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Simona De Leo

illustration of An illustrated map representing the delicious flavors of Salento, the southern part of Italy's Puglia region. This map will take you on a tasty journey through the tasty food of Salento. From fresh seafood to yummy olive oil and delightful local wines, my map shows you all the different and yummy foods you can find in this part of South Italy, 
map, illustration, editorial, magazine, food, Italy, digital, texture, bold colors, bright colors, blue, yellow, illustration, lettering,
illustration of Editorial illustration. 
On the morning of August 2, 1980, at 10:25, a bomb of neo-fascist origin exploded at the Bologna station, causing 85 injuries and 200 deaths. On this day of remembrance, I wanted to recall the beauty of this city and the love I still have for it. Cycling alongside its UNESCO heritage arcades, under its yellow trees in autumn, and among its red roofs.  

bologna, editorial, illustration, city, cycling, digital, red, yellow, bright colors, bold colors, Italy,
illustration of MIMO is a young French green brand with a strong community. It was set up in 2021 by two women keen to share their knowledge. 
The brand highlights all body types and aims to be as inclusive as possible. Fun and kind are their credos!

packaging, Christmas, giftbox, gift, box, pattern, decoration, digital, blue, turquoise, red, Christmas palette,
illustration of Chocolate packaging can be as charming as an art print. For this Tropical Mango chocolate, I chose two colorful birds with bright colors to really make the chocolate stand out on any supermarket shelf. 

packaging, chocolate, tropical, bright color, yellow, red, birds, digital, branding, product, catchy design, commercial illustration
illustration of Customers will want to keep this chocolate packaging forever! 

Chocolate, packaging, tango, passion, dance, illustration, branding, digital, people, red. roses, flower, dark chocolate
illustration of One of the Apulian summer delicatessen: Figs! 

food illustration, food, fruit, figs, sweet, editorial, yellow, red, nature, delicious, magazine, advertising, advert, artistic food, Italy, puglia, summer, holiday, bright color,
illustration of Editorial illustration. 
Representing music. The sousaphone is a brass instrument in the tuba family. 

sousaphone, brass instrument, music, musical instrument, editorial, digital, yellow, flower, conceptual, illustration, magazine
illustration of Mural illustration representing East London vibes with its vibrant, colorful, diversity, and originality. 

east London, London, vibes, DJ, music, dancer, market, city, life, people, digital, colorful, mural design, illustration, branding, editorial, advertising, LGBTQ+, diversity, inclusivity, artist, neighbourhood, party, city life, life
illustration of Part of 4 narrative web illustrations for a plant-based food company, 

branding, web illustrations, web, website, plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, vegetables, food, beetroot, rock, original, vital, funny, characters, humor, music, young, conceptual


I’m a commercial illustrator. I've been working in the industry for several years, enjoying working in editorial, promotional, advertising, branding and publishing briefs. My style is characterized by a combination of mixed media textures and digital techniques, resulting in illustrations that are both eye-catching and distinctive. My goal is to create illustrations that not only complement the brief I work on but also add my personal view of the world with a layer of depth and meaning to it. When I’m not working you can find me in one of the many jazz venues, either sketching on my sketchbook or having a swing dance.


Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Decorative, Floral


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