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Donald Trump, president, presidency, political, United Kingdom, UK, hair, United States, ocean, boat, wave, tsunami, disaster, fear, economy, international, adventure, conceptual, clever, storm, satirical,

© A. Richard Allen


Humorous illustration of a cat walking down a runway, with an audience of dogs.

© A. Richard Allen

Love Lies Bleeding

detective, crime, investigation, killer, criminal, murder, death, dead, flies, smoking, blood, office, mystery, blood

© A. Richard Allen

Per Norgard

music, musical, composer, melody, portrait, face, elderly, creative, creativity

© A. Richard Allen


Lego, Game, Play, Playful, Street, Monster, Fantasy, Humor, Humorous, Funny, Pain, Hurt, Cityscape, Action, Giant.

© A. Richard Allen

Giant Model

drawing, painting, artist, artists, foot, feet, class, learning, nude, body, creative, creativity, anatomy, learning, teacher, teaching, student, study, school, easel.

© A. Richard Allen

Love Lies Bleeding

flashlight, night, dark, gun, detective, crime, woods, dog, investigation, killer, criminal, murder

© A. Richard Allen


detective, subway, train, sex, orgy, mystery, transportation, investigation, party

© A. Richard Allen


Camper and bear taking a selfie with a smart phone.

© A. Richard Allen

King Crabs

Chef, Cooking, Cook, Giant, Fear, Scary, Crab, Attack, Action, Food, FT Magazine.

© A. Richard Allen

The Thief

thief, robbery, steal, farm, eggs, farmer, fox, anthropomorphic, evil, mischievous, briefcase, goods, economy

© A. Richard Allen

Hotels fear Airbnb

Elephant scared of mouse checking into hotel.

© A. Richard Allen


Portrait of musician playing the cello.

© A. Richard Allen

Blythe Danner

Portrait of actress, Blythe Danner, holding a glass of wine.

© A. Richard Allen

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A. Richard Allen

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A. Richard Allen earned a BA and MA at Saint Martins College in London. He has has been working as an illustrator for more than a decade, amassing a large number of satisfied clients and a bunch of awards, both in Europe and North America, including an AOI Image Gold award. Having served his time in London, Richard now resides in the English seaside resort of Bournemouth, England. He enjoys life between assignments by reading, writing, cooking, watching movies and hanging out with his family.


Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Mixed Media, Stylized, Texture, Whimsical, Vector


Humor, Action, Animals, Celebrities, Children's Books, Editorial, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Music, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage