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The Rich House

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Vintage Penguin book cover illustrations for 5 Stella Gibbons novels published August 2021.

Kerry Hyndman

DI #32

Page 156

Kerry Hyndman

Represented by

Central Illustration Agency
17b Perseverance Works
38 Kingsland Road
London, E2 8DD
United Kingdom

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From islands that have been taken over by animals to disappearing islands, islands made of shells, artificial islands, and even islands that were once prison colonies, Amazing Islands is a whirlwind tour of some of the smallest land masses in the world.
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When she's not careering down slopes on her snowboard, Kerry works from her South London studio creating rich, textured maps and illustrations. Her affinity for making blocky, abstract shapes take on a three dimensional lease of life with skilful layering has earned her a formidable client list including The Times, The Wall Street Journal and Guinness.


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