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Sylvia Hofflund

illustration of Watercolor illustration of blueberries, blackberry, and raspberry for Publix Supermarket in store campaign, Peak of the Season, fresh fruit, sweet, healthy, food, fruit.
illustration of Watercolor illustration of fresh pineapple for Publix Supermarket in store campaign, Peak of the Season, fresh fruit, sweet, healthy, food, fruit. yellow
illustration of Honey bee collecting pollen from oregano flowers, watercolor, pollinator, nature, summer,
illustration of Watercolor iillustration for Peak of the Season in store campaign, Publix Supermarkets, summer, ripe, fruit, fresh, healthy, red, sweet
illustration of Loose watercolor of a sheep on a hillside. One of a series of fine art prints and greeting cards, farm, countryside, wool, green
illustration of Granny Smith fresh apple, watercolor illustration for Bon Appetit magazine article about fruit sweeteners. Healthy, snack, green,
illustration of Watercolor Illustration for Kodiak Cakes brand packaging, food, nuts, flavor, peanuts, healthy, snack, watercolour
illustration of Stylised depiction of the change of season from late Summer to early Fall. Cycles in nature, windy weather, autumn colors.
illustration of Painterly watercolor image of a  magnolia blossom. One of a series of Fine Art prints and cards. Grey background, White, Pink, Flower, Spring,
illustration of Watercolor illustration for Kodiak Cakes brand, food mix for fudge brownies. chocolate, food, sweet, dessert,
illustration of Watercolor, seamless repeat  pattern, stylised roses, leaves, petals, surface pattern design, packaging, floral perfume, fabric, wrapping paper, textile design, pink,
illustration of Seed head, dandelion, greeting card, season change, flower to seed, autumn, watercolor, blues, greens, natural, ephemeral, seeds
illustration of Sweetened with Honey, Kodiak Cakes brand food packaging, watercolor, honey dipper, sweet, golden, natural, wildflower, product
illustration of Watercolor bouquet of flowers and herbs used in making natural beauty products, essential oils, rose, calendula, lavender, rosemary, watercolour, scent, lotion, shampoo, botanical, cover art
illustration of Food packaging, watercolor illustration for Kodiak Cakes brand, snack, graham crackers,
illustration of Food Packaging for Kodiak Cakes brand, painterly, watercolor, pancakes, maple syrup, chocolate chips, breakfast, weekend, treat, homemade, fun,  eat, share,
illustration of Fresh coconut cut in half, watercolor illustration for Kodiak Cakes brand, packaging, food, ingredient, flavor, watercolour
illustration of Painterly watercolor for a series of Fine Art Prints and Greeting Cards, Watercolour, Spring,  Bloom, White flowers, Buds, Green, Fragrance, Perfume, Scent, Wedding, Bride, Romantic, Beauty, Nature
illustration of Cocktail fruit blend for The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley brand, Beverage Artistry, packaging illustration, watercolor, pink, drink, pineapple,
illustration of Painterly, Watercolor, Floral, Fashion/Cosmetics, Licensing, Nature, Packaging, Textiles, Feminine, Surface Design
illustration of watercolor, confetti of rose petals, flowers, leaves, bouquet of white, pink, green, red, thrown in the air, decorative, packaging, perfume,
illustration of An apple a day keeps the doctor away, apple cores thrown in the air, playful, fun, friendly, humorous, watercolor, apples, healthy, eating, organic, natural food, fresh fruit, snack,
illustration of Fine Art, Painterly, Watercolor, Food, Health, Packaging, Product, Still Life, Branding
illustration of Conceptual depiction of the Autumn Fall, Cycle of Seasons, Dried flowers and leaves, Watercolor, Pattern, Autumn colors, Fall palette, Nature, Botanical, Airborn, In the Wind
illustration of Romantic garden at twilight with fountain and wisteria.. Watercolor illustration for Coldwell Banker International, impressionistic, cool tones, water feature, gold fish
illustration of Map of the Mediterranean for Bon Appetit magazine, featuring food of the different regions.
illustration of Map of Paris for Bon Appetit magazine, best places to eat, drink and shop.
illustration of Decorative Surface Pattern Design, Tiled Repeat, Watercolor, Symmetrical, Licensing, Textiles, Velvet, Homewares, Regal, Packaging, Branding,


Fine Art, Impressionistic, Painterly, Realism, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Pattern


Humor, Animals, Architecture, Botanical, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Maps, Mural, Nature, Packaging, Posters, Product, Still Life, Textiles, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Environmental, Branding, Surface Design