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Jode Thompson

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Three In A Box

illustration of Digital, Graphic, Realism, Vector, Celebrities, Music, People, Portrait, Posters, Vintage / Retro
illustration of Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Vector, Celebrities, Music, People, Portrait, Posters, Vintage / Retro
illustration of Vintage travel poster. New York, Central Park, Cityscape, High rise buildings, snow, winter, skate, dance, couple, retro,
illustration of Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Silhouette, Vector, Leisure, Posters, Travel, Americana, Vintage / Retro
illustration of 1960s, fashion, model, woman, beauty, Pop art, Icon, female
illustration of Vintage Style poster for Peggy's Cove Canada. Lighthouse. Atlantic. Ocean. Water. Rocks. Colour. Beacon.
illustration of Illustration for a novel by Roy Underhill called CALVIN COBB - RADIO WOODWORKER. Woman on motorcycle. Escape. Bandit. Thief. Speed. Redhead on motorcycle escaping.
illustration of Vintage style travel poster for Sequoia National Park. Cedar Trees. Forest, Cross country skier. Snow. Liesure. Active.
illustration of Vintage Fruit Crate Label. Cherry. Fruit Vintage label. Crate. Packaging. Lettering. Type.
illustration of Botanical. Fruit. Apple. Label. Packaging. Vintage. Retro. Realism. Crate Label. Orchard.
illustration of Promotion. Mad Men. 1960. 1970. Paint by number. Portrait. Hollywood. New York advertising. Poster. Don Draper. Megan Draper.
illustration of Self Promotion. Summer. Woman. 1960. Sunhat. Fashion. Vintage. Retro. Poster. Colour.
illustration of Tavel sticker, luggage, people, 1920, landscape, women in hats, British
illustration of Vintage style travel poster for Alaska. Eagle. Iceberg. Ice. Snow. Bird. Ocean. Flight. Wildlife.
illustration of Vintage style travel poster for Arches National Park. Retro. Grand Canyon. Rocks. Scenic. Tourism. Travel. Picturesque.
illustration of Poster illustration for quite smoking campaign. Pin-up. Sexy. Woman. Girl. Flirty. 1930. Attractive.
illustration of Vintage looking magic poster concept for magazine article on whisky brands. Magician. Trick. Alcohol. Drink. Beverage. Man. Retro. Vintage. Dark. Moody. Type design. Poster. Wizard.
illustration of Five of several vintage travel stickers designed to go on a semi trailer traveling the country doing cancer screening. Dinosaur . Lizard. Jurassic. Monster. Grand Canyon. Rocks. Prehistoric. Travel sticker. Suitcase. Longhorn. Skull. Flower. Sunflower. Bighorn. Moose. Wildlife.
illustration of Maple Leafs catering poster. Champagne. Alcohol. Glass. Drink. Shrimp. Beverage. Waiter. Server. Silver. Party.
illustration of Vintage style Travel Poster. Mexico. Dancer. Spanish. Woman. Festive. Festival. Music. Musician. Retro. Spanish dancer.
illustration of Illustration for package label for Passage West Coffee. Canadian. CPR, Banff Springs, Rocky Mountains. Train. Rocky Mountaineer. 1900. Packaging. Poster. Label. Retro. Vintage. Travel
illustration of Self Promotion. Vintage fruit crate label. Pears. Orchard. Vintage. Packaging. Fruit. Child. Young girl. Healthy happy.
illustration of vintage apple crate label design
illustration of Vintage Travel Poster. Scotland. Bag pipes. Piper. Kilt. Castle. History.
illustration of Self promo piece. Vintage look and feel ski poster. Self portrait. Skier. Mountains. Rocky Mountains. Chalet. Snow. Lifestyle. American.
illustration of Half page illustration for article on healthy eating AARP.
illustration of Self Promotion Piece
illustration of Poster promoting safety in the work place.  Portrait. Psychedelic. Groovy. Poster. 1960. Peace Love. Type design. Vintage. Retro. Distressed. Design. Graphic.
illustration of Poster promoting safety in the work place. Psychedelic. Groovy. 1960. Peace Love. Woman. Portait. Type design. Graphic design.


I started my career as an art director at various agencies in Calgary Ab., Canada. In the late 80’s I left to start my own studio where we focused on design and illustration. My passion was always illustration and in the mid 90’s, after the birth of my son I made the leap… I became a full time illustrator. In the beginning my illustration was all done traditional or “on the board.” Things have changed since then and now all of my commercial illustration is done digital from start to finish. I work mainly in Painter but also, when the job calls for it, I work in Illustrator and Photoshop. Going digital has changed my business in many ways, the best of which is that I can work from wherever I choose to and be connected with clients all over the world. Now I work mostly from my home studio in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and from my summer home on the Shuswap Lake in British Columbia.


Airbrush, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Oil, Pastel, Realism, Silhouette, Stylized, Type Design, Floral, Whimsical, Film/Entertainment, Vector


Action, Adventure, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Children, Comic Book, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Landscape, Leisure, Music, Nature, Packaging, People, Portrait, Posters, Romance, Sports, Still Life, Travel, Wildlife, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine