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A nice family picnic in the woods is interrupted by a jam sandwich and a hungry bear.

© Nicole Allin


An old train moves through the darkness.

© Real Change


A quiet sunset in an unusual village.

© Nicole Allin

Lonely Lagomorph

It can be lonely eating all by yourself, especially when you're part of a really big family.

© Nicole Allin

Singing Pirates

Singing pirates practicing for the yearly sing off and sadly earmuffs are not enough to block that kind of racket.

© Nicole Allin

Hungry Piglet

A small piglet investigates the details of the display at Finest Cakes.

© Nicole Allin

Boss Stop

Morning commute always takes forever, even when you're a giant monster.

© Nicole Allin

Cooking out

The joys of camping, cooking your meal over a fire, watching the sun set and sleeping under the stars.

© Nicole Allin

Best Balloon

A giraffe going through the woods on its way to a birthday party, with its favorite balloon in tow.

© Nicole Allin

Party Animals

Party animals at the disco!

© Nicole Allin


Probably shouldn't touch the obviously poisonous mushroom.

© Nicole Allin


Two mice trying to protect their bananas against a sneaky gorilla.

© Nicole Allin


Reaching for a lucky coin causes a very unlucky chain of events!

© Nicole Allin

A Froggy Story

Two siblings encounter a suspicious talking frog in the rain.

© Nicole Allin

© Nicole Allin

Until Vacation

The rain is no bother, vacation is just a few days away.

© Nicole Allin

Fox & Boxes

Fox on the way to a birthday party, with a whole stack of presents!

© Nicole Allin

Best to Know

Giving a newly adopted dog a good scrub down!

© Nicole Allin

Game Night

Family video game night, where once again, the kids try to teach grandpa how to play.

© Nicole Allin

Stag Party

A night out at the club, where the hunting trophies are prominently displayed.

© Nicole Allin

Tuba Terrier

This musical terrier's instrument of choice is a boisterous tuba

© Nicole Allin

Lantern Fish

After she picked up that old book, everything went a little ...odd.

© Nicole Allin

Sleepy Bear

Slipper, pajamas, nightcap- check. Blanket and teddy- check! It's time for bed!

© Nicole Allin


A little help with math homework is always appreciated.

© Nicole Allin

Space Opera

An alien explores an earthling opera house- the local populace is so unusually transparent!

© Nicole Allin

Witch Trio

Three witches prepare a potion- though there is some debate about the newts.

© Nicole Allin

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Nicole Allin


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