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This is a collaboration with a non-profit that helps connect kids without access to computers and classes to bridge the gap from high school into tech careers such as web design, coding, and event planning. This was illustrated digitally and then printed and adhered to the wall with the intent that the students would be able to color it in. #mural #murales #murals #digital #computers #creative

Kenton Hoppas

Kenton Hoppas

illustration of 6' x 30' mural at a local skate and clothing shop in Monterey, Ca. This was hand painted with acrylic paint. California, Monterey, Waves, Alien, Donut, Otters, Mix Tape, Cassette, Steinbeck, Tangerine, Yellow, Blue
illustration of 6' x 30' mural at a local skate and clothing shop in Monterey, Ca. This was hand painted with acrylic paint. California, Octopus, Clothing, Retail, Skate, Hang Loose, Skateboard, Dude, Fish Orange, Fusia, Yellow, Blue
illustration of 9' x 11' colorful mural to highlight the kids area of a Monterey, Ca. bike shop. The inspiration was the fearlessness, joy and fun of being a kid and the freedom a bike brings. Bike, Kids, Lettering, Helmets, Bikes, Waves, Fun, Lightening, Lock, Bike Lock
illustration of 12' x 30' mural for San Diego high end service based mechanic Dan Large and his new shop XL Velo. I drew on the inspiration of Dan's storied past in the San Diego bike community and a little on the San Diego cultural vibe. Hence the Mexican food! Mural, Doodle, Bikes, Tacos, Burrito, Tools, Mechanic, Fun, Cats, Birds, Line Art, San Diego
illustration of 15' x 15' mural for community youth center. A place where all are welcome to come and share music, poetry, art and love. Mural, Community, Dancing, Singing, Open Mic, Poetry, Stars, Waves, Trees, Weather
illustration of Doodle, Mural, Wall, Fun
illustration of Mural, Courage, Positivity, Black and White, Line art, Doodle, Doodles,
illustration of Mural, Office, Surface Design, Digital, Line Art, Doodle
illustration of Mural, Break Room, Surface Design, Community, Doodles
illustration of Mural, Office, Surface Design, Digital, Line Art, Doodle, Sharks, Waves, Flowers
animation of VW Bug, Mural, Doodle
illustration of Doodle, Truck, Graffiti, Mural
illustration of Doodle, Bug, VW Bug, Love Bug, Flowers, Peace, Love, Mural
illustration of Mural, Doodle, Waves, Ocean, People, Cars, Wrap
illustration of Self doodle promo. Pen and ink on magazine ad. Red, Shoe, Womens Clothing, Line art, Slipper, Ad, Shoes
illustration of Self promo. Hand drawn on print ad. Jeans, Fabric, Design, Pen and Ink, Fashion, Women, Sexy,
illustration of Bean trailers asked me to do a digital proposal for a custom bid. This trailer is for travel shoes. Camper, RV, Automobile, Cars, Camping, Adventure, Doodle, Abstract, Pattern
illustration of I do a lot of doodles on GBG print ads. I love their models. They are so skinny and overly dramatic. Perfect backdrop to my gregariously silly style. Jeans, Jean Jacket, Jumper, Woman, Sex, Model, Doodle
illustration of Doodling on magazine ads and posting to Instagram actually got me a custom shoe gig with shoe company Samuel Hubbard. So, why stop a good thing. Yellow, Sandal, Shoes, Women, Slipper, doodle, Ads
animation of Hand painted helmet.
Doodle, Ocean, Waves, Sailing, Helmet, Motorcycle
animation of Picture Book trailer for a book I wrote and illustrated. 
Children Book, Kids, Bears, Nature, Homophones, Children's Picture Book, Animation
animation of PSA for the encouragement of picking up trash, even if it's not yours! 
Trash, Walking, PSA, Mural, Doodle, Motion Graphics
animation of Picture Book trailer for Homophones book. 
Children's Book, Picture book, Trailer, Sea, Ocean, Fish, Sharks, Scuba, Fun
animation of PSA I did to encourage the picking up of trash.
PSA, Trash, Bus, Doodle, Animation
illustration of California Themed face mask.
California, Palm Trees, Octopus, Ocean, West Coast
illustration of Art based on MLK Jr. speech. 
MLK, MLK Jr., America, Civil Rights
illustration of Sea Life mask. 
Mask, Turtle, Crab, Whale, Ocean, Fish, Octopus
illustration of Community Face Mask.
Mask, Community, Ethnic, Waves, Local
illustration of Spaceman Mask.
Mask, Space, Funny, Cartoon, Lineart
illustration of Promotional image to celebrate the Federal holiday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The background images were inspired by his life and speeches he made. Portrait, Black Pride, Religious,  Leader, Digital, Civil Rights, Line Art, Pastor, Baptist
illustration of Promotional piece created to help launch a portrait book project. The inspiration for this came from Owen Wilson's character Dupree in the film,
illustration of Promotional piece created to kick off a book of portraits. Background images inspired by Ozzy's big hits. Ozzy, Osbourne, Heavy Metal, Portrait, Portraits, Rock and Roll, Crazy Train, Music, Rock Stars, Black and White, Celebrities, Sunglasses, Cross, Crosses
illustration of Raise a glass to life! Whiskey, Portrait, Beard, Cars, Toast, Line Art, Black and White, Smiles, Man, Balding, Camera, Photography
illustration of Portrait from a book of Portraits created for a Kickstarter Project. Bertus is a photography in the Netherlands who insisted his entire wheelchair be in the frame. Line Art, Netherlands, Photography, Portrait, Portraits, Black and White, Wheelchair, Handicap, Handicapped, Hat, Fedora, Hipster
illustration of In my book I asked contributors to send in words that have helped them through tough times. Sometimes less is more. Lettering, Hand Lettering, Strong, Brave, Line Art, Black and White, Doodles, Doodle


Born and raised in the Midwest, Kenton moved out West after completing school. While his work is very doodle based, it's full of story and new details that draw the viewer in. His style translates and transforms everything from cars to coffee mugs and multiple children's books.


Acrylic, Animation, Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Digital, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Photoillustration, Whimsical, Installations, Motion, e-Learning, Explainer Video


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Annual Report, Architecture, Celebrities, Children, Children's Books, Comic Book, Corporate, Fashion/Cosmetics, Historical, Information Graphics, Leisure, Licensing, Mural, Music, Nature, Packaging, People, Portrait, Posters, Product, Religious, Sports, Technology, Textiles, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Environmental, Grunge, Urban, Branding, Surface Design