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A silhouette of a person standing looking at an enclosure of butterflies, but one has flown out.

© Andy Baker

Rebooting Business School

A finger pressing a reboot button at the top of an old building with 'Business School' written on it, and the building's walls coming down to reveal a shiny new looking building underneath.

© Andy Baker

Investing in Dotcom

A sieve with '.com' written on it, with two hands pouring water into it, and the water coming straight out of the holes in the sieve.

© Andy Baker

Dream of Christmas / Radio Times

A man sleeping with a dream bubble above him of reindeer jumping over a fence in reference to counting sheep.

© Andy Baker

Big Eye

A profile of a big purple head with an eye, and some icons of trees, buildings, a family and electricity.

© Andy Baker

Standford Social Innovation Review

A profile of an opening head with a light bulb inside, shining out. Inside the brain area is icons of growth and industry.

© Andy Baker

Number 1

A large number one with a purple bakground. Inside the number is a range of icons depicting eco friendly industry and growth

© Andy Baker

Juggling Plates

A man running between a number of plates spinning on sticks

© Andy Baker

Greenfield Development

An image made up of a lot of icons; arrows, people, leaves, to show development

© Andy Baker

One Night Only

A poster reading, 'One Night Only' and the word 'Brown' which shown made up of lightbulbs. Silhouettes of people are standing around it looking up

© Andy Baker


A silhouette reading a book with arrows flying out of it, with a cityscape in the background

© Andy Baker

Début Art / Andy Baker / Cinema

© Andy Baker

Spring Man / Body Fit

An image of a person in a bridge position, but their back is s spring.

© Andy Baker

Look After Your Heart

A heart with it's chambers filled with vegetables, exercise, vitamins and a heart scanner.

© Andy Baker

Map of the UK

A red map of the UK with small icons in major cities to depict what goes on there.

© Andy Baker

National Poetry Competition 2012

A poster with a book, and lots of little people doing activities on the pages, with the words 'National Poetry Competition' at the top.

© Andy Baker

Edward Lear Poster

A split colour poster with the words 'Edward Lear' and some small icons of humans and humanity

© Andy Baker

Lorry Crash

Two lorries crashed into each other with a person in a suit directing traffic, inside a round picture plane

© Andy Baker

Cloud Computing

A city scape of tall buildings, with cogs and icons coming from the tops of them indicating cloud computing.

© Andy Baker

National Poetry Competition II

Icons of a building, a tree, a person with a dog, a person with a paint brush and a person leaping with the words 'National Poetry Competition' at the top

© Andy Baker

Début Art / Andy Baker / Debt

© Andy Baker

Début Art / Andy Baker / Art Of Dying

© Andy Baker



© Andy Baker

Début Art / Andy Baker / Economist Talk

© Andy Baker


© Andy Baker

Playing Cards

© Andy Baker

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Andrew Baker is a pioneer of commercial digital illustration and has an enviable list of clients across the design, publishing and advertising landscapes. He has worked extensively in editorial and design settings, with clients ranging from The Guardian to Saatchi & Saatchi. He Studied graphic design at Liverpool Polytechnic and illustration at the Royal College of art, launching his career with work for Vogue and IBM. He has gone on to win several awards including Gold for Editorial Illustration from the Association of Illustrators, and his work has been featured in Novum, Creative Review, The D&AD annual and Images annuals. Recent clients include The Economist, The Radio Time, Barclays Bank, Google, McKinseys, Nature and Time. Andrew also lectures at Middlesex University, and has co-curated a number of exhibitions, including Happy Birthday Edward Lear, in which fifty illustrators came together to celebrate two hundred years since the birth of the originator of nonsense verse.


Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Silhouette, Stylized, Vector


Annual Report, Book Covers, Editorial, Health, Icons, Information Graphics, Maps, People, Science, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Spiritual, Financial