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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Shakespeare, Midsummer Night's Dream, sleeping, flowers, paper sculpture, play, theatre, poster

© Sally Vitsky


Aging, Death, Memory, Brain, Mind, Psychology, Fall, Autumn, Wrinkles, Elderly, Nostalgia, Nostalgic, Melancholy, Depression, Sadness, Tree, Wisdom, Emotional, Emotions, Emotion.

© Sally Vitsky


winter, scarf, cold, weather, season, seasonal, spring, snow, flowers, winter, bag, sweater, hat

© Sally Vitsky


angel, house, real estate, home, protection, fantasy, religion, care, flowers, spring, paper sculpture

© Sally Vitsky


train, transportation, travel, seasons, seasonal, winter, spring, paper sculpture

© Sally Vitsky

Circulatory System

anatomy, medical, heart, circulatory system, torso, medicine, health, blood, organs, paper sculpture

© Sally Vitsky


engineer, science, space, astronomy, building, scientist, portrait, space, earth, planet, thoughts, idea, ideas, industrial, intelligence, creativity.

© Sally Vitsky

© Sally Vitsky


paper, cardboard, recycling, tree, environment, reuse, paper sculpture

© Sally Vitsky


freedom, captivity, trapped, contrast, cage, jail, bird, birds, avian, flight, window, nest, eggs, building, branches, paper sculpture

© Sally Vitsky

L.A. Food and Music Festival

sushi, food, music, festival, architecture, buildings, California, Los Angeles, saxophone, martini, drinks, paper sculpture

© Sally Vitsky


fork, food truck, Los Angeles, taco, beer, China Town, surf, California, buildings, paper sculpture

© Sally Vitsky

© Sally Vitsky

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Sally Vitsky

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United States


Sally Vitsky has always been drawn to the tactile quality of paper and the endless possibilities of constructing imagery in 3-D. As of late, Sally has focused on using recycled and “green” materials in her work. She especially enjoys creating art stressing sustainability and recycling for her longtime client, The American Forest & Paper Association. Sally’s work has been included in the Society of Illustrators 3-D Salon and the annual 3 X 3 magazine competition. During the rare moments when not cutting and gluing, Sally is happily at home in VA. with her husband and dog, exploring the growing local arts venues and The Virginia Museum, and enjoying the empty nest that resulted from 2 little boys turning, miraculously, into young adults!


Collage, Cut Paper, Figurative, Paper Sculpture, Stylized, 3-D Collage, Decorative, Floral, Concept Art


Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Editorial, Food, Health, Medical, Music, Nature, People, Portrait, Science, Scientific, Sports, Transportation, Travel, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Spiritual, Environmental, Urban