished with Acrylics.  I love it!!
illustration of This is my Interpretation of the famous fairytale.
This beautifully painted image makes me want to Dance. When I created this piece I wanted to bring a spirit of joy and happiness to dancing. This piece was created on standard Art paper and painted with Acrylics. It is 11 x 17 and would make the perfect canvas wrap or framed print…
illustration of This was the very 1st illustration I created while going to design school. Her grace and elegance are only matched by her confidence. My goal was to create the first African American Dancer image. I used a photograph to create this design and also 2b and 2h pencils. The final product was enhanced in photoshop. The beautiful illustration is 11 x 17 and was designed for the Atlanta Ballet.
illustration of This was my very first illustration. Being a lover of Dance I created this illustration to reflect my love of that art form. This image was created on standard Art paper and finished in Acrylics. The final product was completed in Photoshop. It is 11 x 17.
illustration of This Black and white image was drawn from a set of pictures that a friend from work gave me. In the process of developing this image while in Art school I discovered that the final product needed editing in Photoshop. This finished product as you can see is outstanding.
illustration of In this image I used my skills in figure drawing to create the incredible image. I wanted to show how the male from could be used with out showing full frontal nudity. My friend in Atlanta gave me this photo and I created the image the you see today. This image was created with graphite pencils and is 11 X 17 on standard Art paper.
illustration of This was my first illustration while in Graphic Design School. I love this happy-go-lucky character created from my days in Cooking School at Le Cordon Bleu of Chicago. My goal was to create the first African American Animated Chef image. This 8 x 11 design was created on bristol board and finished in Acrylics. The final product was then enhanced in Photoshop. It can be used as a greeting card to the cook in the family or as a canvas wrap.
illustration of This beautiful food illustration was created for the Food service. Industry.  The warm tones and bright colors will ad vibrancy to any space. Completed in Acrylic paint on Standardize art paper it stands apart from other food service images. The Jewish egg bread was baked by myself and the photographed. The remainder of the image was taken from a photo. Final image is 11 x 14.
illustration of This gorgeous image was created from a photo for the Food Service Industry. The bright colors ads the perfect accent any restaurant decor. This was hand drawn and painted in Acrylic.  The piece of Art for your kitchen. It is 14 X 11.
illustration of I created this image to reflect the many travels of my life. This 11 x 14 image was created in Acrylics and finished in Photoshop.
illustration of This is one of my three food illustrations. Created from a series of food photos donated to me from a friend at work. This illustration is 17 x 11 and was created using Acrylic paint. The final product was edited in Photoshop.
illustration of This beautiful illustration was created from a photograph that my co-worker donated. The image brings back memories of a long forgotten time when the world was a different place. The warm colors and beautiful back drops makes this piece a excellent choice for a home decor setting. 
It was created on standard Art paper and painted in Acrylics. It’ would make the perfect canvas wrap or 11 x 17 print.
illustration of Back in the '70s and 80's I was a big fan of this popular TV show called
illustration of The illustration was created as a book cover for the I-WAGGET SCI-fi series of illustrations created by Marvin Sunderland. It is 11 x 17 and was created in Acrylic paint. Final image was completed in Photoshop.


Winston Harrell is an American-born Artist from Oceanside California in 1958. Later in 1960, his parents moved to Chicago Illinois. Where he grew up and studied art. When he was fourteen he located a summer job painting and creating murals in his nearby neighborhood. He soon found that he was naturally creative. He enrolled in a correspondence course for a commercial Artist in 1978. He later discovered his talents for Culinary Arts and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu of Chicago. After relocating to Atlanta Georgia in decided to pursue a career as a Graphic Artist where he learned all the fundaments of computer-generated Artwork. In 2011 he moved to Phoenix Arizona where he studied illustration at the Art Institute of Phoenix for 3 years. He is currently an Artist at Jarrods Coffee and Tea House in Mesa Arizona. As an artist, Mr. Harrell's passion for art and design is only diminished by his love for helping others.


Acrylic, Animation, Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Graphic, Line, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Pastel, Pencil, Realism, Stylized, Watercolor, Decorative, Whimsical, Concept Art, Motion


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