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They say data is the new oil, but personal information belongs to the individual. So what is the meaning of someone giving consent?

Edward McGowan

Edward McGowan

Represented by

Central Illustration Agency
17b Perseverance Works
38 Kingsland Road
London, E2 8DD
United Kingdom

illustration of Relax, Illustration, Humour, Playful, Quirky, Botanicals, Vintage, Retro, Character, Bold, Board Plants, Smoking, Exaggerated Proportion, Line Drawn, Digital.
illustration of Editorial illustration of 2 people hugging for Facebook. Editorial, Illustration, Love, Hugs, Relationship, Character, Digital, Stylised, Cartoon.
illustration of Illustration, Line, Digital, Character, Phone, Quirky, Playful, Bold, Shape, Eyes, Technology, Stylised, Conceptual, Style, Editorial, Blue.
illustration of Illustration, Playful, Line, Vector, Digital, Character, Stylised, Bold, Shape, Colour, Chain, Social Media, Technology, Editorial, Conceptual, Humour, Brand, Quirky.
illustration of Autumn, Leaves, Illustration, Humour, Playful, Quirky, Walking, Vintage, Retro, Character, Bold, Nature, Trees, Hat, Exaggerated Proportion, Line Drawn, Digital.
illustration of Editorial Illustration of a Hula Hooping Woman, Playful, Digital, Stylised, Sports, Hula Hoop, Dance, Party, Graphic, Illustration.
illustration of Monopoly, Illustration, Humour, Playful, Quirky, Game, Vintage, Retro, Character, Bold, Board Game, Hat, Exaggerated Proportion, Line Drawn, Digital.
illustration of Illustration, Building, Architecture, Blocks, Colour, Playful, Cathedral, Structure, Graphic, Line, Stylised, Digital, Vector, Shape, Line Art, Bright, Editorial, Conceptual, Place, Travel, Lifestyle.
illustration of Illustration, Conceptual, Editorial, Playful, Bold, Orange, People, Character, Man, Leaf, Wires, Technology, Electricity, Stylised, Digital, Line Art, Character, Vector, Migration, Canada, Movement.
illustration of Warrior, Illustration, Journey, Playful, Quirky, Game, Vintage, Retro, Character, Bold, Game, Soldier, Hat, Exaggerated Proportion, Line Drawn, Digital.
illustration of Balance, Illustration, Scales, Weight, Editorial, Conceptual,  Stylised, Line, Digital, Vector, Woman, Lifting, Pattern, Character, Playful, Bold, Graphic, Justice.
illustration of Editorial, Illustration, Green, Home, Character, Proportion, Houses, Architecture, Playful, Conceptual, Emotion, Lifestyle, Line, Stylised, Digital, Vector.
illustration of Illustration, Digital, Stylised, Vector, Shape, Social Media, Twitter, Birds, Cartoon, Editorial, Conceptual, Humour, Character, Exaggerated Proportions, Bold, Shape, Blue, Style.
illustration of 3D, Illustration, CGI, Travel, Bird, Man, Kimono, Digital, 3D Render, Character Design, Playful, Bold, Graphics.
illustration of Illustration, 3D Render, Bold, Graphic, Playful, Music, Skater, SkateBoard, Cartoon, Character, Humour, Brand, Lifestyle, Fashion, 3D, CGI, Digital.
illustration of Illustration, Bold, Graphic, 3D Render, CGI, Digital, Stylised, Cartoon, Roller Skates, Adventure, Playful, Colour, Shape, Basketball, Sports, Humour.
illustration of Illustration, CGI, 3D, Stylised, Cartoon, Skater, Holiday, Adventure, Bold, Playful, Character, Hat, Skateboard, Travel, Humour, People.
illustration of House, Abstract, CGI, Home, Architecture, Building, 3D Render, Digital, Shape, Elements, Roof, Window, Lifestyle, Stylised, Smooth.
illustration of 3D, Digital, CGI, Illustration, Stylised, Digital, Home, Houses, Architecture, Building, Render, Smooth, Graphics, Design, Buildings, Lifestyle, Town, City, Place, Travel, Urban, Cartoon.


An illustrator from Edinburgh, now based in Sydney, Ed’s bold work is characterised by his exaggerated interpretations of everyday life. Characters full to the brim with colour and charm, Ed combines both 2D + 3D illustrative approaches, providing us with a wonderfully versatile and conceptual style. Client list includes: NY Times, HSBC, Time Out...


Caricature, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Line, Line with Color, Stylized, Whimsical, CGI, Vector


Humor, Action, Adventure, Architecture, Character Development, Editorial, Family, Holidays, Industrial, Licensing, Maps, Music, Nature, People, Political, Sports, Technology, Travel, Wildlife, Lifestyle, Feminine, Youth, Game, Urban