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Opera San Luis Obispo

The Magic Flute

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One of four posters commissioned to promote the Opera San Luis Obispo's production of Mozart's The Magic Flute; the art was intended to resemble the classic Star Wars movie posters.

Peter McDonnell

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Peter McDonnell

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illustration of Greatest female alpine skier in history.
Four World Cup Championships
Eight World Cup Season Titles
Olympic Gold Medal for Downhill Skiing
Olympic Bronze Medals for Super-G and Downhill
and many more awards, including Laureus Sportswoman of the Year and the United States Olympic Committee's sportswoman of the year.
An amazing athlete and competitor!
illustration of Snowboarders vs. skiers racing down the mountain on a winter day.
illustration of Steph Curry, star point guard for the Golden State Warriors' basketball team.  A two-time NBA MVP Award winner, Curry is the only player to ever win an unanimous vote for MVP.  He exemplifies excellence through hard work and dedication to his craft, as well as talent, and is known for his unselfishness and commitment to team play.  He holds many 3-point records and is commonly regarded as the greatest shooter in NBA history.
illustration of Colorful snowboarders shred the slopes, racing down the mountain on a bright and sunny winter day.
illustration of This piece is a pop art portrait of a great client, and was created as a gift for her.
illustration of On set of a big-budget Superhero mashup movie-Hulk, Iron man, Captain America, Spider-Man and Wolverine representing Marvel (Disney). Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman representing DC (Warner Bros).
illustration of
illustration of Marvel Comics' first black superhero, The Black Panther, made a huge splash when they created a Marvel Studios movie. This piece shows the excitement on the faces of two kids as they role-play their favorite characters.

