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The Eldritch Press

The Whispering Fen

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This image was used prominently in The Whispering Fen adventure release available on a number of role playing game platforms. It depicts a key encounter in the game module.

The Eldritch Press

Charles Carver

illustration of The Giant Toad was developed for the published D&D Adventure, The Whispering Fen, released by The Eldritch Press for virtual tabletop roleplaying game platforms. Lizard man, giant toad, npc, bog, fen, monsters, night, victim, painterly, realism
illustration of This vegetative monster creeped through the Feywild Gate in The Gates of The Shadowmage virtual tabletop and print versions of the roleplaying Adventure. monster, npc, fantasy, tree, creeper, dungeons and dragons, gaming.
illustration of The crucial scene of the witches cauldron deep in The Whispering Fen roleplaying adventure available in print and virtual gaming platforms. skulls, cauldron, npc, dragons, magic, fantasy
illustration of The horned devil was the principle fantasy character and key situational scene in the roleplaying dungeon adventure game, The Gates of The Shadowmage, by The Eldritch Press. monsters, npc, figurative, devilish, evil, dark, dragons, hellhounds, dilemma,
illustration of The evil vulture-like 'vrock' NPC is encountered in The Gates of The Shadowmage roleplaying adventure with this attack scene. Monsters, dragons, dungeons, virtual tabletop, vulture, gaming, action, encounter
illustration of This fantasy cover art was produced for a publication of magic items and spells for a popular role playing game played on virtual and traditional tabletops. dungeons and dragons, hero, adventures, shield, fire, fantasy art,
illustration of The fantasy town of Waterdeep is depicted in a special print-edition format for this Adventure Location release from The Eldritch Press for the world's most popular roleplaying game. dungeons, dragons, npc, locations, ghost, etched, paper,
illustration of This unique dwarf is atypical in that he is deeply involved with religious and law abiding factions in The Plinth, a Waterdeep Location for the world's most popular fantasy role playing game. He is wearing his finest vestments and is well groomed for Plinth Day Festival. Non-player character, dungeons, dragons, dwarfs, halfling, gaming
illustration of This unique hobbit-like character was developed by The Eldritch Press as a highly urbane and educated halfling who is quite unique relative to his country cousins. dungeons and dragons, 5e, role-playing, games, fantasy art, hobbit,
illustration of This cover illustration depicts a vibrant ancient religious festival based on a matriarchal mythology in The Plinth, A Waterdeep Location roleplaying game companion module. Dungeons, dragons, roleplaying, tabletop gaming, fantasy art
illustration of The old fantasy city of Waterdeep holds a festival every year for vying magic, rites, religions and mythologies to compete in dialogue with the citizens of the surrounding towns. Dungeons, dragons, npc, festive, painterly, cobblestone, old europe,
illustration of Cover art for The Gates of The Shadowmage roleplaying game Adventure published for virtual and traditional print tabletop gaming. Dungeons, dragons, roleplaying, virtual tabletop, fantasy art,
illustration of This figurative elemental monster congeals from elemental environmental atmospherics at its evil and chaotic passageway in The Gates of The Shadowmage Adventure gaming module. dungeons and dragons, elemental realm, npc, figurative, fantasy art,
illustration of In this hot springs bath house, spiritual visions are enacted in The Eldritch Press Waterdeep Location, The Plinth. realms, fantasy art, dungeons and dragons, adventures,
illustration of The violent and evil history behind The Gates of The Shadowmage Adventure module is depicted in this highly volatile action scene. Dungeons, dragons, swordplay, knights, gaming, fantasy art
illustration of As a heroic gaming character looks at his reflection in the mirror, an evil demon residing within the mirror suddenly appears to attack the figure in The Gates of The Shadowmage Adventure publication. dungeons and dragons, roleplaying, npc, fantasy art,
illustration of This startled figure has been set upon by wisperlings of light in The Whispering Fen Adventure game module by The Eldritch Press. dungeons and dragons, roleplaying games, fantasy art, npc,
illustration of This gothic-like doorway to The Plinth in the fantasy realms of Waterdeep harbors a number of visual surprises to invite further visual scrutiny. Forgotten realms, lore, fantasy art, waterdeep, dungeons, dragons, roleplaying art, gaming
illustration of One of the many monsters or non-playing characters in development for the D&D Adventure The Gates of The Shadowmage by The Eldritch Press. Monsters, npc, dungeons and dragons, fantasy art,
illustration of This satyr character was developed for The Gates of The Shadowmage virtual tabletop roleplaying Adventure by The Eldritch Press. monsters, npc, satyr, dungeons, dragons,
illustration of Cover art depicting the swampy bog environment for The Whispering Fen Adventure game module by The Eldritch Press. fen, bog, dungeons, dragons, fantasy art, environment,
illustration of Principle illustration and winter, glacial cover art for an upcoming  adventure series taking place within a glacial complex. Fantasy art, frozen lake, winter dwelling, snowcapped, ice,
illustration of Paper textural art depiction of full moon over the city of Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms as part of The Plinth Location publication for tabletop roleplaying gaming. Fantasy art, layout art, night, full moon, ancient city, village by the sea,
illustration of Concept art for hidden ruins within the locale of New York's Mid Hudson Valley. Fantasy art, photorealistic, gunks, shawangunk mountains
illustration of Background Paper/Layout Art for a fantasy art paper series. fantasy art, dwellings, hobbits, dungeons, dragons, roleplaying.


Charles Carver is an established, award-winning digital artist whose illustrations, photography and fine-art compositions have been exhibited in numerous publications, platforms, and venues. His work has been featured in the book Secrets of Award-Winning Digital Artists, Digital Fine Art Magazine, Black and White magazine, and has been shown in the United States, Australia, Europe and Russia through selection into an elite group of digital artists. Charles' work investigates the dynamic relationships that unfold in object-rich environments during the selection of form and meaning. In addition to his Fine-Art Charles has developed a unique painterly illustration style that has been commissioned by The Bronx Zoo/New York Aquarium and other clients that have exhibited large scale murals. Recently Charles has been commissioned by The Eldritch Press, a virtual tabletop roleplaying game publisher.


Design, Digital, Figurative, Painterly, Photoillustration, Realism, Film/Entertainment


Action, Adventure, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Children's Books, Comic Book, Fantasy, Landscape, Mural, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, Posters, Product, Romance, Sci-Fi, Travel, Vintage / Retro, Game, Environmental, Urban