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The Demon of Reginhart Book Cover

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Penn Scripter's paranormal romance story is about Marcus who is in a war with himself because two other beings inhabit his body: a mage and a demon. Maybe he will find peace with the help of love. I wanted to show his character that is split into those three pieces with this design. They're separate but one.

Julia Rohwedder

Julia Rohwedder

illustration of Depiction of an upcoming fight between good and evil. An archangel with armour, glowing swords, yellow wings and a demonic snake from the former garden of Eden.
Digital art, photo illustration, photoshop, blue, yellow, epic, battle, demons, angel, fire, dramatic, dark, magic, powerful, christian, feathers, fantasy, book cover, graceful, threat, hope, myth
illustration of Artistic depiction about how narcissistic people and their behaviour affect their victims. 
Photo illustration, digital art, narcissism, dependent personality, psychology, fantasy, dark, bound, roots, swords, blood, photoshop, development, growth, cocoons, butterfly, nature, webs, abuse, hope, freedom, fear, hurt, broken
illustration of Realistic photo illustration suitable for medieval fantasy fiction showing a decorative steel shield with wolves forming a window or portal into a mysterious forest.  Dark, magical, forest, object cover, weapon, warrior, mysterious, earth tones, green, red ivy.
illustration of Realistic photo illustration suitable for science fiction fantasy genres showing a powerful magical pyramid within destroyed ancient city ruins and three warriors watching the light beam it creates.
Made with Photoshop and models posed in DAZ Studio.
Digital art, photo illustration, book cover art, Sci-fi, dystopian, atmospheric, dramatic, epic, landscape, mountains, planets, apocalyptic, photoshop
illustration of A thematic depiction of the dark power to harness from within to break free from the chains that hold you captive while the line between good and evil blurs. 
Digital art, photo illustration, photoshop, fantasy, urban, mysterious, magical object, knife, blood, reflection, blade, silver, purple, violet, chains, floral, break, freedom, magic, self, glow, mist, woman, mirror
illustration of Depiction of a teenage boy struggling with a dark and light power within him.
Digital art, Photoshop, photo illustration, orange, black, angel, demon, fire, magic, darkness, dark cloud, threat, sword, feathers, bats, urban, fantasy, contemporary, glowing, eye, eager, battle within, scales
illustration of Depiction of the blindness of human rage and evil potential in everyone of us.
Digital art, photo illustration, photoshop, green, medusa, reptile skin, snakes, blindfold, dark atmosphere, fantasy, blood, texture, mysterious, portrait, woman, female, symbolic
illustration of A premade book cover art suitable for a medieval story involving a powerful sword waiting to be wielded to defend light from darkness.
photo illustration, fantasy, medieval, sword, weapon, arthurian, flourish, floral, flag, blue, dark
illustration of Book cover art depicting a portrait of an assassin with daggers crossed in front, an archer and a blood red gem.
Photo illustration, digital art, photoshop, shape shifter, tiger, glow, eyes, cold blue, magic, blades, battle, powers, mysterious, animal, scar, determined look, dramatic, watercolor, spatters, splashes
illustration of A paranormal romance book cover depicting the split parts of a man possessed and inhabited by a demon and a mage. Love might calm the battle inside himself and make him one again.
Photo illustration, photoshop, digital art, fantasy, crystals, shards, splinters, mist, magic, sorcery, bare chest, muscles, evil, good, fire, powers, mysterious, glow


Julia is a freelance photo illustrator from the southwest of Germany. Her artistic passion lies in the fantasy genre, especially dark, paranormal, and urban fantasy. She focuses on character and object-based artwork, which has a pinch of darkness to it, but glows within.


Collage, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Mixed Media, Montage, Photoillustration, Realism, Silhouette, Special Effects


Action, Adventure, Book Covers, Fantasy, Historical, Landscape, Licensing, Mystery, People, Portrait, Religious, Romance, Sci-Fi, Feminine, Masculine, Grunge, Urban