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illustration of Book cover for Kids Can Press depicting the exciting adventure of the first explorers in North America.  expedition, excitement, explorers, discovery, danger, canoe, canoeing, whitewater, rapids, forest, history, Indians, natives, rivers, fur trade, trade.
illustration of Great American Explorers, Lewis and Clark with their native interpreter, Sacagawea. 
 American explorers, natives, woman, chiefs, Indians, fur trade, Pocahontas,
illustration of book cover - The Kids book of The Railway and
How the CPR was Built - Kids Can Press. 
speed, history, transportation, educational, informative, instructional, sentimental, travel, rock,
tracks, railroad, railcars, engine, locomotive, steam engine, cross country,
illustration of book interior, train trestle, bridge, construction, massive construction, massive scale, impressive achievement, landscape, early construction, educational, informative, awe inspiring,  awesome, awesome achievement, engineering feat, engineering feats, dangerous,
illustration of I loved illustrating this children's book ( including 24 interior illustrations) 
Storm at Batoche - published by Stoddart Kids. 
excitement, danger, horse, riding, horseback riding, galloping, snow, cold, winter, prairie, suspense, painterly, dramatic, tense, scenic, emotional, urgent, suspenseful
illustration of book interior for
illustration of The technique is pencil with an oil wash and scratch line for the hair.
woman, pretty, portrait, flattering, interesting, face, woman's portrait, woman's face, glasses, smile, gaze, eyes,
illustration of print ad. Pancakes were my favourite food as a child.  Pancakes for dinner was the best!  syrup, butter, windowsill, plate, food, delicious, sunlight, still-life, children skating, warmth, skating, ice skating, farm, water wheel, snow, boy, girl, brother, sister, fun, enjoyment, winter fun, snowfall, Christmas,
illustration of mural design - food, dessert, ice cream, sundaes,
chocolate, blueberries, raspberries banana split, nuts, cream, candies, milkshake, straw, decadent,
cherries, dessert dish, bananas, chocolate syrup,
ice cream sundae, sundae
illustration of project for MacLaren Advertising, concept - eat fresh. fresh food, chef, plate, farm animals, farm, farmer, farmland, vegetables, growing vegetables, onions, growing herbs, bread, chicken, chickens, cows, cucumber, zucchini, flowers, herbs, spices, corn, natural, barn, silo, pigs, natural food, healthy, health food, berries, harvesting, gardening, Thanksgiving
illustration of classic cars. client:  Ford Motor Company
dream, fantasy, dream car, stylish, classic, flashy, 
vintage automobile, luxury car, one of a kind, Mercedes, expensive, beautiful, leisure, fun, pleasure, thrill,
illustration of book cover for Penguin Books.  North Pole, arctic,
dogs, dogsled, dogsledding, arctic dogsled, winter, snow, dog sledding, Alaska, sled, dogsled team, travel adventure, race, Iditarod, musher, mushing, Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, Chinook, Samoyed
illustration of book cover and all interior illustrations.  Annick Press. medieval, knights, horses, armour, castles, blacksmith, towns, villages, dramatic, soldiers, armies, armour, families, children women
illustration of father and son, adventure, searching, travelling, hardship, emotional, resilience, resourceful, dogs, dogsled, dog team, ice, snow, cold, sunset, sunrise, harsh weather, windswept,
illustration of client: The Royal Canadian Mint.  Just one of over 34 coins I have designed for the Mint.  This coin won an award for
illustration of Double page spread for Nelson Education.
