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Sharon & Joel Harris

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illustration of Antibody binds to a receptor on a tumor cell, resulting in endocytosis, followed by the release of cytotoxic drugs and finally apoptosis, or cell death.
illustration of A boy fell off of his skateboard onto asphalt, landing on his left wrist, resulting in a bone fracture. Broken bones are common among children who don't use safety gear.
illustration of Dramatic image of a human torso showing the heart and kidneys. Graphic elements and formulas help tie in the relationship of these organs.
illustration of Cross-sectional diagram of a house and lot showing its heating system. When it's cold outside but the ground is relatively warm, ground loops can absorb the earth's heat and warm up the cold refrigerant before it enters the house. Refrigerant then gives up heat to the circulating interior air. A compressor and pressure reducer help the flow of heat and cold.
illustration of The Zika virus is easily spread by mosquitoes. When a mosquito bites an infected person, the virus is contagious for about a week after infection. It then bites other people and passes the virus directly into their bloodstream. Using bug repellent during the day and night is advised to avoid infection.
illustration of Close-up image of bandage showing product texture details and product in use for wound healing care.
illustration of Animal cell structure with detailed inset of rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum. Cell image includes the following organelles: nucleus, Golgi apparatus, mitochondria, centrioles, ribosomes, cytoplasm, vacuole, and lysosomes. Image used in biology textbook.
illustration of Detailed portrait of hound dog.
illustration of PIK3CA-AKT Intracellular signaling pathway found in tumor cells in various cancers. Histological diagram of the proteins and genes involved.
illustration of Cartoon character of an Hispanic boy with skeleton. This was created for a children learning basic human anatomy.
illustration of Combustion removes oxygen from the atmosphere and releases CO2. Photosynthesis removes CO2 from the atmosphere and releases oxygen. Cellular respiration releases CO2 into the atmosphere. Decomposition releases carbon into the soil and CO2 into the atmosphere. Fossil fuels can form if dead organisms are buried under high temperature and pressure.


We are Joel & Sharon Harris, owners of Articulate Graphics. Since 1995, we've been creating medically accurate and visually engaging artwork for all kinds of digital and print use. Using 2D and 3D software, our illustrations creatively convey your message, whether it be for pharmaceutical mechanism of action and advertising; patient, professional, and student education; medical device sales and training; or medical-legal presentations. We both have a passion for art and medicine, so finding the unique field of medical illustration has allowed us to approach our work with particular enthusiasm. Each of us received our Master’s Degree in Biomedical Visualization from UIC, one of only a handful of accredited schools for medical illustration in the United States.


Digital, Figurative, Realism, 3-D Rendering, CGI


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