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Christopher Peterson

illustration of This poster image features two astronauts in Adirondack chairs, smoking a joint on the surface of the moon as the earth rises on the horizon.
illustration of This poster features the image of a country songwriter at a bar, presumably thinking about his own life experience and how he can use it in his art. This was one of the most popular of my Fillmore posters. The model for the main character was me.
illustration of This image features a herd of buffalo on the windswept Utah landscape. I liked the idea of portraying an animal other than a fish in the poster.
illustration of This image features a neon sign in the shape of the state of Texas, with Willie Nelson's name featured prominently. The background is Northern California, with Willie's tour bus and a nice crop of cannabis in the foreground.
illustration of This image is a parody of one of René Magritte's most famous paintings. Magritte was a favorite artist of Paul's, having been inspired by his apple as the logo of the Beatle's record company. I changed the elements in the painting to personalize it for Paul McCartney, San Francisco and the show in particular.
illustration of Storyboard art, beach, old lady, sunglasses. line and color,
illustration of storyboard art for a commercial for specialized bikes.
illustration of Storyboard, Marching Band, drums, trumpets, uniforms
illustration of Swipe, Card, Card machine, hand
illustration of Boots, Soldiers, Police,
illustration of Chattering Teeth, hand, Dentistry, orthodonture
illustration of woods, shoes, trees, man running,
illustration of Storyboard drawing for a dog food commercial.
illustration of Girl, aquarium, Dolphins, swimming
illustration of Storyboard art for a commercial for American Express, drone, grid,
illustration of Bike, biker, stationary bike, helmet, gear, chain
illustration of storyboard illustration for General Electric, featuring Datalandia
illustration of Golf at Augusta, Storyboard art,
illustration of Storyboard, Map, finger, Paris, Little Passports
illustration of Storyboard drawings for a commercial for specialized bikes, motorcycle, Isle of Man
illustration of Motorcycle, Storyboard drawing for Specialized bikes, architecture, speed
illustration of Storyboard drawing for Facebook, Demonstration of Oculus, artificial reality,
illustration of Storyboard drawing of Bruno Mars as an astronaut reaching for a football, for a Super Bowl ad for Pepsi
illustration of Storyboard illustration for a Reebok commercial, sexy butt, shorts, woman,
illustration of Storyboard drawing of a football stadium for Pepsi.
illustration of a painting commissioned by Boone real Estate to promote the brand and to hang in the lobby.
illustration of Rendering of a kiosk designed for a Dupont trade show exhibit
illustration of Rendering of a party for Genentech executives sand sales people in Washington, D.C.
illustration of Drawing of a proposed kiosk for a trade show.
illustration of Rendering of a sunset party for Genentech executives and salespeople in Washington, D.C. Monitors, people, food, beverages
illustration of drawing of a proposed party scene at a building designed to house horses in Tennessee
illustration of storyboard drawing portraying young basketball players in the streets of San Francisco, for a video display in the Warriors' stadium
illustration of geodesic dome, kiosk, Memphis, people, video, control panel,
illustration of Rendering of a proposed exhibit for a cultural history museum in Hilo. Hawaii. people, lighting, displays, architecture,
illustration of Rendering of a proposed exhibit for a cultural history museum in Hilo. Hawaii. people, lighting, displays, architecture, stairway
illustration of rendering for a proposed Museum Display explain gin the influence of clocks and the measurement of time on the Hawaiian people.
illustration of Rendering of a show at the Concord Pavilion with a crowd, for a brochure, showing the features of this beautiful facility.
illustration of Drawing of a pair of Oakley sunglasses for an ad. blueprint, measurements, mechanics, UV protection
illustration of Storyboard illustration for a corporate event video presentation. astronaut, moon, flag, spaceship
illustration of rendering of a proposed street closing for the purpose of outdoor dining. people, architecture, dining, street.
illustration of Rendering of a Tesla showroom featuring an interactive video display. cars, showroom, video, people, electric vehicles.
illustration of rendering featuring two buildings scaffolded by my client, in context to Asheville, North Carolina.
illustration of storyboard illustration featuring imagery proposed for large video screens located inside the warriors new stadium.
illustration of drawing of a Tip-Off over the site of the Golden State Warriors new downtown stadium, for large horizontal video screens located inside the Warriors' new downtown stadium
illustration of Drawing of three of the golden state warriors' most famous players entering the arena. for large video screens
illustration of Drawing of Stephen Curry, for a proposed series of videos for large screens located inside the Warriors' new downtown stadium
illustration of Drawing of Tony Robbins, who is a great source of inspiration for the Golden States Warriors, as part of a proposed series of videos to be run on large screens located inside the Warriors' new downtown stadium
illustration of The purpose of this illustration is to show all the ways people tend to unconsciously pollute runoff water, and what things we can do to mitigate the problem.
illustration of This painting shows the shadow of a C-5 airplane flying over a logistics base at Robbins AFB in Georgia.
illustration of This illustration, for AOPA magazine, shows how a pilot, working with the captain of a boat, can spot where the sharks are and chase them away from the sea lions off the coast of Cape Cod.
illustration of This Illustration was used in a film by Audrey Rumsby, about her mentors, Barry and Joan. The dog in the picture is named T-bone
