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Montana Forbes

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IllustrationX (USA)
70A Greenwich Ave #278
New York, NY 10011
United States


Montana Forbes is a self-taught artist with a Graphic Design (BA degree) Background. Her objective is simplicity with strengths in a unique perspective, sensitivity to line, form and an intrinsic sense of colour inherited from growing up between the USA, Southern Africa and the U.K. Quote: "I'm inspired by Art, music, craftsmanship and all things vintage be it movies, record covers, magazines & clothing. I usually start my sketches in pencil or ink then transfer into Photoshop for further rework and colour addition". As one of the resident illustrators at 'STYLE' magazine for the last 2 years she has produced imagery for various columns including the contents page, 'WTA' and the new Totty De Bouvier 'People Like Me'. Clients * Filofax * Gap * New York Time-Out * Sa