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Blue Necklace

portrait, woman, cultural, patterns, textile

© Wendy Wray

portrait, youth, man, hoodie, jacket, chair, sitting

© Wendy Wray

Dog and Her Girl

pet, dog, animal, great dane, red dress, woman, living room, affection, living room, comfort

© Wendy Wray

charioteer, adventure, fantasy, man, armor

© Wendy Wray


girl, cargo pants, portrait, kid, child, red wall, melancholic, sad

© Wendy Wray

Local Bar

bar, drinks, alcohol, youth, tattoos, bartender, pub, narrative, smoker, cigarettes

© Wendy Wray

Woman in Kimono

kimono, woman, red hair, ginger,middle age, beauty, portrait, interior

© Wendy Wray

Mother and Son

mother, mom, son, baby, asian, love, hug, embrace, care, parenting, parent

© Wendy Wray

Turkey Recepie

cooking, how to, step by step, instructions, food, kitchen, cook, sequence, sequential

© Wendy Wray


step by step, instructions, exercise, exercising, workout, weights, instructions, health

© Wendy Wray


horse, animal, farm, equestrian, majestic, landscape, shiny, strong, strenght

© Wendy Wray

USPS Stamp

bird, wildlife, avian

© Wendy Wray

USPS Stamp

avian, bird, wildlife, animal

© Wendy Wray

DI #28

Page 248

Wendy Wray

Represented by

Morgan Gaynin
149 Madison Ave.
Ste. 1140
New York, NY 10016
United States


It is surprising to see Wendy Wray’s intensely detailed pastel and graphite artwork and know it is made by a partying, peripatetic, Bohemian. After receiving her BFA in dress design from the Art Institute of Chicago, Wendy ran off to Paris for a few years and then back to New York to hang out with the Max’s Kansas City/Warhol group. She now divides her time between Denver, Colorado and the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, continuing to work from an easel or drawing board. At almost 30 years, Wendy holds the record for being with Morgan Gaynin Inc. longer than any other illustrator.


Acrylic, Black & White, Charcoal, Figurative, Fine Art, Oil, Pastel, Pencil, Realism


Action, Animals, Children, Editorial, Family, Food, Health, Nature, People, Portrait, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Masculine, Youth