family, pioneer family, homestead, log cabin, cabin, fireplace, spinning wheel, sewing, knitting, rocking chair, hearth, cooking, pot, cooking pot, togetherness, unity, close family, hobbies,
illustration of tapping maple trees for maple syrup. family, working family, outdoors, farm, farmland, heartland, rural, horses, horse sled, bush,
illustration of book cover for Bantam Doubleday. Mystery, suspense intrigue, Rocky Mountains, Rockies, midwest, mineshaft, mining, murder, spiritual, Indian, native, First Nations, feathers, medicine,
murder mystery,
illustration of book cover - Penguin Books, mystery, North Pole, adventure, youth, child, dogs, dogsled, friendship, companion, igloos, ship, sailing ship, expedition, searching, discovery, hardship, survival
illustration of dog portrait.  During this pandemic, I had some time to do this commission. I love dogs and I loved doing it!  dog portrait, dog, lab, Labrador retriever, animal portrait, smiling dog, pet portrait, pets, mans best friend, dog lovers
illustration of Summer morning in the dog park. dogs, park, meeting, conversations, gatherings, social interaction, summer, morning light, picnic tables, dog park, sunlight, filtered light, long shadows, sunlight through the trees,
illustration of This illustration done for
illustration of book interior -The Seventh Expert -  Annick Press
woods, dense bush, suspense, suspenseful,  mystery, tension, emotional, camouflage, hiding, concealed, Robin Hood,
illustration of Hydrofoil Mystery - Penguin books
Alexander Graham Bell invented the hydrofoil.  He is depicted driving the hydrofoil.   action, speed, excitement, innovation, night, evening, dusk, racing, moonlight, lake, water, waves, motion,
illustration of Ford truck poster. line, design, automotive, truck parts, trucking, transportation, truckers, shipping,
illustration of book cover,
illustration of Book cover and all interior illustrations. Religion, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, God, prayer, worship, festivals, elephants, dancing, symbols, monk, church, synagogue, temple, mantra, holy, idol, mosque, philosophy, prophet, sacrament, scripture, spirit, soul, soulful, sacred, sacrifice, faith, heaven
illustration of A walk amongst the ruins. The Theatre of Marcellus. Historical, Roman, travel, history, ancient history, Europe, European, Italy, architecture, marble, stone, buildings, structures, monuments,
illustration of Paris street scene. streets, shops, cafes, hotels, cars, traffic, pedestrians, shopping, Europe, European, street lights, roads, balcony, market, shopping, twilight, sunlight, shadows, warm light
illustration of book cover for
illustration of The Kids book of .... series.  client: Kids Can Press.
aboriginal people, war, railway, exploration, firsts, history, immigration, great women, women, religions,
illustration of coin design.  maple syrup, tapping trees, family business, homestead, legacy, traditional, family tradition, horse, sled, mother and child, working family, outdoors, tradition,
illustration of canoeing, father and son, camping, line drawing, black and white, timeless moments, paddling, canoe, river, lake, cottage, moose, touching, sentimental, emotional, cute, special moment, calm, relaxing, rocks, trees, river,
illustration of father and son fishing. fish, boat, fishing rods, boy, father, son, memories, moments, fun, bonding, memorable moments, fun activities, sharing together, togetherness, relaxing, calm
illustration of book cover for Penguin Books.  spying, boys, adventure, excitement, mystery, suspense, dangerous, dramatic lighting, night, moonlight, spying, tree climbing, observe, observation, suspicion, suspect, suspicious, curious, curiosity
illustration of book cover - Fool's Gold - Penguin Books.  rafting, underwater, whitewater raft, submerged, lake bottom, lake, swimming, swimming underwater,
illustration of magazine illustration- Cricket media- Cobblestone magazine. The story of the sailing ship, the Essex.
sailing, ships, sailing ships, ocean, sails,
illustration of The Essex in battle scene. battle, dramatic, smoke, fire, conflict, tension, drama, sea, ocean, ships, war, cannon, cannon fire, sails, masts, dramatic sky
illustration of The technique is pencil with an oil wash  and scratch line for the hair.
contemplative, thoughtful, interstate's, planning, portrait, face, stylish, male, man,
illustration of book illustration depicting Innuit legends. Client: Inuvialuit Regional Corporation.  hunter, history, legend, face, eskimo, aboriginal peoples, fishing, spear, danger, heritage, lifestyle,
illustration of patience in the wild - endangered species story.
