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Nastka Drabot

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Nastka Drabot is a Polish illustrator and graphic designer. She graduated from Warsaw University of Technology and has a Masters degree in architectural engineering. Her love for contrasting colours and an architectural background influenced her illustration style. An architect must perform as a straight line – be precise and reliable – and this is the best definition for her vectors. Nastka lives in her very colorful apartment in Warsaw with her husband, two adorable children and Koszka – the welsh terrier. She listens to soundtracks and true crime podcasts a lot. Nastka is in love with Polish wildlife and Irish step dance. Nastka’s clients included Vogue Poland and Serif alongside with independent brands and city governments.


Design, Concept Art


Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Corporate, Editorial, Packaging, People, Portrait, Posters, Product, Sports, Transportation, Wildlife, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Environmental, Branding