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Sharon & Joel Harris

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illustration of Cover of chemistry textbook showing the copper and silver composite coating of a catalytic converter used to reduce emissions of carbon monoxide.

chemistry, molecule, 3D, spheres, balls, metal, metallic
illustration of 3D model of human epidermal growth factor receptor protein

molecule, molecular, structure, model, representation, atoms, bonds
illustration of Two teenage science students working at a lab table while wearing safety equipment. The male student is taking notes with a pen and paper, while the female student is heating a test tube of liquid over a bunsen burner.
illustration of One step in a series of illustrations for a pharmaceutical instruction guide. Here the patient is shown filling a syringe with 1ml of sterile water.

vector, instructional, guide, patient, education, how-to, instructions, steps, hands, bottle, blowout, package, directions
illustration of A sampling of grayscale tone illustrations created for the book
illustration of This image was created for courtroom use during a personal injury trial. It shows the anatomy involved in chronic regional pain syndrome and how it develops and worsens.

CRPS, nerve, spinal, cord, brain, body, back, medical, legal, exhibit
illustration of Four graphic medical icons used to represent scheduling an appointment (checkmark on calendar), physical symptoms (full body silhouette with blowouts of skin lesions), percentage of population affected (pie chart with four faces on black and blue backgrounds), and taking pharmaceuticals to improve health (hand holding a capsule with a heart-shape about it).
illustration of Image showing the mechanism of action of non-viral delivery of a tumor suppressor gene.

MOA, immune, system, cancer, lipid, nanoparticle, therapy, plasmid, gene, protein, cell, genetic
illustration of Infographic explaining the invasive species and how to identify them during different stages of life.

insect, bug, fly, flying, tree, invasion, growth, development, infographic, stages, environment, environmental, beetle, egg, moth, nymph, spots, wings
illustration of Image showing the process of skin tissue wound therapy with a medical device using negative pressure.

product, medical, skin, wound, muscle, fat, tissue, foam, suction, healing, nursing, care, patient, hospital
illustration of Conceptual, editorial image representing kidney donation. A healthy kidney is packaged inside a white gift box with a big red bow.

anatomy, anatomical, illustration, 3D, realistic, tissue, organ, transplant, donate
illustration of This was part of an interactive educational exhibit at the DEA Museum showing the effects of certain drugs on the body.

anatomy, lungs, breathing, cirrhosis, liver, upset stomach, esophagus, vomiting, kidney, bowel, constipation, indigestion
illustration of Human figure showing the arterial system with a cross-section of an artery with plaque buildup and fatty deposits lining the inside of the vessel, which causes the narrowing of the lumen found in atherosclerosis. This was created for a medical device company's website.

artery, plaque, fat, cholesterol, heart, vascular, cardiovascular, disease, harding, arteries, calcified, narrow, clot, stroke, heart attack
illustration of Deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flap surgical procedure done for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. Fatty tissue, vessels, and skin make up the DIEP flap, which is removed and inserted into the breast envelope, where the cut vessels are reconnected to the internal mammary vessels.

breast, cancer, surgery, enhancement, enlargement
illustration of Vector image showing the pathway that results in genetic mutations. 5BU is an analog of thymine, and causes transitional mutations during DNA replication.

DNA, nucleotide, nitrogen, base, adenine, thymine, guanine, cytosine, genetics, mutagen, biology
illustration of The viral replication process of HCV, created for a biology textbook. The virus enters the cell through endocytosis, then the protein coat dissolves and the viral RNA is released into the cytoplasm. Viral mRNAs are translated into viral proteins, which are cut into polymerases. These polymerases replicate the viral RNA, which combine with proteins to form new virus particles. These are then released by the cell through exocytosis.
illustration of Educational illustration of how COVID replicates in the cell.

coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, genomic, receptor, virus, pandemic, RNA, proteins, cellular, biology, vector, medical, illustration, scientific, biological, mechanism of action, patient, education
illustration of Scene of a pond and several of the animals that inhabit its ecosystem. Created for a science textbook.

habitat, ecology, species, pond, land, grass, otter, frog, fish, environment, environmental, landscape, scientific illustration
illustration of Image of a garden spider capturing a grasshopper in its web. Created for a middle school science program.
illustration of 3D human body with various organs highlighted. For promotional use on medical device company's website. Interactively click on the body part to learn which illuminating medical device could be used for a surgical procedure involving that organ.

facial muscles, face, spine, vertebrae, heart, breasts, tissue, abdominals, muscle, pelvis, hips, orthopedic, surgery, anatomy, glass, 3D, product, illustration, medical illustration, anatomical illustration, anatomy
illustration of Line art infographic showing the steps involved in doing laundry.

instructional, instructions, clothing, clothes, vector, art, illustration, washer, dryer
illustration of 3D depiction of a marsh scene for an ecology education project.

grass, water, landscape, scene, trees, weeds, pond, marshy, outdoors, nature, environment, environmental, botany, plants
illustration of An anatomical exhibit used to show the jury the numerous injuries sustained by the plaintiff. After a car accident, the patient suffered rib fractures, facial fractures, pelvic fracture, hematomas, brain swelling, and a collapsed lung.

medical-legal, lawsuit, image, poster, education, overweight, anatomy, lungs, heart, brain, spine, pelvis, break, broken, bones, skull, ribs, ribcage, skeleton, man
illustration of 3D depiction of an MFGM (milk fat globule membrane). Such structures are found in breast milk and infant formulas, and play an important role in healthy brain development. 

membrane, lipids, layers, protein, mammary, secretion, mother, feed, nursing, breastfeeding, nutrition, nutrients, baby, growth, newborn, digestion, droplet, triglycerides, lactation, medical illustration, fatty, 3D model, cross-section
illustration of Scientific illustration of a natural killer (NK) cell and the biological process involved in attacking a cancer cell. This immune response occurs because the NK cell has receptors that recognize proteins on the tumor cell surface. 

cellular, inflammatory, immunology, pathway, cells, death, cytotoxic, oncology, medical illustration, 3D model, protein, human, defense, system, biology, physiology


We are Joel & Sharon Harris, owners of Articulate Graphics. Since 1995, we've been creating medically accurate and visually engaging artwork for all kinds of digital and print use. Using 2D and 3D software, our illustrations creatively convey your message, whether it be for pharmaceutical mechanism of action and advertising; patient, professional, and student education; medical device sales and training; or medical-legal presentations. We both have a passion for art and medicine, so finding the unique field of medical illustration has allowed us to approach our work with particular enthusiasm. Each of us received our Master’s Degree in Biomedical Visualization from UIC, one of only a handful of accredited schools for medical illustration in the United States.


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