lynx, bobcat, animals, the wild, snow leopard, cat, prey, cat eyes, waiting, danger, hiding, concealed, camouflage, wilderness, snow,
illustration of book Illustration- The Prime Ministers of Canada, Kids Can Press. business, portrait, man, businessman, suit, leader,
illustration of book illustration for Kids Can Press. The Prime Ministers of Canada. historical, history, face, portrait, leaders, historical portrait, classic
illustration of series of classic cars for Continental Graphics. classic car, stylish, antique automobiles, historical cars, colourful, style, retro cars, auto show
illustration of client:  Ford Motor Company. History of Trucking poster, series of 5 posters.  trucking industry, trucks, shipping, truck, trailer, collage, poster, informative
illustration of poster for FORD. racing, formula 1, formula one racing, historical, pitstop, Indy 500, Daytona, Nascar, racetrack, speed, raceway, motion, fast, fuel, tires, changing tires,
illustration of courtroom sketch for CTV News. court, sketch, accused, trial, prisoners box, court, courtroom, lawyer, courtroom artist, courtroom sketch
illustration of book illustration -
illustration of book illustration- The history of Christianity. army, battle, Roman legion, bible, christians, Jews, Rome, dawn, forrest, fog, mist, sunrise
illustration of magazine article - computer science. computers, editorial, magazine, science, future, past, sculpture, teamwork, company, building, creating, constructing, developing,
illustration of golf, golfing, lost ball, editorial, searching, frustration, hidden, finding, looking, sports, recreation, friends, playing, males, men, woods, fairway, rough, sunlight, ground, forrest floor,
illustration of magazine spread. client: Imperial Oil.  Native community development.  Native, buffalo, tepee, eagle, feather, horse, prairie, mountains, land, landscape, teenagers, future, development, progress, heritage, legacy, learning, wisdom, teaching, ancestors, ancestry.
illustration of birds in Costa Rica, line drawing, design, travel, stylized, expressive,
illustration of book cover
illustration of client:  CBC television - story on the first baseball game in Toronto. baseball, sports, game, pastime,
history of baseball,
illustration of Jackie Robinson. baseball, sports, player, baseball player, legend historical, colour barrier, sports,
illustration of book cover - Christ's Santa.  Life's Journey of Hope Publications.  Christmas, Santa Claus, spiritual, praying, reindeer, cross, sleigh, storytelling, Saints,
illustration of book cover- Hemingway Productions.  Christmas, happiness, memories, togetherness, family, grandpa, snow shovelling, snow, Christmas lights, Christmas tree, fallen snow, cozy house, holiday celebration, Norman Rockwell, Christmas card,
illustration of book illustration - Bessie's story. client:  Inuvialuit Regional Corporation.  True story of the legendary survival of a young girl in the Arctic.  survival, endurance, girl, boat, loneliness, rescue, rescued,
illustration of client: Fifth House Publishers.  Book illustration for
illustration of coastal fishing village, travel, fishing, coast, livelihood, drawing, sketching, sketch,
illustration of London theatre district, Covent Garden, buildings, architecture, street scene, Ariel view, cars, pedestrian, romantic walk, shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes, offices, office buildings, theatres, storefronts,
illustration of client - Kids Can Press, history, exploration, new world, settlement, pioneer settlement, Port-Royal, First Nations People, Indians, settlers, constructions, fort, forts, sailing, ships, navigating.
