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Karen Donnelly

illustration of Nineteenth Century young woman  father row rowing boat rowboat tumultuous storm tumult tempest seascape rough waves sea dark night oars sou'wester waterproof oilskin  rescue ship  rocks storm danger illustration best illustrator illustration quality literature classic education learning history feminism kidlitart children's illustration historical bravery courage sea maritime boat British nineteenth century woman Grace Darling heroine heroic Victorian British English lighthouse keeper
illustration of cat, dog, rivalry, beds, big, small, selfish, greedy, pets, funny, humour, comic, cartoon, tolerance, injustice, unfair, patience, home, illustration, professional, illustrator, line art, drawing, cartoon, black and white, lockdown, living, domestic, stretch, comfortable, uncomfortable, graphic, artist , black line, grayscale, tone, comic, cartoon, psychology
illustration of boy, bedroom, den, space, identity, toys, journal, mental, health, male, masculinity, emotions, safety, YA, fiction, domestic, family, abuse, conflict, social, care, narrative, illustration, publishing, published, illustrator
illustration of Domestic, parent, abuse, control, verbal, body shaming, shame, frustration, torment, gaslighting, mental, health, psychological, daughter, teen, emotion, feelings, triggers, adolescent, distress, power, strength, resist, resistance, published, illustrator
illustration of Mum, evening, streetlight, rain, thinking, space, solitude, reflection, street, light, dark, dusk, walking, mental, health, domestic, conflict, abuse, decision, emotion, sadness, regret, social, care, published illustrator
illustration of old, older, mature, senior, lady, dame, woman, granny, queen, medieval, travel, transport, riding, animal, pig, sow, chicken, hen, attitude, character, escape, fantasy, fairy tale, history, costume, farm, headwear, headdress, shoes, burden, teeth, children's books, children's publishing, story, storytelling, storybook, picture book, early years, middle years, humorous, humour, cartoon, mood, emotion, personality, balance, relationship, dependence, companions, friends
illustration of video call chat communication mother father brother sister family contact global technology talking relate plan discussion farm farmer home work dog outdoors nature diary calendar professional illustrator published illustration fiction publishing editorial, non fiction covid webinar, remote working working from home zoom meeting isolation quarantine homeschooling home education
illustration of Christmas holiday Xmas winter children's books greeting card kids kidlit kidlitart linear people kids children winter night sleep sleepover slumber party visitors line black white ink presents gifts anticipation exciting excitement literature fiction poetry dog cat pets family brother sister boy girl cousin warmth December tree ornament decoration wake up snuggle snug hygge comfort comfortable  cosy snug home domestic safe
illustration of history, Tudor, British, Boleyn, Aragon, Seymour, Howard, Parr, Cleves, Catherine, Anne, Jane, Henry, 16th century, wives, divorce, king, queen, princess, Spanish, English, German, reformation, Catholic, Protestant, execution, death, treaty, romance, heir
illustration of home, family, kitchen, meal, mother, brother, sister, siblings, metal, health, fear, abuse, conflict, tension, stress, hyper, vigilant, male, female, masculinity, femininity, hiding, masking, protection, safe, unsafe, domestic, violence, social, care, published, illustrator
illustration of craft, crafting, grandma, grandmother, gran, senior, elder, child children, childcare, fun , family, home, art, cat, concentration, absorption, hobbies, pastimes, Spring, eggs, Easter, seasonal, decorating, painting, kitchen, mess, paints, grumpy, family, sister, brother, grandchildren, grandson, granddaughter, contentment, happy, learning
illustration of father, dad, stress, anxiety, worry, business, mental, health, family, son, brother, heat, basketball, backyard
illustration of woman, cat, love, phone, cellphone, mobile, rings, jewellery, hands, hair, kiss, lips, eyes, photo, social media, pet, companion, separation, separated, isolated, virtual, video call, covid, FaceTime, zoom, connected, quarantine, illustration, professional, illustrator, artist, comic, graphic, line, linear, publishing, children's books, storytelling, fiction
illustration of energy, conservation, water, plastics, paper, teens, eco, climate, change, awareness, isolation, social distancing, personal hygiene, citizenship, illustration, educational, publishing, professional illustrator, graphic novel, character, girl, teenage, young adult, growth, development, future
illustration of family, kitchen, housework, teamwork, work, chores, cleaning, hygiene, spray, detergent, products, feather duster, mop, bucket, mum, mom, mother, dad, father, wife, husband, couple, modern, Korean, Asian,  together, home, lockdown, covid, non fiction, fiction, narrative, storytelling, publishing, educational, language, learning, education, activity, home learning,
illustration of cat, queen, king, majesty, monarch, ego, royalty, royal, cushion, claws, superior, grandeur, personality, trait, type, syndrome, crown, jewels, narcissism, spirit, pride, proud, attitude, mood, conceited, whiskers, eyes, claws, elite, luxury, wealth, riches, spoilt, favourite, pet. illustration, professional, illustrator, graphic, linear, line, grayscale, tone, psychology
illustration of bedtime, cozy, winter, fall, autumn, history, heroines, bed, home learning, remote learning, imagination, covid, coronavirus, get well, rest, isolation, quarantine, ill, unwell, convalescence, teen, reading, books, storytelling, childhood, illustration, bestchildrensillustrators, picture book, evening, night, sleep,
illustration of Cat, leash, pet, training, harness, obstinance, personality, trait, type, rebellious, passive, aggressive, psychology , illustration, professional, illustrator, artist, graphic, line, art, artist, comic, tone, grayscale, defiance, compliance, children's books, publishing, psychology
illustration of Young female doctor explain  X-ray  teen girl mother  PE teacher fracture healthcare insurance broken damage care concern worry injure bed
Hospital Health Care Medic Doctor Pain Injury Sports Physical Education Foot Bedside fiction publishing children's books kidlitart illustrator illustration professional people woman women
illustration of Fun simplified graphic map puzzle game London double decker bus shopping taxi cab infographic police officer route directions how to guide roads streets traffic vehicles junction intersection best illustration illustrator education learning language digital Britain England capital  city route art artist kidlitart children's books book cover photoshop published work
illustration of  Old Curiosity Shop Dickens names  Dick Swiveller good hearted dandy reprobate employers workplace Victorian British English Brasses  storyteller top hat fashion office 
victoriana employment history costume character fiction historic fashion classic fiction illustrator illustration professional boots desk furniture writing quill ink watercolour watercolour published work art artist
illustration of teen teens teenagers girls boys romance love crush couples attitude gang clique youth culture adolescent adolescence puberty fun after school leisure free time peer pressure trouble influence young adult YA fiction chapter novel published work art artist illustrator illustration professional Jean Ure,UK Publisher Harper Collins Children's books line black white
illustration of Group tween kids mixed ethnicity waiting camping gear girls reluctant reluctance  boy keen eager ready unready out into nature like dislike 
Teens attitude moody grumpy questioning thinking ideas bugs mini beasts happy enthusiasm camping hiking holidays outdoors summer science botany biology muddy sleeping bag trek young adult YA fiction chapter novel independent reading posture people professional illustrator illustration equipment
illustration of character development man woman young youth children people kids elderly ethnic animals cartoon humour humor fun drawing line emotion expression expressive  conversation interaction communication sikh turban granny grandmother mature youth circus skills storyboard mother daughter sister son brother father grandfather relating family pets rabbits cats dogs illustration illustrator professional children's books publishing comic graphic novel fiction literature kidlitart art artist
illustration of from Middle school reader, US publisher Rubicon

