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Matt Kenyon

illustration of Forcing the World to conform to an ism
illustration of Preventing small scale mergers in a marketplace full of tech giants
illustration of Difficulty of solving Global problems in a mixed up World.
illustration of How to improve worker productivity
illustration of Looking at the state of US Manufacturing and Industry
illustration of Examining differing attitudes to, and records of, diversity in the workplace
illustration of Examining the state of healthcare in the US
illustration of Trump dominates the political calendar and news agenda
illustration of Trump rebranding the Republicans
illustration of Trump using his Presidency to benefit himself financially (and those like him)
illustration of Trump breaking with the traditions of Presidential behavior
illustration of How Twitter is not always the best forum for political pronouncements, and how Trump's tweets can often back-fire
illustration of How the digital / big tech bubble is about to burst
illustration of Documenting the Big Tech Giant's 'See no evil, hear no evil' attitude to its content
illustration of How the user / consumer is starting to square up to the Big Tech Giants
illustration of How 'Tickle Down Economics' only ever benefits the very rich / top tier of the economic pyramid
illustration of Highlighting the complexity of a raft of new tax laws and corporate regulations.
illustration of How Trump's protectionist policies will reduce the competitiveness and connectivity of US industry and technology
illustration of How filling in your (ever more complicated) tax return is becoming an increasingly difficult task to navigate.
illustration of How the food and catering marketplace is saturated
illustration of How the Republicans are tearing themselves apart
illustration of UK nationalist attitudes on display at 'The Last Night of the Proms'
illustration of Hillary vs Donald, Lisa vs Homer
illustration of On the psychological warfare employed by Russia's President, Vladimir Putin
illustration of How the Big Tech Giants routinely extract our digital information without permission
illustration of How, beyond the facade, North Sea Oil is 'dead in the water'
illustration of Looking at meritocracy during the anniversary of the Russian Revolution and the iconic Tatlin Tower
illustration of How India's Youth are using technology (sometimes maliciously) to get ahead.
illustration of Looking for a positive start to the New Year after 12 months of death and destruction in Global politics
illustration of How the right continues to blame hippies for all society's ills
illustration of Charting UK industrial decline against the iconic bridges crossing the Forth (one built in the 1800's, another in the 1960's and the last one completed recently)
illustration of Abstract, Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Mixed Media, Pattern, Action, Book Covers, Icons, Sports
illustration of Stone Henge re-imagined as a Soccer Stadium
illustration of The Surrealist & Absurdist Soccer Team card collection
illustration of Presidential Election Graphics for Financial Times
illustration of David Beckham (Golden balls) as Michael Angelo's iconic statue
illustration of Cover for 'Man the Footballer', asserting (tongue in cheek) that human evolution has been driven by the ancient sport of soccer
illustration of How Brexiteers (and nationalist) have hijacked a spate of recent films featuring Winston Churchill
illustration of How Brexit is dragging Scotland away from Europe and the EU against its will
illustration of Reporting on the statistics showing an alarming rise in the number of deaths caused by Ecstacy
illustration of That's all Folks!
illustration of Advocating investment in smaller 'David' companies as they out-perform their 'Goliath' competitors
illustration of How the worlds biggest companies hold their assets as cash and bonds around the world to avoid paying tax
illustration of Looking at the consumption of Meat over the festive period
illustration of How colonial attitudes endure in British poetry and politics
illustration of How investment, and access to capital, is on the rise in the East and falling in the West
illustration of How companies with a strong attachment to a local community can benefit the area with growth and offshoot suppliers
illustration of Looking at continuing colonial attitudes to India and the Commonwealth reinvigorated by Brexiteer trade ambassadors
illustration of Charting the recent unhinged behavior of Republicans
illustration of How Man can learn to adapt, get along with, and thrive in an era of increasing automation
illustration of How Socialism is gaining support among the working class in the United States
illustration of Charting a resurgence of growth across the African continent
illustration of How Big Tech has continues to exploit its power over consumers
illustration of On the growth of Apple, and the impact it's monopoly has on the wider market.
illustration of On high levels of alcohol consumption among the over 50's
illustration of Attempting to tackle Facebook alone will not address the wider problems, and data issues, with Big Tech and the FAANG's (Facebook, Amazon, Apple NetFix and Google).
illustration of Mirra Alfassa's Yoga inspired Utopian vision set against the realities of modern day Pondicherry.
illustration of The resurgence of old prejudices after the Windrush scandal (in the UK) and events in Toronto.
illustration of Fora special report on the (mostly technology based) companies reporting the higgest levels of growth in Europe.
illustration of On the near impossible task of reducing the politically motivated disinformation spread via Facebook.
illustration of How the Democrats are reconnecting with the American Working Class, by going back to their roots.
illustration of On the rise of Loaclism, particularly regarding Defence spending.
illustration of On Trump's confrontational style, playing to the crowd.
illustration of On the rise of Oligopolies as companies swallow up their smaller competitors in the struggle to stay competitive.
illustration of On the trend of larger US Investment companies swallowing up their smaller competitors.
illustration of 1970's Cincinnati Reds Baseball Cards Nostalgia
illustration of Cover illustration for European Product Innovation & Growth 2019
illustration of For a piece on flexible working in 'Women in Business'
illustration of Exploring the poisonous ancient roots feeding Antisemitism today.
illustration of On the worldwide political trend of spinning 'National Champions'.


Since graduating with a 'First' in 'Graphic Design Illustration', I've worked as a freelance illustrator. I now live in the UK (Newbury, Berkshire) and work for a wide variety of clients across Europe and North America, often to very tight deadlines. I've been involved in several projects that have won awards, including the European Newspaper Award for 'Exemplary newspaper design in illustration'.


Abstract, Caricature, Cartoon, Collage, Conceptual, Cut Paper, Design, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Montage, Realism, Silhouette, Stylized, Technical, Texture, Pattern, Whimsical, Concept Art, Monoprints, Motion


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