illustration of book illustration-
illustration of book illustration- Kids Can Press -
illustration of these illustrations were done in pencil, with an oil wash, then enhanced in photoshop. storytelling, Thanksgiving, new world, declaration, swords, family, children, newcomers,
illustration of book illustration - John Cabot explorer, line, grey tones, flag, costume, landing, shore, ships, sailing ships, Columbus, explorers,
illustration of pioneer family, early settlers, American revolution, wagon, horse and wagon, family, wagon train, mother and daughter,
illustration of book cover and interior illustrations.  fire, town, castle, church, renaissance, Europe, European history,
illustration of army, struggle, action, drama, dynamic, bold, powerful, detail, battle, swords, cannons
illustration of book illustration, The Siege - Annick Press, raft, army, soldiers, struggle, river, dynamic, atmospheric, emotional, weary, perseverance, resourceful,
illustration of book illustration- The Siege - Annick Press, cannons, educational, instructive, historical, dynamic, powerful,
illustration of book interior for
illustration of book interior for The Siege - Annick Press, dynamic, powerful, contrast, history, legend, story, storytelling, soldiers, army, leadership, general, troops, Europe, costume, costumes, armour, hats, helmets,
illustration of book interior for The Siege - Annick Press, family, united, together, meal, eating together, concern, young family,
illustration of book interior for The Siege - Annick Press. town , village, garden, courtyard, street, cobblestone, church, family, mother, daughter, son, home,
illustration of client- Cottage Life magazine. descriptive, informative, instructional, boating, boats, water craft, cottage, cottages, boathouse,
illustration of East coast memorial- magazine article, soldier, memory, husband, wife, storytelling, coastal, coast, maritime, dignity, burial, memories,
illustration of book cover and interior illustrations. storytelling, interactive, historical blog, action, adventure, youth, children, journey, travel, danger, excitement, boy, brave, heroic, teenagers knights, horses
illustration of book cover - Time of the Thunderbird, dragons, birds, legends, tales, mystery, fantasy, fantastic, reptiles, hawks
illustration of book for Scholastic -
illustration of illustration for
illustration of book interior for
illustration of private  commission - farmhouse  property rendering
illustration of client:  Nelson Education Publishing.  early homestead, Ariel view, farmland, acres, ploughing, chopping wood, clearing land,
illustration of illustration showing early settler life for Nelson publishing.  settlers, villages, families, churches, townships, arial view, birds eye view, scenic, vista, farmland, farms, horse and cart, log cabin,
illustration of team building promo, climbing, trust, mountain climbing, ropes, balance, strength, conceptual, stylized, rock climbing,
illustration of client: ArtPlus Design and Communication for Pearson Education Canada.  24 pages on teenagers challenges at home and school.
sad, happy, confused, learning, understanding, longing,
illustration of client: ArtPlus Design and Communication for Pearson Education Canada.  24 pages on teenagers challenges at home and school.
sad, happy, confused, learning, understanding, longing, family, argument, discussion, teenager, frustration
illustration of client: ArtPlus Design and Communication for Pearson Education Canada.  24 pages on teenagers challenges at home and school.
sad, happy, confused, learning, understanding, longing, ethnic, face, pleasant, young girl, teenage girl, student, inquisitive, reading, school
illustration of client: ArtPlus Design and Communication for Pearson Education Canada.  24 pages on teenagers challenges at home and school.
 confused, learning, understanding, longing, face, stern, young boy, teenage boy, student, inquisitive, reading, school
illustration of pop-up illustration for MacLaren advertising. The joys of golfing in the community. golfing, friendship, golf balls, golf bag, putting, country club, mean and women, playing, fun, bright, colourful
illustration of private commission - simple, easily reproduced line drawing.  business woman, line drawing, simple line, simple, clean, expressive, portrait, happy,
illustration of artist - Joyce Wieland - book for Kids Can Press,
illustration of illustration for the book -
illustration of illustration for the Kids Book of Immigration.  cultural, market, fruit stand, fruit market, street scene, cultural diversity, costumes, clothing, cultural dress,
illustration of book illustration- The Prime Ministers of Canada,
Kids Can Press, portrait, strong, man, leader, politician,
illustration of pencil drawing, pencil, sketch, dogsled, cold, Arctic, boy, dog, happy, caring, bonding, loyalty, trust, love, determination, strong, strength, endurance,
illustration of book illustration, wolf pups, cute, lovable, line drawing, pencil, playful, fun,
illustration of  I am developing a new portrait style.  Done quickly and loosely with  the energy of a sketch.  
A distinctive thin scratch line to give the hair some
detail and texture.
expressive, Trump, political, portrait, emotional, portraiture, face, faces, dramatic, design, composition, conceptual, new, fresh,


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Abstract, Black & White, Collage, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Engraving, Figurative, Fine Art, Impressionistic, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Montage, Oil, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Special Effects, Stipple, Stylized, Technical, Texture, Watercolor, Whimsical, Concept Art, Installations, Film/Entertainment, Motion, Pop-Up


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Celebrities, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Industrial, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Medical, Mural, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Product, Religious, Romance, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Sports, Still Life, Technology, Textiles, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Edgy, Environmental, Financial, Urban, Branding