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The Death of Patroclus

Achilles and Patroclus from famous Greek mythology.

© Jo Jang


Conceptual art. Constructivism, minimalism

© Jo Jang


Abstract, figurative, graphic design,constructivism, cubism.

© Jo Jang

Daily Commute

Lifestyle editorial illustration.

© Jo Jang

My Body is a Bottle

Health and lifestyle editorial illustration.

© Jo Jang


Health editorial illustration

© Jo Jang

Concrete Block

One of 'Cocrete' series. Citylife urban fantasy.

© Jo Jang

The Golden Apple

fashion illustration/licensing

© Jo Jang

Nutcracker Lookbook

Fashion Menswear illustration

© Jo Jang

Laundry Day

Lifestyle editorial illustration

© Jo Jang

Celine SS 2017

fashion advertising illustration

© Jo Jang

The Seventh Seal

Poster design

© Jo Jang


Fashion advertising illustration

© Jo Jang

Jo Jang


Abstract, Collage, Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Line, Line with Color, Painterly, Stylized, Decorative, Pattern, Whimsical


Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Children's Books, Editorial, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Futuristic, Health, Holidays, Leisure, Licensing, Mystery, People, Political, Posters, Sci-Fi, Textiles, Travel, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Urban, Branding, Surface Design