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Ben Jennings

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illustration of The late July cover for the New Statesman featuring politicians blown up as balloons.
illustration of A late July cover for the New Statesman featuring a number of politicians climbing on Angela Merkel as a bird.
illustration of An illustration of Donald Trump being served a burger with the Queen sitting on his lap with Theresa May underneath.
illustration of An image of Facebook symbols as oil rigs.
illustration of Character design and illustration for Ted Baker, which was used for their Christmas 2016 shopping bag, as well as being made into a 3D scene for their Christmas store windows worldwide.
illustration of A collection of politicians as butterflies for iNewspaper
animation of An animation of a polar bear scratching himself on a christmas pole.
illustration of An illustration of Trump driving past Theresa May blowing dirt on her.
illustration of A poster for Almeida Theatre featuring characters stood at a bus stop.
illustration of An illustration of people in a swimming pool for 'index on censorship'
illustration of An illustration of Trump putting his hand over someones mouth exclaiming 'Fake News!'


Ben Jennings is an illustrator and cartoonist working just outside of London who has produced work for a variety of clients worldwide. His style can lend itself to serious subject matters, often tackling tricky topics with bold imagery, social comment and metaphor, as well more light-hearted briefs that allow him to inject his sense of humour and capture likenesses when necessary with distinctive caricatures/portraits. Ben’s regular work as a topical cartoonist for The i Newspaper and The Guardian, as well as often illustrating for Op-ed’s, require him to have an astute political awareness and constantly keep an ear to the 24-hour news cycle, as well being capable of turning around work quickly to tight deadlines. He likes to distract the viewer with his work, whether it be to make them think or laugh (or both), and tries to communicate ideas that hit the nail on the head of whatever the subject might be.


Animation, Cartoon, Digital, Line, Line with Color, Pen & Ink


Humor, Animals, Book Covers, Celebrities, Editorial, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, People, Political, Portrait, Product, Technology, Transportation, Travel