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Beth White

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Lindgren & Smith

illustration of Christmas, Holiday, singing carols, singing, song, winter, 1800's, old fashioned, family, man, woman, children, kids, girl, boy, cut paper, black white, cold, song book, top hat
illustration of forest, children, kids, boy, girl, dog, cat, butterfly, leaves, chipmunk, cut paper,
illustration of child, kid, bed, sleep, sugarplums, doll, toys, holiday, Christmas, quilt, toys, cut paper, black white
illustration of window, desk, curtain, breeze, wind, tree, cat, cats, chair, desk, paint brush, cut paper, black white
illustration of woman, flower, flowers, botanical, leaves, vines, black white, cut paper,


Beth White has elevated the simple art of cut paper to a whole new art form. She began cutting silhouettes in 1975 when her children were babies. Her first cuttings were in their infancy, informed by the early french shadow art of silhouette. As her children grew, her silhouettes became more intricate with overlapping of patterns and forms. Her subject matter diversified from myth illustration and fantasy to intricate family portraits. Her art has taken her in many directions. She has designed freelance advertisements, product promotions, logos and album covers and book covers for local regional and national art directors including IBM, CBS, RCA Polygram, Renaissance Greeting Cards, American Heritage Magazine, The United States Post Office, and numerous organizations and agencies throughout the United States. She has promoted and marketed her own greeting card company that sold a personal line of greeting cards to museums and stores nationwide.


Black & White, Cut Paper, Decorative


Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Family, Holidays, Music, Mystery, Nature, People, Portrait, Romance, Still Life, Americana, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth