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bird, round, painting, string, feather, beak, branch, monochrome, monochromatic, green

DI #31

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Bryan Holland

illustration of fox, monochromatic, animal, brown, round, fur, hair, whisker,
illustration of bird, animal, feather, red, green, decorative, mixed media
illustration of kingfisher, bird, blue, monochromatic, hook, line, animal, branch, beak, feather, round
illustration of eagle, bird, smoke, feather, beak, bald eagle, icon, symbol, raptor,
illustration of bluejay, bird, feather, decorative, beak, green, white, mixed media
illustration of rhino, bird house, post, stick, blue, decorative,
illustration of house wren, bird, birds, song, collage, mixed media, oil paint, text, book, beak, feather, feathers, word, words, math, problem, problems
illustration of bird, animal, feather, digital, stylus, wacom, cintiq, corel painter, white, gray, blue, black, wing, beak,
illustration of red-tailed hawk, bird, raptor, feather,
illustration of crow, crows, raven, corvid, black, column, grunge, digital, beak, feather, feathers, wings,
illustration of dog, animal, brown, hair, fur, pet, decorative
illustration of digital, dinosaur, animal, extinct, jurassic, cretaceous, horns, teeth, fight,
illustration of bird, green, monochromatic, string, feather, beak
illustration of bluejay, bird, perch, beak, call, branch, plant, leaf, map, line, blue
illustration of crow, pied crow, black, white, yellow, collage, mixed media, bird, animal, feather, beak
illustration of flamingo, bird, animal, decorative, bill, feather
illustration of owl, barn owl, wing, fly, flying, flight, decorative, digital, blue, night,
illustration of rhino, rhinoceros, horn, horns, wrinkle, blue, plant, line, digital,
illustration of lion, africa, digital, safari, drip, digital,
illustration of cape buffalo, water buffalo, africa, animal, safari, bird, european goldfinch, american goldfinch, horns,
illustration of dinosaur, bone, bones, skull, teeth, vertebrae, ribs, green, skeleton, extinct, jurassic
illustration of pied crow, animal, bird, corvid, crow, yellow, decorative, collage, mixed media, grunge, beak, black, white, victorian,
illustration of elephant, decorative, africa, safari, endangered, tusk
illustration of woman, figure, mucha, blue, flower, hair, figure, star, stars, portrait,
illustration of horse, animal, white, tan, yellow, decorative, victorian, layer, mane,
illustration of tiger, orange, cat, eye, stare, whisker
illustration of fish, goldfish, black moor, fins, water, circle, bubble
illustration of farm, landscape, map, figure, man, child, boy, girl, crop, crops, sunset, hay, farmer, farmers, children, rural
illustration of bird, wing, feather, beak, plant, outline, map, collage,
illustration of deer, wings, green, antler, antlers,
illustration of bird, collage, wing, feather, yellow, song, music, plant, decorative, outline,
illustration of wildebeest, gnu, africa, safari, decorative,
illustration of crow, corvid, black, yellow, decorative,
illustration of wren, plant, bird, wing, fly, flight, design, decorative
illustration of hippo, hippopotamus, tusk, bird, mouth, teeth, blue,
illustration of bird, branch, blue, yellow,
illustration of passenger pigeons, extinction, endangered, rhino, threat, habitat,
illustration of bird, collage, africa, orange, tree, thorns, branch, blue, palette knife
illustration of macaw, bird, africa, blue, purple, collage, map,
illustration of bovine, horns, africa, blue, black,
illustration of Hildebrandt's starling, africa, bird, avian, green, design, decorative, collage, mixed media, beak, feathers, blue, green, orange,
illustration of sound of memory, oil and panel, tiger, cat, roar, decorative, orange, brown, angry, anger, teeth, mouth,
illustration of triceratops, jurassic, triassic, prehistoric, ceratopsian, horns,
illustration of oil and mixed media on panel, octopus, ocean, water, tentacle, green, design
illustration of Gorilla with Cardinal in hand. Bird, birds, pastel, black, blue, red, gray, grey, primate, silverback, ape, africa, endanger, endangered
illustration of Oil and mixed media on panel, 24 x 36 inches. Elephant, collage, text, tusk, africa, endangered
illustration of dinosaur, jurassic, prehistoric, carnivore, meat-eating, claws, teeth, extinct, theropod, predator, apex,
illustration of A-Z animal series for NeonMob.
hippo, hippopotamus, tusk, paper, texture, mouth, africa
illustration of A-Z animal series for NeonMob, digital. Owl, bird, birds, feather, paper, texture, brown
illustration of A-Z animal series for NeonMob, digital. Reptile, green, paper, texture
illustration of owl, painted on collage background of book pages, transparent
illustration of Fox illustration for A-Z animal series. Digital illustration using Corel Painter. Canine, mammal,
illustration of app, apple watch, calendar,
illustration of Kentrosaurus, part of a series of dinosaur illustrations created for NeonMob digital trading cards.
illustration of black rhino, painterly, fading
illustration of Pacnyrhinosaurus, part of a series of dinosaur illustrations created for NeonMob digital trading cards. Dinosaur, prehistoric, jurassic, cretaceous, ceratopsian, ornithischia
illustration of leopard, animal, africa, spot, spots, circle, blue,
illustration of bear, grizzly, brown, forest, woods, tree, trees, nature, green, dots, circles,
illustration of Plateosaurus, part of a series of dinosaur illustrations created for NeonMob digital trading cards.
illustration of Styracosaurus, part of a series of dinosaur illustrations created for NeonMob digital trading cards. Dinosaur, prehistoric, jurassic, cretaceous, ceratopsian, ornithischia
illustration of crow, raven, black, corvid, blue, splatter, drip, bird, animal, decorative,
illustration of bird, animal, goldfinch, yellow, decorative, green, blue,
illustration of Mother and baby elephant illustration, digital drawing using Corel Painter. Illustration for Extinction Witness book.
illustration of Bellowing elk, with decorative elements.
illustration of cougar, fading into collaged map background
illustration of black bear with birds
illustration of red fox, fading, botanical, plant, line work
illustration of snarling grizzly bear, green background,
illustration of wolf, animal, blue,
illustration of gorilla, animal, black, mechanical, circles, dots, wheel, wheels, red, fur, hair, hairy,
illustration of polar bear, bears, smoke, steam, fog, poles, spears, roar, arctic, alaska, cold, green, white, fur,
illustration of giraffe, animal, green, africa, safari,
illustration of red-winged blackbird on collaged map background, with transparency, paint splatters


Bryan has worked professionally as an artist, a graphic artist, and a college professor. His work has been in numerous exhibitions, from solo to regional and national juried and invitational exhibitions. His work has been published in several journals and is part of many collections. Bryan's most recent work is a mix of painting, collage, found art, image transfer techniques, and a variety of other experimentation. His work is influenced by graphic design, vintage art, painting, photography, mythology and a little bit of science and philosophy.


Black & White, Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Graphic, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Oil, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Stylized, Decorative, Whimsical, Concept Art


Humor, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Landscape, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Romance, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Wildlife, Lifestyle, Feminine, Edgy, Environmental, Grunge, Branding