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Aaron Jasinski

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Shannon Associates
333 West 57th
Suite 809
New York, NY 10019
United States

illustration of Acrylic, Oil, Painterly, Whimsical, Editorial, Education, Portrait, Vintage / Retro


Jasinski's work is most obviously marked by his vivid hues and engaging characters, but the unique appeal of his paintings is much more subtle: each face he paints is composed not only of exquisite detail, but of human emotion. Jasinski's carefully composed characters evoke feelings of familiarity and empathy within the viewer. His portraits are more than pictures; they are embodiments of human consciousness. Jasinski's artwork has developed a considerable fan base online. He has also won notice as an illustrator, working on children's book and magazine projects as well as contracting as an artist for Microsoft. His work is gaining notice on the West Coast underground gallery scene. He currently resides in the Seattle area with his wife and step-son.


Acrylic, Oil, Painterly, Whimsical


Editorial, Education, Portrait, Vintage / Retro