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Enrique Corts

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Enrique began as a professional illustrator at the age of 19, working with short stories for a Spanish comic magazine. Later he worked with with graphic design and advertising companies, spending endless hours chained to his Mac. Enrique has recently been working as concept artist for video games such as Worms 3D and EyeToy Play 3, filling the gap within the two projects with the Assassin School comic series. Also, he recently finished the first truly digital comic called The Hitpack, which got him some nice reviews. He is based in Brighton, UK where he spends vast amounts of time playing video games and drawing, surrounded by DVD's, comics and lots of expensive things with small lights. Enrique thinks perhaps someday he will go back to his native Valencia, Spain in his quest for more sunlight. Although last time he went, it snowed.


Cartoon, Figurative, Graphic


Book Covers, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Editorial, Family, Fantasy, Toys & Games, Youth, Edgy