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This is a Dwarf Papyrus. one of four images of plants and flowers to advertise for the spring growing season for Kaw Valley.

Cathy Earle
illustration of painting in a vintage poster style in watercolour of the Amalfi coast with lemons and vines in the foreground. flowers#fruit# ocean#sailboats#landscape#travel
illustration of pattern of  branches of clementines and and foliage with a oriole perched on the branch. #birds#chinoiserie#nature#fruit#foilage
illustration of Large Pink Mandevillas with green leaves used for greenhouse poster.#floral#botanical#wild
illustration of watercolour painting of a Savoy Cabbage
illustration of painting of a Fig tree, in a blue and white planter. with foliage and light and shadows. blue background
illustration of This is a mailer for an ad campaign for Kaw Valley Greenhouses to advertise their products.
Purples pansies.
illustration of A whimsical pattern of orange and white striped beach umbrellas, that look like flowers blowing in the wind.
illustration of This is a mailer for an ad campaign for Kaw Valley greenhouses. One of 4 images produced for this campaign.
illustration of Watercolour painting of yellow hollyhocks and white Cabbage butterflies in a garden with a blue sky.#flowers#garden#sky#butterflies
illustration of Large blue Pansies and green foliage designed for a poster.
illustration of This mailer  part of an ad campaign to advertise for Kaw Valley Greenhouses.
illustration of Pattern of orange tulips with green leaves strewn across a blue sky background.
illustration of Cypress grass, bright green set on dark green background.
illustration of Pattern of pineapples and vines in warm colours against a deep purple background.#fruit, #vines#flowers#pattern
illustration of 2nd in a series of paintings for an ad campaign for Kaw Valley Greenhouses. Pinks and orange calibrochoa  flowers set on green background.
illustration of watercolour of a beach in Italy with water and colourful stripped umbrellas and ancient buildings in the background.
illustration of Three colourful sparrows sitting on a telephone line. Blue sky and white fluffy clouds behind them.
illustration of Pattern of Chickadees and Orange Dahlias on a green vine on a white background.
illustration of Red Radishes and green leaves on a white plate
illustration of Painting of light pink peonies and foliage against a turquoise background.
illustration of Orange and yellow sunflowers with green and purple foliage.
illustration of Red cherry tomatoes on black and white polka dot table cloth with pot and lid. Reflections
illustration of vase of yellow tulips and yellow daisies in silver pot on glass table.
illustration of Red Amyrilis flowers in a vase
illustration of Painting in gouache of the reflections in the water of an old coast guard boat.
illustration of Watercolour of man sitting at the bow of his boat looking out on the lake
illustration of overgrown garden of Hydrangeas with an old picket fence, butterflies and bees
illustration of white amyrilis in a vase with yellow lemons in silver dish on a black and white tile floor
illustration of Watercolour painting of three sailboats on the water with the light reflecting on the water.
illustration of Sailboat with lines ready to go overlooking the water
illustration of watercolour of beach with blue and white umbrellas with limestone rock cliffs in the background this is on the island of Ischia


I am a Fine Art Artist and Illustrator with a strong sense of colour and design. I have been painting for 30 years and have sold paintings all over North America. My work has been produced in posters for "Posters International" and I have had my work featured in magazine publications. I would like to feature my designs on fabric , wallpaper,wrapping paper, cards and packaging.


Design, Figurative, Gouache, Graphic, Realism, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Flash, Motion


Action, Adventure, Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Corporate, Editorial, Food, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Nature, Packaging, People, Posters, Product, Sports, Still Life, Textiles, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Youth, Branding, Surface Design