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man purse

man, fashion, purse, person, people, digital, mixed media

Keywords: Digital, Mixed Media, Humor, Fashion/Cosmetics, People, Masculine, Urban, Branding

© Regan Dunnick


man, slurp, drink, soda, over weight, fat,

Keywords: Digital, Mixed Media, Humor, Editorial, People, Food/Beverage, Ethnic, Urban

© Regan Dunnick


jazz, guitar, men, band, music, big band,

Keywords: Digital, Mixed Media, Family, Music, People, Vintage / Retro, Masculine, Urban

© Regan Dunnick

Smokin Joe

men, black men, American, jazz, digital, African American

Keywords: Digital, Mixed Media, Watercolor, Celebrities, Historical, People, Political, Americana, Masculine, Ethnic

© Regan Dunnick


dance, contest, swing, oldie, 50's, 60's, people, man, woman

Keywords: Digital, Mixed Media, Watercolor, Humor, Editorial, Music, People, Americana, Feminine, Masculine

© Regan Dunnick

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Regan Dunnick

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Regan Dunnick Illustrator and Artist Regan Dunnick is an internationally known illustrator. He has won numerous awards and his works are in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress. He has been selected to such major exhibitions as the United Nations Environmental Show, The New Pop Show- which toured Europe and chronicled innovators, American Illustration, and The Hiroshima Memorial Design Show (Hiroshima Japan). Regan lives in Osprey, Florida with his wife Debbie and his parrot, Stretch. He teaches at The Ringling School of Art.


Digital, Mixed Media, Watercolor


Humor, Celebrities, Editorial, Family, Fashion/Cosmetics, Historical, Music, People, Political, Americana, Food/Beverage, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Ethnic, Urban, Branding