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white house

house, white house, snow, holiday, farm, country, trees

© Michael Paraskevas

long road

road, mountains, Iowa, night, evening

© Michael Paraskevas

road rage

road, rage, bike, bicycle, car, accident

© Michael Paraskevas

business man

business, man, workers, shop,

© Michael Paraskevas

Christmas delivery

truck, dog, christmas tree, man, people, winter, holiday

© Michael Paraskevas

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Michael Paraskevas

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Michael Paraskevas, a well known illustrator among magazine art directors, has had his work featured in such prestigious publications as Sports Illustrated, Time, Town & Country and Esquire and has earned numerous awards from industry professionals. Michael has exhibited at Giraffics Gallery in East Hampton (six one-man shows) and recently showed at the prestigious Southampton Gallery owned by Peter Marcelle. He has published many children’s books over the past 12 years. The work includes the much loved Tangerine Bear, which was produced as a Christmas Special for ABC in 2000. Other popular works by Michael include Junior Kroll, A Very Kroll Christmas, Shamlanders, The Ferocious Beast, Cecil Bunions, and Chocolate at the Four Seasons. Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, was developed for Nick Jr. and is still running on Noggin. It won the prized Gemini Award for best animated show of 2001 in Canada.


Acrylic, Digital, Oil, Painterly


Action, Adventure, Architecture, Editorial, Education, Holidays, Industrial, Landscape, Nature, People, Romance, Travel, Americana, Vintage / Retro, Masculine, Youth, Ethnic