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Dave Bain

illustration of Starbucks commissioned a set of two murals for their Camden High Street store in London. They asked that I draw on Camden’s musical heritage, punk and counter-culture characters, mixed with a newer influx of tourists and diverse visitors. I developed a six colour palette, shared by both murals, featuring their distinct dark green, complimentary warm coffee-influenced colours and a punchy blue to help dance the eye across the artwork.
illustration of Lead illustration for a promotional information board for a national railway station advertising local healthy walks. The artwork shows a diversity of healthy walkers, young, old, baby, woman, man, wheelchair user, dog
illustration of An ongoing series featuring an explorer in space, encountering colours, shapes, wonders and creatures. scifi, retro, floral, creatures, psychedelic, trippy
illustration of To celebrate World Book Day Time Out London commissioned me to create an illustration that accompanied a run-down of some of the more unusual reading groups you can get involved in around the city of London. The illustration plays on the idea of a group of diverse characters attending a night club, complete with door security - a bouncer signing everyone in. The club is composed as a stack of books and those attending are in a celebratory mood and bringing books to the party.
illustration of Main editorial image for an article titled 'The Allergy Epidemic' exploring issues surrounding children being increasingly diagnosed with life-threatening allergies. This images shows a character undergoing various solutions to moderate allergies, including vaccination, stick-on patches, toothpaste and caplets. teeth, brush, toothbrush, vaccination, medical
illustration of Promotional beer label packaging for invented brewery Create Beer. Schools of curious and expressive fish in their underwater sea environment decorate the label for ‘Deep Dive’. 
I also constructed a bespoke alphabet for all the necessary typography.
illustration of A spot illustration, part of an alphabet of pencil, drawing based characters - promoting an illustration, drawing, industry, networking event. The artwork uses a simple color palette of red, black and white.
illustration of One of a series of 15 illustrations to bring energy and life to a festival - run by a mental health and social change charity. The weekend covered all sorts of areas, including mental health, art, music and even pizza making! My illustrations were used extensively across the dedicated festival website and on their promotional branding for all aspects of Wonderfest.
illustration of I illustrated a series of spot illustrations, wrap packaging and playful card-reverse line artwork for a deck of mental wellbeing activity cards called ‘Positive Power-ups’ for children and young people.
illustration of Illustration for monthly Cultural Calendar email newsletter - a round-up of arts and culture events with a mix of reviews and highlighting upcoming events going on in London. This edition featured a review of 'Team Viking' – a dark comedy about a man trying to give his best friend a viking send off. It's a one man show by James Rowland and performed in a shed.


I'm a freelance, commercial illustrator. After graduating from Falmouth I set up my illustration studio in Bristol, UK. With over 15 years experience, I enjoy working as an illustrator on editorial, promotional, advertising, branding and publishing commissions. My idiosyncratic illustrations are colourful, distinctive, wildly expressive and feature stylised characters. I'm inspired by screen-printing and risograph techniques, colour combinations, jazz and electronic music and visual culture. I also paint murals.


Acrylic, Design, Digital, Figurative, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Stylized, Texture, Type Design, Installations


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Children, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Futuristic, Health, Historical, Holidays, Leisure, Medical, Mural, Music, Nature, Packaging, People, Portrait, Product, Science, Sci-Fi, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Youth, Urban