Teen girl reading solitude interruption interrupted comfort easy chair armchair cosy comfortable occupied leisure teen fiction YA young adult mystery story book escapism publishing literature genre art artist quality illustrator illustration professional published work education learning
illustration of group  packing up study time teens teenager boys girls students pupils study school college high school senior junior books homework university happy grumpy moody at home seminar pens bags sofa couch friends teen fiction kidlitart literature published work professional illustration illustrator art artist
illustration of dog, dogs, pet, leash, tether, tied, restrained, restriction, compliance, restricted, indignation, waiting, quarantine, angry, attitude, mood, body, language, psychology, line, art, illustration, professional, illustrator, artist, character, cartoon, comic, graphic, publishing, books, children's books
illustration of young woman girl maiden ethnic female feminine feminism history historical bible biblical  christianity mother arabic middle east innocence nervous emotion gender roles illustration illustration professional published work line watercolour headscarf jewish mediterranean
illustration of pioneer history American USA trailblazer family waggon travel journey independence fortune misfortune luck sisters brother mother father oxen farmer cattle fire pot cooking stew soup self sufficient mend repair fix wheel cartwheel tools know how watch learn west western wild west line grey grey digital art artist illustration illustrator professional published work children's books education learning historical fiction
illustration of Controversial news lunch kitchen home domestic family busy eating together meal conversation talking shock excitement mum dad mom mother father son daughter brother sister eating together  broccoli vegetable diet healthy notice board refrigerator fridge appliance cooker hob oven table island urban metropolitan Chinese American children's fiction books teen tween pre-teen novel learning education language lifestyle editorial storyboard characters people illustration illustrator professional
illustration of Rebellious teen girl argue row fight conflict age generation gap older middle aged hand gesture non verbal communication body language drama dramatic comic graphic novel authoritarian father daughter sister homework studious student pupils study studies learning education smug trouble light dark adolescent adolescence storm attitude rebel resolution mediation talking relate relation sibling rivalry home family teen YA fiction published work illustrator novel publishing professional
illustration of toys, box, ship ,rugby, football, panda, plush, light, lamp, surprise, anticipation, housework, lamp, bulb, chores, home, sisters, toddlers, preschool , under 5, early years, girl, children, woman, mother, Mum, Mom, daughter, home, play, indoors, lockdown, covid, home learning, home schooling, narrative, storytelling, publishing, books, apps, illustrator, illustration
illustration of  pre-teen kids children dusk twilight sundown summer sausages cooking campfire torches play natural flashlights drama dramatic lighting faces spooky storytelling sheep camp camping boys friends outdoors nature independence moon trees woods fields countryside campsite holiday leisure away health mental physical talking communication screen break imagination creativity line watercolour book cover teen fiction books publishing editorial lifestyle wild relax illustrator illustration
illustration of teen teenager friends technology social media FaceTime Skype video internet device smart phone computer desktop boy girl connected communication talking YA fiction education learning publishing illustrator connection lockdown, video call, covid, 2020, remote, online zoom call, meeting, desk, drink, desktop, keyboard
illustration of teen girls hotel hostel travel holiday BnB trip vacation twin room accommodation friends companions luggage baggage suitcase case smartphone bed lamp youth freedom young adult women independence published work professional illustrator illustration education learning YA fiction non fiction publishing lifestyle editorial
illustration of Black and white stern authoritarian elderly old older senior mature man monocle eyeglass eye  wagging hairy finger moustache bald hair character line ink censor no stop point authority man people teacher published illustration illustrator childrens books fiction non fiction novel graphic character kidlitart
illustration of  SW England Living Memory project to commemorate the centenary of the end of WW1.
The image contrasts the brutality of war with the with the cosy safety of the family home where these events become 'stories'. The little girl listening at the door is one of the people who contributed her memories to the project.
illustration of Farm camping in Britain. Busy scene with tents, caravan, and general camping paraphernalia.
education, publishing, language, learning, vocabulary, British, holiday, vacation, outdoor, nature, farm, animals, rural, wild, birds, fox, cats, cows, cattle, leisure, staycation, cartoon, realistic, people, children,
illustration of Twinkle the Cat, from Lucky Stars, UK publisher Pan Macmillan Children's books
illustration of Oliver Twist looks on appalled as his new friend The Artful Dodger steals a valuable silk handkerchief from an unsuspecting gentleman.
Young Readers digested edition, UK publisher Real Reads Ltd
illustration of From On Track, published by Schoeningh, Westermann GmbH.
Busy, scene, department store, mall, shopping, clothes, change, room, fashion, try on, model, choose, high street, retail, commerce, economy, trade, vendor, work, jobs, customer, money, spending, choice
illustration of Small vignette to say 'February' . Published by Edco Ireland
illustration of From Lucky Stars, series of 10 titles UK publishers Pan Macmillan Children's Books.

