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© Joyce Patti

The Magician's Nephew

pegasus, horse, wings, mythology, fantasy, kids, sleeping,

© Joyce Patti

© Joyce Patti

Longhaired Woman

princess, historical, medieval, byzantine, book, reading, garden, butterfly, butterflies, detailed, lady, fashion, style

© Joyce Patti


braid, hair, head, back, astrology, hairdo, style, clouds, stars, forest, future, medieval, woman

© Joyce Patti


metamorphosis, butterfly, insect, flowers, bird, mutant, ant, bizarre, strange, creature, surreal

© Joyce Patti

Butterfly Girl

mutation, insect, butterfly, creature, nature, sepia, surreal, dream, mutant, woods, forest, bird, garden

© Joyce Patti


woman, bird, butterfly, butterflies, flower, flowers, pink, cage, portrait, breeze

© Joyce Patti


tea, coffee, pot, wallpaper, pink, rose, pills, pill, drugs, drug, health, medicine, sick, still life, pattern,

© Joyce Patti

Blueberry Field

blueberry, blueberries, fruit, farm, farmer, farmers, nature, food, field, landscape

© Joyce Patti


king, lion, animals, flags, kingdom, palace, fable, mythology, unicorn, leopard, crown

© Joyce Patti


fairy, flowers, garden, magic, fantasy, wings, pixie, fay, girly

© Joyce Patti


princess, princesses, fairytale, fantasy, girls, valentine's, valentine, love, heart, beauty

© Joyce Patti

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Joyce Patti

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Living by the seashore in beautiful Seal Beach, CA. inspires Joyce Patti to paint her charming, fantasy imagery for clients as varied as Macy’s Department Stores, George Lucas Productions, and Celestial Seasoning packages. Especially fond of painting fairies, Joyce is the proud illustrator of a world of flower fairies for I See Me Publications and fanciful fairies with unicorns licensed for collector plates and puzzles. In addition to her dream job of painting for a living, Joyce enjoys tending her gardens, watching classic movies, working on her home, and long beach walks with her dog, Abbey. Joyce is a professor at the Art Department at Cypress College. She finds it fulfilling to teach, inspire and challenge her students to make an impact in the world of the arts.


Acrylic, Figurative, Gouache, Oil, Painterly, Stylized, Floral, Whimsical


Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Education, Fantasy, Food, Landscape, Leisure, Nature, People, Portrait, Romance, Still Life, Wildlife, Feminine, Urban