T'Challa, Chadwick Boseman, Letitia Wright, Shuri, African-American Actors, Ryan Coogler
illustration of Star Lord, hero of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, played by Chris Pratt.
Marvel Comics, Marvel Studios, movies, Leading Men, Actors, Superheros
illustration of Digital, Pen & Ink, Humor, Comic Book, Editorial, Leisure, Music, People, Romance, Vintage / Retro
illustration of Journalism and the media are under attack! When Donald Trump hears or reads something in the media that he doesn't agree with, he dismisses it as
illustration of A fantasy gathering of 1950's American cultural touchstones.
illustration of Updated version of cover Illustration originally created for The Weekly Standard magazine.
illustration of The Star Trek TV show ran for only three seasons when it premiered in 1966, but it eventually went on to become a cult favorite, spawning a worldwide fan base and multiple feature films and TV show spin-offs. The enduring legacy of Star Trek is a message of hope and optimism.
illustration of One of four posters created as an homage to 'Star Wars', commissioned by Opera San Luis Obispo for its production of The Magic Flute.  , These are portraits of the performers and Pete's concepts for the costumes.
illustration of One of nine comics panels created to decorate a trade show booth built for the Xicato Lighting company..
illustration of Pop art illustration for Nieman Marcus Fashion catalog cover.
illustration of Created for an interactive comic-book project for Sony.
illustration of Fantasy world of pop-art futuristic superheroes.
illustration of David Tutera's perfect party planning tips; illustration for Southwest Airlines' SPIRIT in-flight magazine.
illustration of Data Storage Solutions poster concept art
illustration of Marvel's Iron Man was created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby, and was the first Marvel superhero to be featured in a Marvel Studios movie.
illustration of A pop-art color explosion; two friends make a call to share some juicy gossip.
illustration of Data Storage Solutions had a superhero-themed booth at a trade show in Las Vegas several years ago. This poster was part of the collateral.
illustration of Cover for Ad Age magazine's annual Digital issue.
illustration of Project for Deloitte for a company retreat presentation.
illustration of Cover for Wall Street Journal European edition of Weekend Magazine.
illustration of Pop art pop-up advertisement  for Samsung storage device.
illustration of Commissioned by Comcast for a direct mail box as cover art.
illustration of Pop-art ad for a Samsung storage device.
illustration of Illustrated map of San Francisco landmarks.
illustration of Documentary film ' Beauty Bites Beast' used several of my illustrations as animated segments in the film.
illustration of One of four posters created as an homage to 'Star Wars', commissioned by Opera San Luis Obispo for its production of The Magic Flute.  , These are portraits of the performers and Pete's concepts for the costumes.
illustration of Modern Bride magazine spot illustration
illustration of The lettuce growing company Tanimura & Antle wanted a comics-style information sheet for their workers to educate them on company policy.
illustration of Pop-art advertisement for Samsung storage device.
illustration of Citrix created a campaign called WOW2HOW featuring their president as a superhero.
illustration of Concept art for Citrix promotional material.
illustration of Editorial illustration for Scholastic in partnership with the National Institute on Drug Abuse
illustration of Calendar art for Alta Bates hospital uniform vendor.
illustration of Comic book superhero style cover for Milwaukee magazine story on people who skillfully pinch pennies.
illustration of Trade show booth illustration for Xicato, Inc.
illustration of A retro-style movie poster homage to the 1970's B-movie action genre.
illustration of Superhero woman, displaying the power of news journalism and the 1st Amendment.
illustration of Illustration for Everyday with Rachel Ray magazine on appropriate food storage solutions.
illustration of One of nine panels created to decorater a trade show booth for Xicato Lighting company.
illustration of Two key characters created for Milliken Carpet logo and sales brochure comic strips
illustration of A fun loving girl is ecstatic that her boyfriend is environmentally conscious.
illustration of Full-page illustration for California Real Estate magazine Re:  appraisals less than sales price
illustration of Five original superhero characters created for Willow Creek Ministries annual conference theme and materials
illustration of Illustration for Washington CEO magazine
illustration of A page created for a series of comic books for the EMC Data Storage corporation.
illustration of Promotional piece in the iconic & ironic romance comics style
illustration of Illustration for Southwest Airlines in-flight SPIRIT magazine.
illustration of One of nine panels created for a Xicato Lighting company trade show booth.
illustration of Manager training collateral /poster for Deloitte
illustration of Comic book style motorcycle poster art, secret agent girl being chased by gangsters.
illustration of Created as a promotional comic book pamphlet for, a hosted site search engine company.
illustration of 3 friends decide on an afternoon's activities.
illustration of Indiana Monthly magazine did an article on Johnny Depp's portrayal of the gangster John Dillinger.
illustration of Created for History Channel program called 'Superheroes Unmasked', used as poster/comic book cover/video cassette box art.
illustration of Created for Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine series of profiles of people who have tips for successful modern living
illustration of One of the original characters created for Xicato's marketing program
illustration of Illustration for SKI magazine article written by a woman whose husband doesn't share her enthusiasm for skiing.
illustration of Cambridge Technologies created a company promotional comic book.
illustration of Poster art for San Francisco Cookie Company
illustration of One of four posters created as an homage to 'Star Wars', commissioned by Opera San Luis Obispo for its production of The Magic Flute. These are likenesses of the performers and Pete's concepts for the costumes.
illustration of Created to illustrate a story about water treatment plants

Superhero, hero, costume, character development, scientific, digital art, humor, technology, man, masculine, strong, dynamic, solving problems
illustration of A parody of a horror comic book cover illustration for a story about subwoofers, created for Sound & Vision magazine.

Digital, line with color, cartoon, conceptual, masculine, handlettering
illustration of Created as a mail-order subscription form for McCall's magazine as a romance comic book style design. 

Silhouette, lettering,  romance, retro, mom, children, dog, cooking, dinner, crisis
illustration of Corporate marketing comic book cover featuring custom-created characters.  

superhero, helicopter, city skyline, character creation, character development, birds, boats, bridge, bay, ladder, help, helping hand, solutions, masculine, feminine, digital art, title design, line with color, landscape, comic book, figurative, editorial, technology, fantasy, adventure, computers, software
illustration of Illustration created for Modern Bride magazine article about out-of-control brides.

