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How to plant a Pizza Garden

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I created an illustration of a pizza garden trimming it in bricks and sectioning it so each slice represents a vegetable that would go into a pizza. Great family project. This illustration was part on an article about how to plant a pizza garden.

Cathy Earle
illustration of Watercolour Painting of Dahlias in a garden. Would be beautiful for packaging for perfume or lotion, candle, seed packets ,fragrant, flowers, floral, beauty, dahlias, gardens, seeds, greenhouses,
illustration of Portrait of a geisha girl with memories of her home., Japan, cherry blossoms, bird, geisha, pattern, blue and white china, symbols, bird, floral, pattern, fabric design, conceptual, feminine, contemplative, travel, ethnic, licensing, spiritual, floral, Japanese, asian
illustration of This is an idea for Cherry Blossom Beer using one of my paintings on the label which features a geisha girl and a cherry blossom tree. conceptual, cherry blossom, beer, spirits, wine, Japan, Japanese, springtime, flavourful, sweet,
illustration of This is a label I created for Blossom Rose sparkling Cider using one of my botanical paintings as inspiration. cider, fall, apples, orchard, alcohol, spirits, fresh, tasty, juicy, botanical, fruit, blossom,
illustration of This is a mailer for an ad campaign for Kaw Valley greenhouses. One of 4 images produced for this campaign.#advertising#cathyearle#gardening#greenhouse,seeds,plants,gardens,annuals
illustration of This mailer  part of an ad campaign to advertise for Kaw Valley Greenhouses
, greenhouse, seeds, organic, floral, advertising, growers, plants,, garden, gardening, patio, bog plant, water gardens
illustration of Botanical painting of some fresh picked apples in watercolour with foliage and blossoms.
apples, watercolour, fresh, ,juicy, fresh, fruit, orchards, cider, crunchy, fall, nature, sweet, crispy, 
flowers, leaves, tasty, farm, trees, fruit trees, fresh picked, packaging,
illustration of watercolor painting of colourful watermelon slices.
Fresh fruit, unique style, geometric shapes, hand done, juicy, melons, shapes, abstract, fruit, food, tasty, fruit, seeds, gardens, gardening, eating
illustration of This is a new painting using a grid technique to explore the push and pull of darks and lights, warm and cool colours.  seed packets, cook books, and food related subject. tomato, ,botanical, ,colourful, fruit, vegetable, kitchen, cookbook, growing, gardening ,garden, organic ,abstract, realism, vintage, foodanddrink, restaurants, cookbook, recipes, eating, vegan, seeds, vintage, seed packets, sweet, fresh, harvest,
illustration of This is an idea I came up with for Crane Lake wineries. I felt this painting embodies the style of this wine. Graceful and classy. wine, winery, vineyards, birds, cranes, whooping crane, taste, refined, smooth, food and wine, food, watercolour, hand painting, hand drawn, labels, wine labels, white wine,
illustration of This is a painting of a Whooping Crane and its habitat. The circles represent its world, both above and below.  Featured in an advertising for The North American Crane Society.    birds, cranes, savethebirds, endangered, species, habitat, environmental ,sun, water, underwater, whoopingcrane, conceptual, full circle, life, biodiversity, education, conservation, nonprofit, education,  north American, large birds, marshes, shallow waters, wildlife, natural science, tourism, birdwatchers,
illustration of This is a mailer for an ad campaign for Kaw Valley Greenhouses to advertise their products.
Purples pansies,
,flowers, gardens ,gardening, seeds, packets, greenhouses, botanical, gardens, floral, growers, planting ,spring, kawvalley, advertising, floral, plants, spring, cheerful, annuals, fresh,
