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illustration of Federico Epis playfully shines a light on the important topic of everyday sustainability. These typographical illustrations were made for the Italian body, Biorepack, whose key focus is the organic recycling of plastic packaging. Federico's clever and sensitive illustrations walk us through different processes and scenarios that aim for a greener future.

wood, cows, green house gasses, birds, mountains, farmer, construction, village, house, tree, fish
illustration of Cover design for The Pill Outdoor magazine, issue 61. Made in collaboration with Millet Mountain. 

Running, sports, outdoors, backpack, mountains, trees, trainers, smile, athletic
illustration of Illustration for Campari. Bright colour palette reminiscent of a circus. 

man, italy, drink, cocktail
illustration of Federico illustrates Cotazar Cannes - a sunset touches the roads, buildings and beaches around. 

palm tree, holiday, travel, views, architecture, cars, city, landscape, coastal, clouds, beach, leisure
illustration of Federico illustrates a hot and sunny day in Saint Tropez. We look down onto the harbour and houses, surrounded by trees, mountains and the sea. 

holiday, travel, summer, design, texture, boat, church, flag, coastal, coastline
illustration of A man golfing takes a shot as the golf ball flies into the distance. 

sport, golding, activity, trees, nature
illustration of A box with the 'ocean inside'. A conceptual idea, executed expertly! Creates for a surprising unboxing experience. 

fish, diver, popup, package design, layers
illustration of A project based on conspiracies about Ritter Sport's origins. A tongue in cheek ad campaign, that is actually rather beautiful. 

cornfield, cornflakes, sport, bar, food, crop marks, aliens, landscape
illustration of The Milaneser Cover about the super adventurous ascent to Monte Stella. 

dog, walking stick, mountain, path, water bottle, hike, journey, wildlife, landscape, outdoors, sports, hiking
illustration of Made for The Good Life Italy in collaboration with Jeep's compass hybrid. 

green, car, man, trees, urban spaces, advertising
illustration of Artwork for the Red Bull BMX Flatland Battle event.

bicycle, sports, street lights, lamps, audience, event, crowd, people, energy, sunset, music, city, evening, busy, atmosphere
illustration of Illustration for outdoor magazine. Shows a person hiking / running up a mountain range in a north face sports top and trainers. 

athletic, mountain range, snow, peaks trees, sport, running, run, hike, nature
illustration of A composition showing the worlds four seasons, from summer, spring, autumn and winter.

trees, swimming, jumping, lake, water, house, hut, deer, orange, green, blue, rocks, bluebells, hike, wonder, snow, mountains, ski, sport, snowboarding, winter sports.
illustration of Campaign for Capari. 

wings, bottle, cocktail, alcohol, liquor, bitter, mountain, trees, cliff, wind, flight, fly, flying, ad


Federico is an award-winning illustrator born and raised in the middle of the Orobian Alps, Italy. Federico’s work focuses on landscapes and thrilling adventures, and he loves to give them a vintage feel with an innovative direction. He never stops in the hunt for inspiration, and this allows him to find new and exciting content, so his portfolio is always evolving. So far he’s worked with clients including The North Face, Millet Outdoor, Swiss Tourism, Campari, La Rinascente, Clementoni Toys, The Pill Magazine, The Good Life Magazine, Mandarina Duck, Ted Ed.


Cut Paper, Design, Digital, Graphic, Pop-Up


Editorial, Health, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Product, Sports, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Youth, Urban