illustration of Microsoft had a top secret project in their San Francisco offices a while back. it was a music project, and it turned out to be Alexa! I was hired to decorate their offices with large graphic images of musical stuff in the city. This was part of a series, which was printed out in film and applied to glass dividing walls in their offices.
illustration of This painting was six feet square and it hung in the conference room of Drop Box headquarters in San Francisco. It features a Drop box, helicopters, birds,  clouds, animals and some architecture form around the world.
illustration of This illustration was printed in Newsweek as part of a retro-styled ad for Dunkin' Donuts. This issue of Newsweek was retro-themed with an emphasis on Mad Men, the TV series.
illustration of This series of images for Drop Box was inspired a little bit by M.C. Escher. It features a large drop Box, configured as a building in San Francisco, with details including cars, people and houses all around. Each of the five images in the series is progressively more developed and evolved and was printed on plexiglass and installed in the lunch area of the Drop Box offices.
illustration of This scene was painted as a mural which was to be displayed on the Burger Shack restaurant, which was in the Facebook campus in Mountain View, CA. It features a 1950's retro-styled collection of cars and people all eating burgers at the burger shack.
illustration of This painting represents the first machine that was used by my buddy George. It's a stamping machine that was used to cut small circular pieces out of wire mesh. George went on the create a whole company with many machines doing various things with Wire Mesh. This machine is located in Berkeley, CA., with the California hills in the background and smoke rising in the distance.
illustration of This illustration appeared as a fold-out section of  a brochure for Industry City, a mixed-use real estate development in Brooklyn. It features working and leisure scenes from the complex, as well as buildings, people, transportation, infrastructure and neighborhood characters against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline.
illustration of This painting was a book cover for the autobiography of Hali Hammer, a self-proclaimed Berkeley Hippie who has been there since the 1970's. It features a Volkswagen bus with luggage strapped on, a personalized license plate and a typically Berkeley queen-anne style house in the background.
illustration of This Mural was designed for Stanford Children's Hospital's pulmonary therapy wing. It is an illustrated map of the San Francisco peninsula, featuring all the fun and interesting things to do in the area.
illustration of This Mural was designed for Stanford Children's Hospital's pulmonary therapy wing. It is an illustrated map of the San Francisco peninsula, featuring all the fun and interesting things to do in the area.
illustration of This mural was created for the Punch Line Comedy Club in San Francisco. It features all the famous buildings in San Francisco exaggerated in perspective with a humorous flair
illustration of This bus board was designed as a moving advertisement for Santa Monica College. It's kind of a hippie image featuring an old woody at the beach with books strapped to the top, like a surfboard.
illustration of This poster was done in the beginning of the COVID period, when large gatherings were almost non-existent except for socially-distant audiences isolated by their cars. We tried to make it exciting.
illustration of This was a book cover designed for a friend who is a Berkeley hippie, and lived there since the 1970s.
illustration of poster art for Blues Cruise #31, in the sea of Cortez, featuring the rocks in Cabo San Lucas.
illustration of Poster commemorating a performance by Buddy Guy at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco. The image features Chicago architecture and a frenetic rush hour scene.
illustration of This CD
illustration of This poster for the Infamous string dusters, was for  the UC Theater in Berkeley. It never ran, because ticket sales couldn't justify the cost, but I figure it turned out pretty good anyway. It features an astronaut walking on the surface of what looks like the moon, but is really a trail near Lake Tahoe
illustration of The fact that both of Joan's names have four letters made a convenient excuse to parody Robert Indiana's famous
illustration of Ani DiFranco is a well-known vegetarian, so we decided to use the giant Artichoke from Castroville, CA. and a made-up neon sign, as a poster image.
illustration of Union Square Park in San Francisco is center for upscale retail therapy.  It has a convenient stage in the middle for bands to play. So this poster features a Rolls-Royce type of car with a sexy hood ornament.
illustration of Jackie Greene is from Sacramento, so we decided to parody a highway sign originally for the Milk Farm, which is in Davis, right along highway 80.


After a 35 year career as a painter and illustrator in the San Francisco Bay Area, Christopher Peterson now lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina. Mr Peterson straddles the wobbly line between Fine and Applied art. He is best known for having designed over 150 posters for San Francisco’s legendary Fillmore, as well as other bands, venues and festivals. He has designed posters for Paul McCartney, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Phish, Peter Frampton, Bonnie Raitt, and Van Morrison. The list goes on. His posters and illustrations have been published in The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Art of Modern Rock by Paul Grushkin and Dennis King – Chronicle Books 2004; Illustrators 41 Society of Illustrators New York, and Print’s Regional Design annual. Mr Peterson’s paintings are fundamentally urban landscapes, featuring familiar scenes from the highly mechanized and complex life we all live. Working most of the time (but not always) from photographs, he’s constantly shooting and editing, to find the best combination of light, color and design for his paintings. He has exhibited at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, as well as many group shows throughout the Bay Area and the country. His paintings are in many private and corporate collections, including the US Air Force art collection. 


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