Alex is a careful, thoughtful person who believes in Science. His friend Cassie believes in Magic, They get along just fine :)
illustration of Wily weatherbeaten Lady Pirate with her threadbare pirate on her shoulder, sailing the High Seas.
Molly McNo, US Publisher Heinemann
illustration of A range of characters from various published books incl. The Princess Diaries (MacMillan Ed), Gone Missing (HarperCollins), Josie Smith in Winter (HarperCollins), Citizenship (A & C Black)
illustration of Inquisitive rabbit, poking his nose in where its not wanted ;)
illustration of Plague Doctor with mask and herbs at his nose looks on as scene of panic unfolds. Healthy folk rush with bundles of belongings and babies in arms to leave Plague-stricken 16th century town. Infected rats scurry between their feet and around the town water supply. In the background is a horse drawn cart loaded with corpses as people bring out their dead to add to the heap
illustration of Busy scene in a British hospital accident and Emergency Department. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, ambulances. 
 On Track - Schoeningh,Westermann GmbH
illustration of Pre-teen girl atop a tall stool decorating a plain eggcup from Things To Do With Mum, a book packed with crafting and activity ideas.
illustration of Illustrated map of ancient Nile, for semi-permanent wall display in Birmingham Museum, UK
illustration of From On Track Published by Schoeningh Westermann GmbH
illustration of From 'Life of Florence Nightingale', Uk Publisher Usbourne.  
medical, care, 17-18th century, cottage, hospital,  older, women, sick, dying, infection, disease, public, health, hygiene, sanitation, history, medicine, healthcare, pandemic, endemic, poison, anaesthetic, alcohol, gin
illustration of Cover art for Eggs on Legs by Jean Ure, UK publisher Badger Learning.

