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Michael Robertson

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Michael Robertson is represented by Lindgren Smith Born and raised in northern Ohio, Michael Robertson picked up his first pencil immediately after being born, and began drawing caricatures of all the nurses in the hospital. Sensing he may be onto something, he bought a box of crayons and decided a career in the arts was something he wanted to pursue. When Michael was in the second grade, he almost decided art might not be the right path for him when a fellow classmate told him he wasn’t a good artist because he colored outside the lines. In the fourth grade, Michael sent a few of his drawings to the Walt Disney Corporation, hoping for some encouraging advice. His hopes were once again dashed when Disney responded with a form letter saying “we’re sorry, but we’re not hiring at this time”. He spent the next ten years coloring and watching Saturday morning cartoons before eventually enrolling at Bowling Green State University, where he graduated with a degree in painting. He spent the following eight years as a toy designer and character developer, eventually deciding to try his hand at illustration. Michael’s vast array of influences include many modern fine art masters such as Calder, Miro and Gottlieb as well as classic illustrators like Jim Flora, Alice and Martin Provensen and Mary Bair. An avid collector of mid-century art and design since the 80’s, Michael lives in a spacious industrial warehouse loft in downtown Cleveland, where he enjoys painting, cooking and listening to the extensive collection of vintage soul, jazz, and Brazilian music he has acquired over the years. Michael’s work has appeared on many children’s products, greeting cards, toys and magazines, and has received multiple recognitions from the Society of Illustrators. He still colors outside the lines. Lindgren & Smith makes Michael practice every single day!!!


Caricature, Cartoon, Digital


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