Handlettering, wedding, psychology, behavior
illustration of Concept car by Oldsmobile called
illustration of A woman is having problems with her accounting, and the IRS has sent an agent to look into things.
illustration of One of four posters created as an homage to 'Star Wars', commissioned by Opera San Luis Obispo for its production of The Magic Flute.  , These are portraits of the performers and Pete's concepts for the costumes.
illustration of The most famous soccer players are featured in this poster promoting Finland's lottery, which was commissioned by TBWA's affiliate in Helsinki.

Character development, character creation, masculine, cartoon, caricature, digital art, line with color, leisure, famous people, fantasy, financial, sci-fi, portrait, conceptual
illustration of The most famous soccer players are featured in this poster promoting Finland's lottery, which was commissioned by TBWA's affiliate in Helsinki.

Character development, character creation,  cartoon, caricature, digital art, line with color, pen and ink, leisure, famous people, portrait, figurative, financial, sci-fi, vintage/retro, masculine
illustration of Point-of-Sale Poster design and illustration for a Finnish Betting company Lottery featuring hockey league matches.
Commissioned by TBWA's affiliate in Helsinki.

cartoon,  digital art, graphic, line with color, pen and ink, leisure, financial, sci-fi, vintage/retro, adventure, masculine, fight, battle
illustration of Created for Sports Illustrated Kids magazine for a story in which NFL players named the best catcher in the league.

Football, leisure, masculine, people, stylized, cartoon, conceptual
illustration of Designed for a San Francisco poster, depicting the San Francisco Giants when they played at Candlestick Park.

Design, cartoon, fantasy, leisure, vintage/retro
illustration of Shopping Center magazine cover

Character development, corporate, lifestyle financial, figurative, fantasy
illustration of Poster design for the Watsonville Air Show.

Airplanes, digital art, line with color, conceptual, product, historical, comic book art style, stylized, logo design, logo type treatment
illustration of Deloitte commissioned several pieces for a company sales conference.
illustration of Created for the Wall Street Journal Europe Weekend Section.
The column was about the importance of sound for manufacturers of golf balls and golf clubs. They have engineers studying this stuff because it makes a big difference to players.
illustration of Commissioned corporate holiday greeting card to be sent to clients.

Christmas, Santa, reindeer, flying sleigh, elves, stylized, conceptual, fantasy, comic book, leisure, architectural cutaway, building cutaway
illustration of Created for a study of acoustics regarding the use of helicopters in residential areas.
illustration of Graphic created for study made regarding the acoustical issues of landing helicopters on buildings.
illustration of Graphic Library cover for a book about the life of Patrick Henry.
illustration of Caricature of Jerry Garcia, guitarist/singer/songwriter with the Grateful Dead
illustration of 2nd Lara Croft storyboard
illustration of Storyboard of the Tomb Raider game features Lara Croft and her encounter with a tiger.
illustration of Illustration for a jazz concert poster; features caricatures of Eddie Palmieri, Brenda Boykin and Joe Louis Walker.
illustration of Six panels for a TV storyboard for an advertising campaign. Client: Chevron/Texaco
illustration of Storyboard sample for a Chinese animated film.
illustration of Storyboard sample telling the story of a boy, his dog, and some weird squirrels (not depicted in this sequence).
illustration of Storyboard frame 1
illustration of Two panels for a Boost Mobile storyboard sequence, for Spanish language television spots.
illustration of 2 more storyboard panels for Boost mobile.
illustration of Storyboard frame 2
illustration of Storyboard panel 3


Peter McDonnell is a free-lance illustrator who studied at both the California College of Arts in Oakland and the Academy of Art in San Francisco. For the past twenty-five years, he’s been creating characters, comics, storyboards, and pop-art style illustrations for a wide variety of clients, including Marvel Comics, Rolling Stone, A&E Entertainment, Cisco, Neiman Marcus, Samsung, Nestle, Sega, Target, and National Geographic Kids. He lives in Sonoma County, California, with his wife (who is also an illustrator), and their son. His faithful sidekick, Rex the dog, is usually found curled up right outside his studio, waiting for a walk or to herd the mailman, whichever comes first.


Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Collage, Comps, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Logo Design, Montage, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Storyboards, Stylized, Technical, Type Design, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, Vector, Whiteboard Animation


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