Pre teen girl has just found a weird glowing Egg character. Her Tabby cat looks on with disapproval
illustration of Young readers digest of Charles Dickens classic Great Expectations. 
Pip doesn't understand the game. Miss Havisham looks on with cruel satisfaction as her protege Estella outwits the boy at cards
illustration of Group of teenage girls, all set for a bike ride when it turns out 2 of them have never ridden bikes before. From
illustration of From an Educational reader US publisher Heinemann. A girl and boy peer through the windows of a derelict old house, while an older woman makes a call, looking concerned.
illustration of From Abenteuer Deutsch, publisher by Edco Ireland. A small section of the school orchestra rehearsing - double bass, saxophone, flute.
Quite a sound!
illustration of A bunch of teen girls are trying on tops and blouses
illustration of Map Game, Published by Schoeningh Westermann GmbH as English Language activity
illustration of cartoon, cat, determination, tenacity, grit, speed, chase, dash, whiskers, pet, character, storyboard, animals, attitude, humorous, humour,  computer, companion
illustration of Two teen girls have won a competition to back stage after a gig and meet their favourite singer Rea Garvey. 
From Abenteurland published by Educational Company of Ireland (
illustration of From Gone Missing by Jean Ure, US publisher Harper Collins Children's Books. Two typical British schoolgirls standing outside the bus shelter. We can see the feet of the rest of the waiting passengers waiting inside the shelter. Generic 'pirate' movie poster on the side of the shelter.
illustration of Dog disappointed at the contents of its bowl. Self promotional work.
illustration of Wet Walk in British Summer! nMiserable Family trudge on with a country walk on a day that started out warm and sunny.

#Kidsart #educationalpublishing #kidlitart #hiking #countryside #rural #weather #rain
illustration of From a Century's Memories, living memory project to commemorate the end of WW1 for Bath and NE Somerset Council. As this lady told us about her amputee Dad who made his living mending shoes after the war, the strength of their bond over 80 years ago was palpable.
illustration of From Lucky Stars Series by Phoebe Bright. UK Publishers Pan Macmillan Children's books
illustration of Two young women returning to England at the end of WW1 find they are denied jobs - ex servicewomen (nurses) were thought immoral.