illustration of This illustration is part of a series of Vegetables from my Garden.This would be wonderful featured in a cookbook or for a seed packet design. carrots, food, vegetables, cooking, seeds, organic, edible,  cooking, cookbooks, gardens, gardening, greenhouses, planting
illustration of This is part of a series I am doing called
illustration of I did this illustration for Charleston Magazine, April issue. The assignment was to design a garden in the shape of a pizza and have slices of vegetables to be grown for a pizza. pizza, food, watercolour, magazine illustration, food illustrations, vegetables, gardening, gardens, family fun
illustration of this painting is based on an idea for Classico Reserva Tomatoes sauce. The jar is filled with tomatoes and it is sitting in an old fashioned spatterware bowl bowl of fresh picked tomatoes from the garden. 
It is painted and hand lettered in watercolour. tomatoes, sauce, fresh, watercolour, taste, pasta, food, glass, shiny, reflective, home, garden, gardening, grow, growing, eat, dinner, Italian, homegrown, label, ad campaign, homestyle
illustration of This is a painting of some Shanghai Bok Choy, ready to cook  painted in watercolour. This painting would be suitable in a cooking magazine, cookbook, greenhouse, garden centre, seed packets. watercolour, organic, food, vegetables, leafy greens, cooking, cookbooks, magazine, food illustrations, gardens, gardening, food
illustration of A botanical painting of a Granny Smith apple, with cross section of apple, blossoms and leaves. This image would be beautiful as a print or a fabric for a pillow or package design.
apples, botanical, sweet, juicy, fresh, spring, healthy, organic, nutritious, glowing skin, glossy, cooking, cookbooks, antioxidants, crisp, refreshing, decor, fabrics, packaging, floral, scientific, seeds, gardening, fruit, trees, greenhouses, seed packets, growing, growers, gardens
illustration of This is a painting of my favourite flower, the peony!
This a painting of my garden. 
peonies, flowering plant, perennials, flowers, lush, colourful, bright, flowers, floral, feminine, fragrant, cut flowers, scented, blooms, buds, greenhouses, seeds, bouquets, sweet, showy, oriental, gardens, gardening
illustration of watercolour painting of some beautiful white peonies aging gracefully.  This beautiful study would be lovely for packaging, or make a gorgeous card.  floral, flowers, gardens, gardening, feminine, spiritual, fragrance, botanical, soft, seeds, seed packets, greenhouses, growers
illustration of This is a close up of a section of a lotus pond, focused on the reflections. ,lotus. flower, pondlife,
nature, spiritual, growth, garden, gardening, water, reflections, shadow, calming, rebirth, watercolour, painting, lush, lotus leaves,
illustration of repeat pattern of pineapples and bittersweet vines#pattern#fruit#food#tea#cookbook#botanical
illustration of Watercolor painting of pink flamingo., bird, colorful,, feathers, feminine,, pink, flamingo, wading bird, habitat, travel, tropical, water fowl, vibrant, long necks, conservation, Audubon, zoo, 
illustration of “Rebirth ” watercolour, pencil  and silver leaf 2021 
Beautiful pond full of Lotus flowers and lush leaves. ,lotus, flowers, spiritual, water, ponds, gardens, calm, tranquility, plants, flowers, rebirth, petals, botanical, growth, reborn, watercolour, florals, calm, roots, river, yoga, Buddhism, peaceful, health, garden
illustration of This is a painting of a beautiful red cabbage in all her glory! ,vegetable, cabbage, food, rich colour, cooking, cookbook, food and drink, garden ,gardening, seeds, growing, birth, botanical, greenhouses, food, organic, antioxidants, healthy, seasonal, plant, recipes, detoxifying
illustration of Painting of bowls of juicy cherries on a checkered cloth

