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illustration of Michael Glendwood, David Goldman Agency
illustration of Conceptual, Digital, Concept Art, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Lifestyle, Feminine, Edgy, Grunge


Michael Glenwood (Michael Glenwood Gibbs) is an award-winning illustrator known internationally for merging strong concepts with carefully crafted, modern technique, to create a unique visual style.​ An admirer and collector of etchings, woodblock prints, mezzotint prints and vintage posters, as well as being a printmaker himself, Michael brings a unique printmakers perspective to all his illustrative work, merging craftsmanship, distinctive creative concepts and digital skills, to create a classic graphic visual style.​ His work for magazines, newspapers, books, corporate publications, annual reports, posters and advertising has been recognized by illustration annuals and peer groups including the Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, American Illustration, 3x3, The L.A. Society of Illustrators, Creative Quarterly, The World Illustration Awards and numerous other shows.​ Michael Greenwood vs. Michael Gibbs: Before working digitally, Michael painted traditionally. When he made the transition to digital, he began using his middle name (Glenwood), reserving his surname (Gibbs) for the painting style for which he was known at the time. During the past ten years, he has worked only digitally as Michael Glenwood.


Conceptual, Digital, Concept Art


Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Lifestyle, Feminine, Edgy, Grunge