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Ed Zilberts

illustration of Conceptual editorial illustration showing the deficiency of cloride ion transport in Cystic Fibrosis, causing a cascade of body events including mucus buildup leading to bacterial infections (lungs).
illustration of Medical Scientific Editorial illustration for Popular Mechanics to describe the surgical reattachment of an arm after a sharkbite
illustration of Editorial Educational scientific Wildlife Illustration for ZooBooks publication on Wild Horses
illustration of Human Heart normal anatomy showing key structures.
illustration of AP view of the eye illustrating smaller incision for a new laser for the Lasik procedure. Targeted to healthcare professionals.
illustration of Depiction of the key cellular structures and layers of the retina.
illustration of Conceptual depiction of the various cells and structures involved with the sense of smell.
illustration of Depicting a two week old blastocyst implanted in the uterine wall with the surrounding blood supply.
illustration of Visualizing invading GAS bacteria mutating to Strep A and depicting associated white blood cells exiting the blood vessel wall.
illustration of IFU illustration depicting inserted medical device for sleep apnea. Intended for a consumer audience.
illustration of Illustration depicting the insertion of visioelastic material prior to AIOL placement.
illustration of Depiction of the stages of natural cell death (apoptosis).
illustration of Depicting layers and structures of normal skin anatomy.
illustration of Sperm and the stages of fertilization.
illustration of Consumer targeted illustration showing spinal stenosis for an informational brochure on less invasive surgical spinal procedures.
illustration of Conceptual editorial illustration depicting the key elements involved with the clinical condition known as Samters Triad: asthma, nasal polyps and aspirin sensitivity
illustration of Consumer targeted IFU illustration on how to obtain a blood drop using a lancing device on the finger.
illustration of Digital, Realism, Education, Health, Medical, Scientific
illustration of Conceptual illustration depicting infusion of blood vessels and the resulting retinal distortion in wet AMD.
illustration of Digestive system graphic used for an advertising poster on IBS.
illustration of Editorial/anatomical illustration of a tooth abcess.
illustration of Medical Legal illustration targeted to a general audience depicting the course of the posterior Cerebral Artery.
illustration of Normal ear anatomy.
illustration of Conceptual illustration depicting symbolic nicotine molecules crossing the blood brain barrier causing neuronal firing.
illustration of Pancreatic cellular and structural anatomy.
illustration of Gall stones and duct blockage.
illustration of Catheter type medical device for female incontinence that stimulates and tightensthe UG diaphragm.
illustration of Conceptual illustration of the structures of the neurohypopysis where nerves are in direct contact with blood vessels.
illustration of Fully inserted 22 Channel Cochlear implant.
illustration of Instructions for Use image on how to clean a sleep apnea device.
illustration of Surgical approach for a pubic fracture.
illustration of Cells and structures of the organ of corti in the inner ear
illustration of Surgical appraoch to the middle ear.
illustration of Nodes of Ronvier
illustration of 4 part series depicting a spinal tap damaging a low spinal cord. A legal exhibit for a general audience.


Visual storytelling is my passion. As an illustrator I move pencils, paint, and pixels to visualize and explain complex medical and scientific processes. As a designer, I use imagery and written content to further tell the story graphically by arranging visual elements on a page to create dynamic marketing or educational communications. My goal is to partner with my clients to create a story that can educate and inform a consumer, a patient, an investor, a juror, a student, or a healthcare professional. Ed Zilberts is a graphic designer/art director, a Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI), a Fellow of the Association of Medical Illustrators (FAMI), and is a past member of the Board of Governors for the Association of Medical Illustrators.


Acrylic, Airbrush, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Mixed Media, Pencil, Realism, Technical, Watercolor, Concept Art


Animals, Children's Books, Children's Products, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Health, Information Graphics, Medical, Product, Science, Scientific, Technology, Wildlife