A Century of Memories, published by Bath and Somerset District Council
illustration of Teens, activity, holiday, helping, evening, meal, cooking, lesson 
From Abenteuer Deutsch, Edco Ireland
illustration of Cassie finally meets Stella, her Fairy Godmother or guiding spirit
illustration of child, girl, bedtime, evening, night, townscape, separation, separated ,family, division, comfort, lonely, grief, missing, parent, absent, panda, toy, children, books, published, illustrator
illustration of Dusk, and two children wrapped up against the cold have gone out into a frosty snowy field to offer an apple to the old shire horse, who is also wrapped up in his coat
illustration of Berlin, travel, tourism, map, lost, goodbye, city, break, holiday, vacation, teen, mum, mom, mother, winter, clothes, crowds, Europe, Germany, search, find, language, learning, girl, woman, daughter, family, independent, independence, Interrail, gap year, university, students, new, town, city, visit, visitor, information, museum, gallery, landmark, illustration, illustrator, publishing, fiction, non fiction, educational, people, places, townscape, cityscape
illustration of Busy Christmas scene in a large department store. From Abenteuer Deutsch, Published by Educational Company of Ireland.
illustration of Grandma out running in the winter. From Abentuer Deutsch, published by Edco Ireland
illustration of From Lucky Stars, Uk Publisher Pan Macmillan children's Books
illustration of Teens at activity holiday have been preparing animal feed. From Abenteur Deutsch, Edco Ireland
illustration of Its Autumn, fall, and time to get all caught up with her journal. From On Track, published by Schoeningh, Westermann GmbH
illustration of airport, departure, arrival, lounge, family, holiday, travel, vacation, group, waiting, gate, announced, shopping, air, travel, delays, airplane, aeroplane, Published by Schoeningh, Westermann GmbH, children, mum, dad, parents, summer, busy, scene
illustration of Cheerful woman bringing steaming hot plate of sausage, bacon and egg. From Lucky Stars series, UK Publisher Pan Macmillan
illustration of Teen girl  group leaders teachers  break to advise rest tablet iPad tech library intrusion interruption communication video call zoom meeting sofa cushions home family school trip holiday vacation fiction narrative illustration  language mum dad man woman relaxation lockdown covid home learning 

From Abenteur Deutsch, Edco Ireland
illustration of Mixed, ethnicity, family, dog, breakfast , holidays.
vacation, morning, dining room, hotel, hostel, guesthouse, dog, welcome, cereal, fruit, food, flowers, coffee, mum, dad, drinking, eating, publishing, fiction, non fiction, narrative, storytelling, children
illustration of  rural,Britain, country, agriculture, livestock, cattle, sheep, horses, produce, local, farming, farmers, day trip, schoo,l outward bound, outdoors, holiday activity, fair, Northern, picnic, lunch, fruit, sandwiches, hiking, walking, camping, thermos , outdoors, leisure, outdoor, autumn, fall, people,
boys, girls, men, women, teacher, parent, crowds,
published, illustration, illustrator, education
illustration of Junior High School girl martial arts power strength skill confidence character youth fiction young adult  novel teen teenage hands feet self esteem mental health exercise leisure self defence tween 
 book cover childrens books publishing
illustration of Published by Cornelsen GmbH, board game based on US map showing various iconic US people/activities
illustration of Small icon to represent 'April'. 
From Abentueur Deutsch published by Edco Ireland
illustration of Illustrated Map Scotland icons Published work board game activity castle fish bagpipe haggis tradition tourism grayscale black white line graphic British Isles history information infographics illustrator publishing education learning
illustration of WW1 trench mud war warfare conflict military army British French Canadian conscription youth veterans remembrance horse drawn limber struggle flood waterlogged battlefield impact ruin 1914-18 exhaustion soldier fall injury history published work story narrative non fiction illustrator illustration piturebooks
illustration of Dressing up in the thrift shop
vintage, clothes, teens, girlfriends, how to, leisure dressmaking, needlework, clothes, dress up, friends, crafting, fashion
illustration of board game, children's kids publishing, toys, story, narrative, woman, mail, delivery, neighbourhood, city, suburb, woman, dog ,gardening, mail box work, leisure, illustration, illustrator, kidlitart running, activity, American houses, paw prints postal service , lawn mower


I have worked as a professional illustrator for many years. My USP is a fluid lively line, relatable characters, and of course - I read the brief and meet the deadline. Experienced in Trade and Educational Publishing, Public information campaigns and Advertising, and semi-permanent infographics for national and specialised museums.


Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Storyboards, Watercolor, Decorative, Whimsical


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Health, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Maps, Medical, Music, Mystery, Nature, People, Portrait, Religious, Romance, Science, Sports, Technology, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Ethnic, Environmental, Urban