cherries, fruit, orchards, food, tasty, fabric, colourful, sweet, growers, country, pits, pies, cookbooks, food, juicy, ripe, tasty, pies, cooking, drink, eating, pits, fresh, farm, orchard
illustration of This is part of a series of Bird paintings that are of special concern or endangered.
The painting depicts the bird and its habitat encircled to represent its world and its habitat. .
blue heron, heron,  wetlands, underwater view, environment ,science, frogs, education, awareness, birds, endangered, biodiversity ,environmental, editorial, conceptual, circle of life, marsh, North American, wading bird, feathers, migratory, swamps, meadows, Audubon, encroachment
illustration of Brown Pelican nesting in a Mangrove tree in Florida.
pelicans, mangroves, botanical, Audubon society, foliage, environment, nature, save Mother Earth, classic art , science, education, conservation, tourism, museum, zoo, coastal, shallow waters, oceans, aviary, migratory, nonprofit, bird, fish, fisherman, Florida, nest, botanical, watercolour, science, natural science
illustration of This is a painting of a garden of poppies all blowing and swaying in the breeze.
 floral, botanical, poppies, garden, flowers, opium, fragrant, summer, movement, leaves, colourful, watercolour,, pattern, product, wallpaper, greeting cards, packaging, design, wrapping paper, botanical, licensing, textiles, fabrics, fabric design, sewing, garden, gardening, seeds, labels, poppies, leaves, flowers,
illustration of pattern of  branches of clementines and and foliage with a oriole perched on the branch. #birds#chinoiserie#nature#fruit#foilage#cathyearle#cards#wrapping paper#bird
illustration of This is part of a series of Botanical prints for the Florida Fruit Growers Organization.
oranges, fruit ,butterflies, nature,  colourful, blossoms, watercolor, botanical, food, foodanddrink, cookbooks, floral, foilage, fresh, fruitonthevine, gardening, juicy seeds, trees, fruit,growers, juice, sweet, organic, vitamin C,
illustration of Botanical of Star Magnolia blooming and moving through its stages from bud to flower to withering to leafs. 
,garden ,florals, botanical, fragrant, wild, natural, organic, gardening, greenhouse, magnolia, blossoms, blooms, flowers, leaves, moody, organic, Japanese, Japan, white flowers, showy,
fabric design, greeting cards, buds, nature, wrapping paper, perfume, spring, springtime, April
illustration of This is a botanical painting of a fuchsia pink Peony and buds with honey bees. It would be beautiful for a package design for perfume or a garden scent, soap, organic gardening, magazine or book illustration, or printed on pillows. This is a very feminine painting.
floral, peonies, lush , sensual, bees, honey, fragrant, sweet, garden, gardening, eden, buds, botanical, intoxicating ,romance, beauty, pollination, flowers, scent, intense, colourful
illustration of This is a painting of some gorgeous red Amaryillis painted in watercolour 
flowers, watercolor, bold, realistic, botanical, floral, amaryllis, tropical, powerful, plants, garden, gardening, bulbs,  attention seeking, regal, blooms, feminine, beauty, strong, bold, striking, botanical
illustration of ,Japanese ,Geisha girl ,mums,,travel,poster  ,package design, flowers, portrait ,cranes ,perfume ,tea , birds, clouds ,watercolor ,moon ,japan ,sky,clouds, kimono, asian, sake
illustration of This is a painting  of several species that are either 
threatened or endangered in Canada mainly due to habitat encroachment. The Least Bittern a member of the heron family thrives in a wetland setting feeding on frogs, fish, salamanders and insects. least bittern, birds, wetlands, awareness, environmental , water, swampland, education, conceptual, biodiversity, ecosystems , marsh water, endangered, science, heron, Audubon, habitat, encroachment,
illustration of This is a tropical painting filled with lush flowers and red parrots. and butterflies. ,travel, poster, birds, parrots, australian king parrots, flowers
,orchids, parrot tulips, colorful, travel, Australia, garden, tropical, botanical, cymbidium, tulips, plumage, feathers,
illustration of This is part of my endangered bird series of North America. This is a Prothonotary Warbler, it and the Hines dragonfly are endangered due to habitat encroachment. The circles represent  their world.
They like to nest in and around wetland areas and decaying trees., birds, endangered species, warblers, dragonflies, watercolour, awareness, endangered birds, bird paintings, biodiversity, ecosystem, circle of life, birds, wetlands, aviary, warblers, habitat, endangered, wetlands, encroachment,
illustration of This is part of a series of endangered bird species and plants in Canada. This painting depicts a barn owl and it's prey. The circles represent the two worlds of this bird. The habitat below is what the Barn Owl needs to survive. 
barn owls, endangered birds, birds. ,mice, moon, night hunter, habitat encroachment ,environmental, saving bird species, conceptual, circle of life, biodiversity, ecosystem, habitat, encroachment, owls, circles, raptor, grasslands,


I am a Fine Art Artist and Illustrator with a strong sense of colour and design. My work has been described as happy and uplifting. I work traditionally, by hand, in watercolour, pen and ink, and graphite. I'm always open to new clients and fresh commissions, and would love to hear from you if you have a project you feel my work would be appropriate for. I enjoy painting flowers and birds, fruit and vegetables. client list includes: Charleston Magazine, Kaw Valley Greenhouses, Risk Management magazine, Harrowsmith Country Life magazine, Plant and Garden Magazine. Subject/Specialties Botanical, Education, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Landscape, Leisure, Nature, Packaging, Posters, Product, Textiles, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Environmental, Surface Design


Abstract, Conceptual, Design, Graphic, Lettering, Realism, Watercolor, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Concept Art


Book Covers, Botanical, Children's Books, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Licensing, Mural, Nature, Packaging, Posters, Product, Textiles, Travel, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Spiritual, Ethnic, Environmental, Branding, Surface Design