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David Wink

illustration of The unintentional misuse or distortion of words or phrases. The Wall St. Journal.  

Speech, speak, brain, thought, think, questions, question mark, language, intellect, smart, converse, voice, talk, dialect, dialogue, prose, guess, words, word bubble, sound, utter, pronounce, gaffe, confusion, slip, translation, malapropism, blooper, spoonerism, roots, tree, education, learn, growth, stimulation.
illustration of A look at best friends relationships between Global 100/Am Law firms and local firms in Brazil and other Latin American countries. American Lawyer, 2014.

Bridge, span, connection, greeting, welcome, merger, business, lawyer, attorney, latin america, international, approach, countries, continents, world, earth, globe, link, arch, greet, handshake, meet, bond, businessman, relationship.
illustration of Story is on how special servicers affect the borrowing industry. Special servicers are sort of management companies that pool loans and administer to them. Commercial Observer, 2021.

Ship, vessel, boat, hotel, sink, sinking, submerged, float, ocean, sea, fail, trouble, distress, loan, borrow, hospitality, business, motel, travel,
illustration of The Fall of Metro Property Values. Commercial Observer, 2019.  

Cliff, building, real estate, property, values, realty, investment, financial, dollar, money, capital, cash, funds, metro, brink, city, downtown, fall, lean, crumble, tipping, teeter.
illustration of Legal Times, 2013.

Corporation, company, business, legal, court, lawsuit, lawyer, attorney, serve, papers, software, microsoft, tech company, small business, businessman, megaphone, amplify, yell, shout, briefcase.
illustration of Joint Ventures in the Oil & Gas Industry, Oil & Gas Investor, 2014. 

Duplicate, introduction, greeting, hello, mirror, image, clone, self, handshake, reflection, greet, businessman, reflect, copy, coat, stare, joint, twin, venture, deal, merger.
illustration of Looking at the health and wellness of the Baby Boomer generation.  GSW, 2014.

Baby Boomer, group, people, health, wellness, environmentalist, naturalist, hippie, folksy, bohemian, beatnik, free spirit, generation, free thinker, united, earth day, sixties, 60s, fifties, 50s, casual.
illustration of A challenging financial and educational landscape is forcing higher education to pivot and rethink basic educational models. Trusteeship Magazine, 2022.

Academics, college, machine, administration, education, gears, tuition, workings, lever, pull, switch, pivot, university, factory, student, mechanical, industrial, scholar, learn, degree.
illustration of A series of articles that summarize the most important clinical developments in all major areas of neurology. The Lancet Neurology, 2018, unpublished.

Thoughts, ideas, opinion, protest, sign, brain, think, display, strike, individual, concept, memory, advancement, clinical, neurology, disorder, knowledge, information, memory, mental health, learn, educate, mindless, theory, picket.
illustration of Finance Issue Cover, Commercial Observer, 2020.

City, buildings, real estate, money, investment, skyscraper, tower, financial, metro, metropolitan, property, realty, dollar, capital, cash, wealth, funds, broker, dawn, sunburst.


Conceptual, Digital, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Watercolor, Whimsical, Concept Art


Architecture, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Health, Industrial, Maps, Medical, Nature, People, Scientific, Transportation, Travel, Lifestyle, Spiritual, Ethnic, Environmental, Financial, Urban