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Social Networking within companies

Commissioned by McKinsey Quarterly

Keywords: Conceptual, Design, Figurative, Graphic, Annual Report, Corporate, People, Lifestyle, Environmental, Financial

© Bill Butcher


illustration for Medical Economics US cold, allergies, flu

Keywords: Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Floral, Botanical, Editorial, Health, Medical, People, Scientific

© Bill Butcher

Presidential Crisis

illustration for the Wall Street Journal water, sea, ocean,

Keywords: Conceptual, Figurative, Impressionistic, Line with Color, Action, Editorial, Political, Web Illustration, Environmental, Financial

© Bill Butcher

Do you trust in your Financial Adviser

illustration for Investment News US business, raincoat, falling, office setting

Keywords: Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Line with Color, Humor, Corporate, Editorial, People, Financial

© Bill Butcher

The Ryder Cup

illustration for 'How To Spend It' The Financial Times golf, PGA, swinging golf club

Keywords: Figurative, Impressionistic, Line with Color, Action, Editorial, People, Political, Sports, Americana, Masculine

© Bill Butcher

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Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Impressionistic, Line with Color, Floral


Humor, Action, Annual Report, Botanical, Corporate, Editorial, Health, Medical, People, Political, Scientific, Sports, Web Illustration, Americana, Lifestyle, Masculine, Environmental, Financial